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Pimax 8K allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness
Pimax 8K allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness
5,946 backers pledged $4,236,618 to help bring this project to life.

Pimax 8K progress update & the upcoming backer meetups

Posted by Pimax 8K VR (Creator)

Hi Futurists,

We have been working with M1 testers to improve the product for almost two months and over 400 games tested, the community contributed to the beta testing a lot as well.

As planned, we are assembling the 2nd batch of ~230 M2 (improved M1). The process goes smoothly.

On August, we plan to bring M2 to offline backer meetups to learn from your thoughts.

What we will do during the meetups: 

1. Demo the potential of 8K with recommended graphics cards and games; 

2. Compare 8K directly with other VR headsets; 

3. Show you how to adjust settings on PiTool to reach the best experience; 

4. Collect your requirements and suggestions; 

5. Answer your questions face to face.

When confirmed, the time and location of the meetups will be updated via Kickstarter.

Thanks to the hard work of testers and the team, the experience has been largely improved.

Here are some of the issues you concern about:

1. Performance 

Performance has been improved by 30% - 40% for the new games, including Unreal 4.18 or later, most Unity games, and Oculus 1.17 or later. We will share a list of games we have tested so far.

GTX 1070 is the minimum graphics cards that we can run 8K with, however, GTX1070 cannot utilize the full potential of Pimax 8K.

We have integrated different FOV options in PiTool for users to choose from. 1070 users would use smaller FOV before upgrading graphics cards.

Worth to mention that, with GTX 1070, 5K performs better than 8K. For those who are not planning to upgrade the graphics cards, we will provide you options to exchange your 8K for 5K + accessories.

Another good news is that the next-generation graphics cards and VR technology are around the corner. We cannot disclose details, but you can find relevant information online.

2. Distortions on the edge of the big FOV 

With large FOV, it is hard to find the "one fits all" algorithm.

The distortion would be the result of several possible factors, including different FOV options, IPD, myopia/hyperopia, and the different distances between eyes and lenses. This is not an issue with small FOV headsets, but an issue with big FOV headsets.

With the most recent PiTool version .61, we have improved the lens correction profiles significantly. Previously the equipment can only measure up to 120 degrees, the engineers rely on subjective estimations to correct the distortions beyond the 120 FOV range.

Now we have the new equipment that supports 190 FOV test, it definitely will help the engineers to test and correct the distortions at the edge, the accuracy will be largely improved.

Whatsmore, we plan to offer several settings for users to find their best fit. More information will be shared later.

3. Consumer software and UX 

We are working with testers to speed up iterations, we have resolved most of the issues identified by the testers.

When key issues resolved, we plan to allocate more resources to improve UX/UI, and share the improved PiTool with you to collect feedback and localization support. We plan to open the UX/UI/Localization projects to the community and provide rewards for top contributors. We believe the UX/UI will be largely improved with time and efforts from Pimax team and the community.

As business clients do not require perfect software / UX, and they usually only adopt one type of PC for each scenario, we can meet their expectations already. We have received enough business orders and have reached the consensus with our clients:

"Backers come first, business clients second." 

By that saying, we will move on with the mass production. If some backers prefer to wait until consumer software maturity, we can still deliver the prepared units to the business clients.


  • Will the M2 in the meetups the same units with those the testers are testing with? 

M2 = improved M1. M2 is exactly the result of the join effort of Pimax team, testers, and the community.

  • Do the backer meetups mean the end of closed beta or the embargo is about to lift? 

No, the closed beta will keep going and the embargo will not be lifted until ready. However, no NDA required for the small-scale, private, backer-only meetups. Testers can refer to the onsite experience and express their impressions as backers, but in-depth reviews will be reserved until embargo lifted.

  • What's the difference in terms of purpose between backer meetups and M1 closed beta? 

Testers are the backers nominated by the community. The whole purpose of the closed beta is for testers to give M1 in-depth testing and high-quality feedback.

We are working with testers to keep improving software and user experience for consumers, many details are subject to change. Thus, we will not offer closed review during backer meetups.

The purpose of backer meetups is to bring you the optimized M1 headset, demo the potential of 8K, learn your preferences about shipping, and double check if there is anything we haven't considered but matters. 

  • Will backer meetups impact the mass production and shipping progress? 

It won't. As planned, we are producing around 230 units, there will be around 700 one month later, and scale up progressively.

(previous plan on tracking) 

During the backer meetups, you can let us know, in person or by email, whether you are willing to receive earlier even when the software still need time to reach the consumer level. 

It is possible many backers prefer to wait until consumer software and user experience improved. In case there are headsets left, we will ship the units to our business clients.

We have business orders of thousands of headsets and our business clients are very nice and agreed on taking care of any unit left.

  • How to distinguish the business version and the consumer version? 

The community provides brilliant suggestions for the business ID.

Before the ID fixed, we will make minor tweaks in the appearance, so you can tell the difference between the two versions.

With the following updates, we will address the following questions: 

1. What exactly improved on M2 when compared with M1; 

2. The games we have tested; 

3. The time and location of the backer meetups and how to participate; 

4. When and how to let us know if you want to receive your units earlier even if the software still needs to improve to reach the consumer level; 

5. Detailed testing reports when the M1 closed beta ends; 

6. Return/exchange policies.

Based on our internal testing and other feedback, we are confident that once tried 8K, it will be hard for you to get back to old generation headsets. We won't let our backers disappointed. Thanks for your patience and support! 

Best Regards, 

The Pimax Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      suk w. yu on

      Matt Poole@ why can't sell your 980 ti and buy used 1070 instead?

    2. Missing avatar

      Nigel May on

      I just wanted to say I am British born in London and yes some kind of meet up in London would be nice but.... I just want to say I have noticed my whole life the pure warmth, goodness, polite friendly good nature of every single Spanish person I ever did meet.

      It is not my place to delegate a meet up opportunity but if I could I would pass on any London meet up over to Madrid so the Spanish supporting and VR community can review the M2 as away of repayment for their nations good manners and behaviour and life outlook.

      Only issue with Spanish people is they have to say more words to convey a meaning, so in English the sentence can be say 10 or 12 words, Spanish same sentance is 15 or even 20 words. That is why they speak like machine guns...

      It would be hot heading to Spain thou I expect, Europe is warm even London is like an OVEN today, Spain would be OTT.

      Delivery by end of Nov would be appreciated, may sound obvious but there is a difference from looking in from the outside asking easy questions... and actually being on the other side of the fence in there at Pimax with most likely some of the brightness hardest working people on Earth going through the day to day and having to react to new information, they must feel like optopus with each limb holding a very important part of the puzzle with all limbs needing to have maximum focus, you can read the serious nature of the work they are doing now in the recent update.

      If I had to ask a question it would be this.. because this would kind of give more information about delivery date..

      Will the Pimax 8k have inter changeable video cabling so as to be delivery from day one with your standard available HMDI cables.. and then when the new standard cable comes out, the headset will be able to support that new cabling "standard".

      So in other words... Is this headset going to wait for the new VR cabling standard to be finalized because that is not going to happen for several months unless it is being rushed through just for this headset?

      This new VR cabling technology for format was mention in the update for a reason, its quite important, it may hold the headset back up to 6 months or more?

    3. David Cormack on

      Please give us an update on the 8K X!

    4. Missing avatar

      Sultan Al Riyami on

      Great, when do I get the one I paid for last year?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason Bazar on

      Thanks for the Update! I have a 1080ti but I would be willing to swap my 8k for a 5k (plus accesories) if the latter is confirmed to work @90Hz, the 80Hz is kind of a problem for me. Also, if you plan to make a stop in Madrid for a meeting with local backers (I know of a good number of them are located here) I would be pleased to give you a hand with the arrangements, I could even let you borrow my Rig: Top specd PC- lighthouses and wands... I hope this helps convincing you to stop by!

    6. Randy Raber on

      Looking forward to shipping the Pimax, still there's no information about european shipping from EU warehouses because paying extra taxes on delivery would be overwhelmingly more expensive.

    7. Steve Young on

      Will I be able to upgrade my pledge level to the 8KX when the survey comes out?

    8. saitei on

      Agreed, as an 8KX backer any update at all would be appreciated. I understand they're dependent on the next generation of GPUs, so maybe after those are announced at Gamescon?

    9. Rickard Remelin on

      As the 8K upscales the signal to 8K I went for the more expensive 8KX. I never understood why you wouldn't be able to have that feature in 1 headset and just turn the scaling on and off. Any news about the 8KX?

    10. Missing avatar

      Carlos A. Rodriguez on

      Will any of these meetups be held in the USA? If so, I hope Austin, Texas is one of them. I don't know how many Backers there are in Texas, but this is a pretty central location. Something like East coast, Central, and West coast. I'm a backer in San Antonio, Texas. Running a Vive with a GTX1070, but can move to an 1180 when they come out. Dallas would be Max distance, but Austin is the tech hub of Central USA.

    11. Missing avatar

      Matt Poole on

      I got myself way too wound up when the debacle happened when the CV1 shipped so I promised myself I wouldn't do the same with the 8K. The only thing that is bugging me is the information regarding min spec. When I first pledged I was under the impression my 980ti would comfortably be able to handle the 8k with games maybe having to be turned down slightly . But now hearing the min spec is now the 1070, this has really concerned me. I can't afford to buy a new GPU too.

    12. Robert Silva on

      I want the headset ASAP

    13. Missing avatar

      IZN on

      I hope the "wait for software" is an active choice, and not the default one. But 4 seems to imply something active.

      I wouldn't even mind if it was all in Chinese.

      What would be interesting to know about is shipping. When will that start? When all units are produced?

    14. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      I also tried to cancel for a refund, no dice. I know how kickstarter works but this dragged on for too long.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      Gen 2 will happen by the time we get these.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      Rome was't built in a day, yeah yeah....but I'm starting to lose interest in the HMD altogether because it's taking so damn long to fix.

      I'm about ready to just put my sights on whatever gen2 has to offer. I am absolutely tired of the wait. I was excited a year ago. And while 'progress' is great, I don't 'feel' any closer to "hey your HMDs are being sent out".

      Honestly, even if this thing turns out good - I'll still have regretted the investment due to the amount of time it took to get it. Should have just waited in the first place.

    17. Missing avatar

      Fennec on

      I'm #2000 so it means I won't have my 8k before 2 more months... unless there is a m3. I hope it will get faster.

    18. Missing avatar

      Simon Chen on

      Appreciate the solid update. Glad to get some information on progress. Just curious, why would the 8k require more graphics power than 5k? I thought the 8k has the same input resolution but upscaled by an internal scaler.

    19. Cocorickoo on

      I'll be happy to get my HMD by xmas.
      This all sounds good, as long as its true.

    20. Ludx on

      Just like everyone else....was hoping for a delivery date for backers (#70).
      If someone find my hype for this (guess I sold my pimax 4k too early), thanks to send it back.

    21. TheIndieArmy on

      Is M2 the last version of the hardware? That is unclear to me. Will waiting to get our reward result in getting a possible "M3" version of the hardware that will be further improved? If not, then why wait to start delivering them?

    22. Joseph J Lazar on

      Who it their right mind would prolong their reward for software? When updates can just be downloaded. How very nice of the suits to take anyone's reward that isn't paying attention.

    23. Missing avatar

      Martin Castillo on

      Oh boy, it looks like we might be looking at at Q4 holiday shipping window at this point, almost one year behind by that point but i hope it will be worth it. Im still confident that even though its almost a year behind it will still be way ahead of all other headsets for a good while. Anyways looks like the holidays will be filled with badass gadgets. Waiting on my pimax 8K, LightForm projection mapping unit, and my Looking Glass holographic display lol

    24. Bas Kerkhof on

      If you are not technical at all you really don’t want the headset before software is ready!

    25. EiS

      Great Update, thank you very much.

      Luckily I have a GTX1080ti. ^^

    26. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      when shipping?

    27. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      I'd rather you just cancel my order and give me a refund, like I've been asking once a month since November.

    28. Phillip Thorst Jensen on

      Glad to see the update, I hope everything is going smoothly :)
      How's the testing on the 8K X doing?

    29. Missing avatar

      James Hazell on

      When the units are finally ready to go, will anyone be able to upgrade to the highest spec from their original purchase?

    30. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Appreciate the update, Thanks Pimax team

    31. Christopher MacKinnon / "Ichida za Zeal" on

      Looking forward to a solid date of delivery to backers.

    32. Emil Jessen

      You guys are awesome. As an it developer of B2B interfaces, you make me question my career choices. Your work sounds and looks much more fun, challenging and rewarding. Well done. Can’t wait to SEE and HEAR for myself.