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Pimax 8K allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness
Pimax 8K allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness
5,946 backers pledged $4,236,618 to help bring this project to life.

Pimax 8K status update

Posted by Pimax 8K VR (Creator)

Hi Futurists, 

We have recorded all your questions and double checked the progress with the team. There are quite a lot to share today: 

M1 closed beta We will ship M1 to the closed beta testers this month. There will be around 10 Pimax 8K testing units in total. 

Kickstarter shipping After super intensive development and testing, now we are very confident about M1. The plan is to start the shipments in June if the testers give the green light. As always, we will take the suggestions from the community into consideration to finalize Pimax 8K. 

5K shipping time We will ship 5K and 8K in the same time frame.

Brainwarp Brainwarp is proven feasible in the lab. We will test it in the new hardware structure and will adopt Brainwarp in the final version.

Refresh rate 8K is stable at 80Hz. The team is still trying to improve the refresh rate. The worst case is 80Hz when we start to ship. 5K can reach 90Hz.

Roadshows We plan to hold meetups in different cities when the working units of the controllers are ready.

Controllers The working units (prototype v1) will be ready in June/July, and the shipping time will be Q4.

Lighthouses We plan to ship the lighthouses in Oct.

Pi-tracking We have been working on Pi-tracking. The prototype has passed the internal test. We are testing a new prototype for public demo and will showcase our solution when ready.

Audio quality and specs We have finished the design and will demo the mockup when ready.

Oculus games Pimax 8K supports Oculus games, we will make an Oculus gaming video with M1.

Stretch goal gifts and add-ons 

- Modules 

We are working with partners for the modules. The top priority is the hand tracking module and eye tracking module. We are working with several wireless partners as well. 

- Free content 

We plan to have one content for controllers, one content for hand motion, and another tbc. We have locked a great controller game and will disclose more info when we have the permission. 

- 10m cable 

The cable has passed the internal sample test. We are doing more tests and will disclose more info later. 

- Headstrap 

The team is refining the design of the headstrap for better ergonomics.

- Face cushion, cooling fan, VR frame 

Not hard to produce at all, we have mockups ready. With limited resources, we are now focusing on the headset. We will update the progress when ready.

Thanks for your passion and patience! While you are waiting for your packages, please join our discussion in the forum: and the closed facebook group 8K VR CLUB. 

If you have any question, please let us know and we will give the answers in the next update. 

Best Regards, 

The Pimax Team

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    1. Mark Ryan on

      I also would like to change my shipping timeline to ship just the headset when it is ready, rather than waiting for the controllers.

    2. Missing avatar

      twack3r on

      @Felix Garcia:

      Except for the fact that Google haven’t found that. The 160 degree FoV is per eye, and although there is significant overlap, the overall human FOV ist around 200-220 degrees.

    3. Missing avatar

      Felix Garcia on

      Considering Google has found that the upper limit of human vision for FOV is 160 wide by 150 high but 9600 x 9000 for resolution, it seems that manufacturing the 5K screens at the 8K PPI and sacrificing FOV for resolution would make the 5K product better and cheaper to make.

    4. Pimax 8K VR Creator on

      We are collecting your questions and will give answers in the following updates. If you need to change the survey, please do so asap, because we have started to prepare shipments.

    5. Enoch Chan on

      Can I change my survey option?
      from receive the whole package to receive the HMD first and the lighthouse later, because I figured that I might need the time to get the prescription starting instead, plus even though I don't have the lighthouse for the games/app, I can still have it for movies

    6. Missing avatar

      Romeo on

      I am fine with 80 hz as long as that means input lag in 2D Theater Mode is improved.

    7. Missing avatar

      Romeo on

      Awesome, hopefully everything will be all set by Christmas time.

    8. Missing avatar

      Matt Poole on

      I've been really patient when it came to pimax 8k. I wanted you guys to get it right. But to hear that in order for me to have the perfect experience i now have to wait until Q4 to get Lighthouse trackers. It's unreal that all vive users getting the 8k will be laughing at my gut churning sub par experience due to no head tracking. I've never bitched at you before because i believe in Pimax. But this is plain unfair. As compensation you should use some of the extra millions you got in funding to supply vive trackers to those who don't have them while we wait for Lighthouse trackers. That way you can relax a little to perfect them

    9. yasei no otoko on


      Any details on this?
      It's worth it if it's inside-out tracking.
      However, I don't understand the meaning of making it if it's outside-in tracking.

    10. Missing avatar

      Neil on

      Nearly all just more plans and promises, so little actual progress.

    11. Alex on

      Top Priority Hand/Eye Tracking? How many games support that?

      Wireless benefits way more games and I was hoping was a top priority with HTC revealing theirs months ago.

      +Please push for 8k 90Hz (Its past December, make it awesome!)

    12. Missing avatar

      Farooq Rehman on

      Hi, Thank you for the update. I am a 8K X backer which seems to be omitted from this update. Can you please give us some news about eh 8K X. Thanks

    13. Missing avatar

      hellodaaaave on

      Given the difference in refresh rate is there any Wayne's to change an 8K pledge to the 5K model? Or will there be an option to purchase the 5K?

      I really regret making the switch.

    14. Missing avatar

      Trey on

      What is the "VR Frame"? Is that for prescription lenses?

      I have prescription lenses for my Vive, and before I got them I scratched the fresnels with my normal glasses, so this is an important feature for me.

    15. Missing avatar

      risa2000 on

      5K reaching 90Hz is a good news.

    16. nerosfiddle on

      Please continue to be patient, restrained, and focus on the quality of the shipping products above all else.

      I know some of us backers are getting anxious and overeager - but it is better for all of us to wait a few extra months to get a 100% quality product.

      Thank you for the work you're doing to communicate to everyone.

      I look forward to hearing from the beta testers!

    17. Dale Ivey on

      Will the headset track in any useful fashion without the lighthouses?

    18. Missing avatar

      SuperiorVision on

      One of the things here that is concerning to me is that they told me they will begin shipping in June but I am at 1419 and they are telling me sometime in quarter 3. This means their distribution and manufacturing channels are borderline mom and pop to say the least.

    19. Missing avatar

      Karel Lofvers on

      Thanks for the update. Now it seems to be clear that only the 5K can reach 90 hz. Is it for me as a backer of 8K still possible to switch to 5K?

    20. Cocorickoo on

      How do we change the delivery address?
      I prefer a complete package shipping with HMD, lightouses and controllers.

    21. Jeremy G on

      Any idea how the prescription lens insert is going to work?

    22. Missing avatar

      Noé Neves Monteiro Filho on

      That's right, let us know, let us know, we deserve it ... For God's sake focus on HMD, end it soon, we're very anxious and I've already bought the HTC VIVE PRO and the resolution has improved a bit, but I think PIMAX8K is going be a success surpasses it. You just need to focus on the HMD, finish and send us, the headlights, the controls and etc, end later.

    23. Missing avatar

      Skantate on

      Which reason to concentrate only in the HMD it self?
      Whats your Point in this? "I payed less than the fullpackage backer and want my single HMD earlyer?"

    24. Missing avatar

      Guido Guy on

      Thanks for the update. What about the wireless and scent module?

    25. Missing avatar

      REDxFROG on

      Very cool! I can't say it often enough, but please just focus on the HMDs only.
      Some people are upgrading to the Vive Pro, but EVEN MORE want to upgrade to a Pimax8K. This is also why we pledged money in the first place.
      Just get this thing done and then later you can do things such as base stations, controllers etc... People who want to have everything at once, have to wait. There are controllers and base stations already available to buy since years.

    26. Kris Van de Vijver on

      Looking good!!....

    27. Missing avatar

      twack3r on

      Really good update!

      I'm particularily excited that 'After super intensive development and testing, now [Pimax] are very confident about M1'. It will be interesting to see what the beta testers make of this and I'm very much looking forward to their feedback.

      @Daniel Willis: Tracking with 1.0 basestations will work fine. The 2.0 sensors on the 8K are backwards compatible with 1.0 basestations. For those backers who don't have basestations of any kind, however, the wait will probably be excruciating.

    28. Missing avatar

      Skantate on

      I chosed the delivery of Pimax 8k and controllers etc. at the same time... did it mean i get it before christimas?

    29. Captain Bosh on

      Great to see a positive update, glad things are moving along.

    30. Missing avatar

      M. Niejahr on

      Im happy and excited and hope to get a great product. Thanks and much success. 😊

    31. Pimax 8K VR Creator on

      @Loan Virgiliu Maximilian We will include the progress of 8K X in the next update.

    32. Missing avatar

      Daniel Willis

      Thanks for the update. I would say a four month gap between headset and tracking is a bit... disappointing. For those that can use existing ones (not sure you can anymore) I guess that's fine but mine (depending on when I get it) won't get used until it has tracking. Either way, still excited to get mine.