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Pimax 8K allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness
Pimax 8K allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness
5,946 backers pledged $4,236,618 to help bring this project to life.

10 days countdown - M2 in-depth reviews are coming up from mid-Sep

Posted by Pimax 8K VR (Creator)

Hi Futurists,

The crew is back to the office! After the meetup with over 100 enthusiastic backers in Berlin, the team looks calm but still thrilled inside.

The participants of the meetup, including our lovely volunteers, are all Pimax backers. Glad to find our backers are real VR enthusiasts who are not only passionate but also knowledgeable about VR. During the meetup, people were chatting with each other like old friends about all the VR topics. The meetup cannot have been so successful without the passion and support from you!

Moreover, the M2 devices we showcased in the meetup are exactly the result of the collective power of the community, especially the M1 closed beta group. For the past three months, the testers dedicated their valuable hours every single day in testing in addition to their own very busy schedule. The efforts of the testers are all about to deliver the best possible headsets to Berlin, and to your doorstep in the near future. 

For the rest of the days on September, the team will focus on production and delivery, also manage to speed up the software iterations. The Kickstarter shipping will start by the end of September. 

We already have several top voted cities from the community. The time and location of the next meetup will be disclosed when confirmed. 

The testers you met in Berlin, Thomas, Sebastian, and Martin, are now working on M2 review videos for all the backers. 

The exact time to release M2 in-depth reviews: 

9/16 4PM GMT  | 9AM PDT

While you are waiting, you may check the interview with the founder Robin Weng by Mixedreality TV: 

More meetup videos on the testers’ channels: 

  • Mixed Reality TV | | German/English 
  • SweViver | | English 
  • VoodooDE | | German

At the Berlin backer meetup, we showcased the 5K Plus demo for the first time. The differences between 5K and 5K Plus are: 

  • Standard 5K - unveiled during Kickstarter roadshows 
  • 5K Plus - new panel, PPI improved by 9%, sharpness enhanced, unveiled at the Berlin backer meetup 

Will provide both 5K and 5K Plus retail versions

Special for backers: 

  • 5K backers - your 5K upgrades to 5K Plus automatically; 
  • 8K backers - you will have the option to switch 8K to 5K Plus + accessories

Stay tuned for the tester reviews to make your decision. Before shipping your rewards, the support team will contact each of you to double check your preferences and shipping details. 

Thanks for standing by us from the very beginning. We are learning from your thoughts and suggestions to make the dream come true for all of us, and yet small niche of VR enthusiasts in the world.

Best Regards, 

The Pimax Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert Koenig on

      Hi, if I want to change from 8k to 5k+ what are the accessories?

    2. Missing avatar

      Skantate on

      @Edmond KO
      there is more to read about in the offical forum... take this at first

    3. Missing avatar

      Skantate on

      @Edmond KO
      I am sure they said a long long time ago they have warehouses in the EU. So is it possible to ship inside the EU without taxes.

    4. Randy Raber on

      I'm from EU and I have to say that deliveries bother me a little bit, because of customs taxes, if I receive the HMD first and it's sent from China/US I'd have to pay taxes VAT etc, and since I pledged for the full package the actual price would be 800$ for everything that's coming. If I have to pay taxes for each shipment at the whole price of 800$ that would end up extra expensive. What's the possibilities to ship from EU warehouses?

    5. D G on

      @Christian Noetzli "I have a Vive with controllers and lighthouses, will the accessories be any good to me?"

      Apparently you should be able to use the Vive controllers (and probably the lighthouse sensors) via SteamVR tracking (which Pimax support). They're not delivering the Pimax controllers until Q2 2019 according to RoadToVR.

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel Fearon on

      “I have a Vive with controllers and lighthouses, will the accessories be any good to me?”

      Planned accessories I know of that aren’t supposed to be included with the Kickstarter rewards are: Leap Motion hand tracking module, wireless module ($100 Off for backers but likely to be $200+), and Smellovision module.

    7. D G on

      It would be great if the reviewers could clearly articulate the pros and cons between the 5K+ and the 8K. I'm an 8K backer but I'm wondering if the 5K+ might be a better option. It seems that the hardware requirements to drive either of the headsets is about the same (as the 8K is upscaled from something like 1440p while it looks like the 5k+ is 1440p native - correct?). From looking at the meetup videos and interviews it seems that there's not a lot of perceived difference between the two headsets - maybe the 8K has slightly less screen door. A lot will also depend on what the accessories are. A tough decision ahead!

    8. Missing avatar

      Christian Noetzli on

      For one time 8Kx backers had the option of getting an early 5K which later would be exchanged against the 8Kx. Is that still an option or is it now replaced by the option to switch to 5K plus + accessories?
      I have a Vive with controllers and lighthouses, will the accessories be any good to me?

    9. Mark P

      I understand the staged releases of the headset vs the accessories. That's the reality of limited development resources.

      What I'm trying to understand is how much I'll be able to use the headset before I receive the controllers and lighthouse. Unless I go out and buy Vive accessories, doesn't that limit me to using games that support just sitting and keyboard input? Or is some other option that would allow me to play more games without having the controllers?

    10. Missing avatar

      Fennec on

      @Pimax, could you post an updated spec sheet about all HMDs? With % of screen used, real refresh rate, chips inside and maybe more details helping us choose between 8k and 5k+.

      What accessories will we get with 5k? I thought it was $100 coupon.

    11. Missing avatar

      Daniel Fearon on

      When you say “PPI improved by 9%”, do you mean people will see about 9% more pixels through the lenses (pixels per degree)? Pixels Per Inch isn’t really applicable to what you see in VR because you there isn’t such a thing as an inch of FOV — the lenses could be stretching a smaller or larger display to different sizes.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dal1Dal on

      Any news on the time frame when the lighthouse 2.0 sensors will be delivered.

    13. Missing avatar

      Gary Kennedy on

      Thanks for the update and all your hard work pimax team😀😀

    14. Pimax 8K VR Creator on

      The delivery schedule of the accessories will be shared in the following updates.

    15. Mr.Mo

      Thanks for the update!

    16. Missing avatar

      Ole on

      Looking forward to the deeper face adapter (to accommodate for my glasses colliding with the lenses) and thicker face cushions (I have a rather slim face) to make the Pimax sit more stable!

    17. Captain Bosh on

      Great to hear they will be shipping soon.
      What accessories do people switching from 8k to 5k plus get?
      I thought there were some stretch goal accessories included with the 8k anyway? Will those be included on delivery or at a later date?

    18. Phillip Thorst Jensen on

      How's the 8Kx coming along? I haven't seen any resent updates about it.

    19. MrFusion2015 on

      fantastic update and positive news! home stretch now!

    20. J Boston on

      Thanks guys really was a pleasure to meet you all. i will be awaiting the next update! Or possibly see you in London👍🏽