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A stylish, retro, and fun arcade cabinet for your Raspberry Pi, Mini-ITX, Pandaboard, or other mini PC from the makers of Pibow
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Pimoroni Ltd

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Going Public


With our second Kickstarter ( launching, and Picade gearing up for retail, this project is going 'public' :-)

News for backers on games and stuff at the bottom! (tl;dr: No news yet).


For launch, we're merging the Mini and Maxi into a single mid-sized cabinet we're calling the 'Midi' internally. It can take a screen up to 258mm wide, including bezel, and the proportions feel nice.


The screen, as always, has been a pain. Our favourite 12 inch screen was always going to disappear at some point as it's not in active production, and seems to have done so permanently now. There are no exact replacements we can hope to integrate.

The solution is to offer your choice of screen as a separate item, and a hack kit if you want to stick your own screen in the Picade. This is ideal for the Adafruit or HDMIPi screens.

We'll be offering the Mini screen initially on our shop, as it's supply has been reliable, and the pricing is good. We'll also go with a smaller driver board which offers HDMI only.

We also think there's a 10 inch version of this, which is still 800x600 and needs a different driver, so it's a chunk more expensive. We'll sample it, and see if you guys think it's worth stocking.

If we ever find the 12-inch screen again, the Midi will take that nicely :-)

PCB v2

There's been a lot of time spend tinkering with the PCB to make it slicker and slightly more tinker-friendly. Most of the hair-pulling has been over the amplifier, as we'd like it to be useful and reasonably loud, but not so much that it resets the control board :-)

We're getting close now we think. Plan B is tojust remove the amp, and rely on one of Adafruit's fine breakouts as the solution in the kit. Plan C is just do another spin of the original board! Either way, we're going into production :D


We haven't had an OK to release any games yet from Urbanscan. We'll keep plugging away for an agreement, but we hope most of you have just got on with playing the games you like on the Picade anyway. We're not brave enough to do what the Spectrum Vega has done :-)

Any other questions, ask away below!


As always. If you've got any support questions on the Picade, you can mail

New Picade forum!


One of our backers has had the great idea to create a forum for discussing Picade hacks, mods, and setup. If you want to share your ideas or ask questions this would be the ideal place to do it!

Thanks Jools! :-)

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In sight of the finish line....!


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