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Build your next great idea in minutes, not hours. Hassle-free digital tinkering for everyone with Flotilla for Raspberry Pi!
Build your next great idea in minutes, not hours. Hassle-free digital tinkering for everyone with Flotilla for Raspberry Pi!
1,508 backers pledged £146,680 to help bring this project to life.

Funded in 24 hours*!

Posted by Pimoroni Ltd (Creator)

*±0.5hours margin for error.

We get to make Flotilla!

And that's entirely thanks to an absolutely great community. Between Raspberry Pi people, Kickstarter and the fine Pimoroni Pirates we've gone over 100% funding in 24 hours. No news coverage, just you guys talking, tweeting and emailing each other.

That's really amazing! :D

Next Steps

We can now start on honing Flotilla into it's final form. We'll be posting updates throughout the campaign showing the activities you can do with Flotilla.

With Cookbook, with Rockpool and with Python mainly, as well as things like final production prototypes in full, glorious, colour.

Spread the Word

Please, tell everyone you think would be interested about Flotilla when you go back to school/work tomorrow :D

Right now we want people to see what good software and good hardware (and fun) can do for learning and making.


We're adding a few more answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

Stretch Goals

We're thinking of these right now. We've got plenty of ideas, but we want to give you an idea of what you will and won't see over the next 28 days.

Our first stretch goal is a modest one. It's something we were planning for later but we're going to do it for launch because you backed us so lovingly.

Trigger your Pi Camera
We'll add the Pi Camera to Rockpool and Python, so you can trigger photo taking from your sensors and inputs. This is great for burglar alarm and bird watching projects!

Useful Software
We've got a couple of things that will be really useful for people in classrooms, labs, and making things like weather stations.

We're also talking to people who make Internet of Things type software, so you can connect your Flotilla creations to the internet safely and easily!

More details to follow as we make contact.

There are a couple of useful bits we could add to Flotilla to make it work with other stuff people already build with. These will involve more intricate manufacturing, so they're likely to be *big* stretch goals.

New Modules
We've got ideas for about 30-40 more modules, but we can't make them all right away at the same time as the campaign. So we won't be able to offer new modules as stretch goals. They will come though. We want the kit with the current 12 to work really well first though.

Partly this is getting manufacturing right, but we also need to write the software to make it so anyone can use the hardware with the helpful software we've made.

This is a fairly big job, but well worth doing, as there are so many people who would like to make stuff without the really horrible or tedious bits :-)

We've also got plans for 'hacker' modules, so experts can add just about anything they like into Flotilla. Bear in mind Flotilla also leaves the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi completely free for more tinkering.

BUT! Please keep letting us know what kind of things you want to play with. You'll think of something we haven't, and we make a note of which things people want most when planning the first additions to the range.

More modules

So you know where we want Flotilla to go, after Kickstarter, we want anyone to be able to add great modules to their Flotilla kit for around £4-£6 each. Things like the Motor will be a bit more expensive, but generally that's pocket-money prices for really good pieces and great software to use them.

So if you need an extra Matrix to make some digital googly eyes, or extend your Pong game, you can, easily.


A lot of people are asking: "Can I make Flotilla work with X?", "How does Y work?".

We'll be making technical posts about key parts of the system, so people can understand how they can make Flotilla work with their stuff, or with stuff like the Internet of Things. 

Flotilla is very hackable and modifiable, and we want people to be able to do this by giving then the information they need.

Thanks again folks. We're so happy right now! :D


Jon & Paul & the Pirate Crew of the good ship Pimoroni!

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    1. Pimoroni Ltd 2-time creator on

      Víctor > We're relying on the Audio from the Pi right now, as it's already built it and you can use it with headphones and a speaker of your choice :-)

      Caroline/Binoy/Eddie > Thank you all kindly! :D

    2. Missing avatar

      Eddie Uren on

      Well done this is fantastic example of collaborative innovation... I can't wait for the stuff you come up with in the future!

    3. Binoy Xavier Joy on

      Congrats! Keep them coming.

    4. Víctor Gutiérrez Blanco on

      Congratulations again!

      I suppose that it's on your modules backlog, but how about audio I/O?

      Would be great combine some audio response for motion input, or move some wheels for audio commands.

    5. Missing avatar

      Caroline Moore on

      Well done guys! Looking forward to my Flotilla!