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Pimax 8K allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness
Pimax 8K allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness
5,946 backers pledged $4,236,618 to help bring this project to life.

Pimax 8K M1 Prototype Closed Beta

Posted by Pimax 8K VR (Creator)

Hi Futurists,

Only those who spend hours a day in the virtual world and have tried out all types of headsets are eligible to claim what the best VR experience is.

We are glad to have a community full of such enthusiasts - many of you have witnessed the evolution of the home computer and consumer VR, even the early wave of VR headsets back in the 90's.

Like in all emerging industries, enthusiasts play a crucial role in pushing the boundaries of VR. In fact, the inspiration of Pimax 8K stems from the interactions amongst enthusiasts in the Pimax community. For the last two years, many of you have been contributing thoughts and feedback based on your experience with 4K, (and other headsets), which in turn has allowed us to build and shape 8K.

We are about to start a round of closed beta testing for the Pimax 8K M1 prototype. The goal is to have some of you to test the prototypes from both professional and enthusiast's perspective and let the Pimax team know how the experience matches up to your expectations. All feedback, suggestions for minor tweaks, and of course your time, is greatly appreciated!

A tester should meet the criteria as below:

- Pimax 8K Kickstarter backer

- Trusted community leader, professional reviewer, or both

There will be around ten testing units in total, to account for availability of headsets and manageability of the program. We have eight testers on board so far. The testers are recommended by Pimax community members in the forum: They have already started to contribute thoughts to us in terms of how to improve the testing process, and how to make the community satisfied with the final product.

Here are the steps for the closed beta:

1. We will email the chosen testers to confirm their participation; 

2. We will start shipping to the testers as soon as M1 testing units are ready;

3. Testers inform Pimax team when they have received the units. Shortly after, we will announce the testers in the forum; 

4. Testers answer a standardized questionnaire from Pimax team - the questionnaire will let you know what stage to complete it at during testing and when to have it finished by;

5. Testers join the closed discussion and communicate with Pimax team - Login details for the closed forum will be shared alongside the questionnaire;

6. Testers agree on a release date that allows all testers to have time to organize the reviews - this can take place in the forum; 

7. After the testing period is over and we head into the release day, testers can now answer questions, engage in the open forum with the rest of the Pimax community about M1 and their experiences.

We are now at the stage of trial assembly and testing in-house, testing is a very crucial step that we are taking seriously! After testers receive the units, the team will have an in-depth discussion with them to evaluate the experience as a whole.

For Pimax 8K updates and discussions -

For you to chat and know each other better, we have created a closed facebook group 8K VR Club - 

For any inquiries or questions regarding your order, please contact our support team -

Stay tuned for the Pimax 8K pre-order campaign -

Best Regards,

The Pimax Team

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    1. Pimax 8K VR Creator on

      @Rob The M1 will be at 80Hz

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel Martin-Ambrosio Domenech on

      Hey! I want to take my money because you are totally lost. The good point for you is about launched before any other company (like HTC) get a new HMD, so we have now the HTC Vive Pro, and is released.

      You are 5 months delayed, with no guarantee of have the HMD at least on another 5-6 months. So, sorry but I can't wait more and without 600€.

      The another way is to give you a court claim and that my bank give me a chargeback.

      This is what you write on FAQ, and on the Kickstarter Campaign (that was the reason to sign in):
      When will you ship?
      We will ship large volume on Jan. It is possible we ship the first batch on Dec.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rob Khonsu on

      What is the refresh rate on these M1 units?

    4. Pimax 8K VR Creator on

      @Gary we will reveal testers when they have received the testing units.
      @Anders we will pick testers according to the nominations in the forum
      @Andreas @Ron It's hard to get the founder satisfied and give the green light. Testers would be even more strict, but they will provide valuable feedback from backers' perspective.
      @Skantate every backer will test 8K at the end of the day
      @Thoemse same here, hope everything goes smoothly.

    5. Missing avatar

      Gary Langridge on

      Hope they reveal the testers soon

    6. Missing avatar

      Anders on

      Here is to the hope i get picked as tester :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      "The purpose of the M1 closed beta is to learn from testers whether the M1 is good enough to ship. We will have a better estimation of the exact shipping date by then."

      This doesn´t sound like you are satified with the product ..
      I would prefer an answer like:
      We think the Pimax is ready for shipping, but to ensure that the product is finished, we would like to know, what the beta testers think.

      Your sentence sounds like:
      "It is not finished now, but maybe it is good enough to deliver .. "

    8. Missing avatar

      Skantate on

      I love this news, it makes my morning. @Pimax choose the testing people wisely, not to influential but with an high knowledge about VR. I nominate everybody but not me ^^

    9. Missing avatar

      Thoemse on

      Lets hope no major problems are comming up. We are finally getting there.... I hope!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ron on

      Great to hear that you have the M1 in place. Pimax, what do YOU think about it? Do YOU think it is ready to ship? 😀

    11. Pimax 8K VR Creator on

      The purpose of the M1 closed beta is to learn from testers whether the M1 is good enough to ship. We will have a better estimation of the exact shipping date by then.

    12. Missing avatar

      Matthew Anthony

      So is there an expected shipment date for rewards? You're already months past the date that was stated in the Kickstarter campaign, and I don't see anything promising in this update. Your backers deserve to know a date.