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Pimax 8K allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness
Pimax 8K allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness
5,946 backers pledged $4,236,618 to help bring this project to life.

Pimax 8K Progress Update

Posted by Pimax 8K VR (Creator)

Hi Futurists,

Following a very busy start to 2018 at CES, we've been taking on board all the feedback from both press, and you, the Pimax community.

As a result, we thought it best to update you on where we are in the build and iteration process, and to give you a bigger picture of the timeline and progress thus far, and what it means for you.

First off, we figured a timeline would help provide you with some context:


Jan 2017: Prototype V1 - The 1st prototype was built - more of a display unit, and to give our audience an idea of what the HMD would look like

Aug 2017: Prototype V2 - Our first Roadshow prototype was developed, giving users the first chance to try Pimax 8K for themselves - from this we set goals for V3:

  • Enable IPD 
  • Change HDMI to DP 
  • Improve build quality

Sept 2017: Kickstarter went live!

Oct 2017: Prototype V3

What we improved for V3:

  • Hardware IPD enabled 
  • Changed HDMI to DP1.4 
  • Changed USB to Adapter 
  • Build quality - Improved sealing for dustproof; Improved tablet compressing to prevent screen damage

Goals for V4:

  • Enable software IPD 
  • Extendable interfaces 
  • Quality - Damage resistance; Dustproof 
  • Comfort - Reduce weight; Improve ergonomics

Dec 2017: Prototype V4

What we improved for V4:

  • IPD - Optimized the IPD adjustment design and mold; Changed the cloth around the lenses for better elasticity and dustproof 
  • The extendable interfaces enabled 
  • Quality - Reliability / Crash Test; Dustproof 
  • Comfort - Better heat dissipation and strength with light-weighted alloy; Optimized structure material to reduce weight
  • Optimized ergonomics e.g. Increase distance of exit pupil to prevent eyelash from touching the lenses

Goals for V5:

  • Improve brightness 
  • Optimize visual quality with new lenses 
  • Prepare for mass production

Jan 2018: Prototype V5 - The CES build!

What we improved for V5:

  • Added LEDs to improve brightness 
  • Lenses changed 
  • Mass production - Production testing software and tools read; New material to cover sensor; Mockup lens - lens tooling v1.0; Headset tooling

Goals for M1:

  • Fine-tuning 
  • Debugging 
  • Change the medium number of IPD 
  • Optimize ergonomics

It's also worth noting, that for each iteration, the circuit boards were tested and optimized too!

So this brings you up to date with where we've been over the last year, and you can see, at each stage we've been painstakingly tweaking features and making improvements, to ensure that the end result of what we deliver to you is what you'd expect.

So, what's next? Well, after spring festival (when our suppliers usually take vacations for half a month), we will have the M1 version done - this is our close-to-mass production unit, so we're getting very close to delivery!

Starting from mid-March, we plan to showcase M1 in roadshows and bring the new build to you, our backers, to put your hands on the first mass production version. While this is happening, we also have a small, closed group from the community testing M1. From there, we've been working hard with our manufacturing and development teams to give you a realistic timeline for the completion of the final version, so we can give you a date for shipment of the finished product.

Currently, taking into account the fixes for the final version, we are now looking at a delivery window of Q2. So we're certainly getting there! We will continue to offer you more frequent updates as we pass those milestones and tweak towards our final version. We are so grateful for the feedback you've given us, and for the patience, you've shown in allowing us the time to really hone Pimax 8K to be the best it can be.

We do understand that our initial estimate for delivery was perhaps generous, and for this we sincerely apologize. It's been very encouraging to hear from press and community that have tested the latest version, and that they feel we're almost there, but we of course know we've got a lot of work to put in over the coming weeks. We don't want to let you down on final build quality, so we're back at the grindstone, and as M1 becomes available, we'll have an even clearer idea of our trajectory, which we will of course share with you ASAP.

Thanks again, and look forward to updating you very soon!

Best Regards, 

The Pimax Team

Note: for latest news and updates for Pimax 8K -

Pimax facebook fan page:

Pimax 8K facebook close group: 8K VR CLUB

Pimax forum:

For any questions/requests, feel free to email us:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nathan Cherubino on

      Nathan Cherubino
      Amount pledged
      First 8K Full Package Ever ($799)
      8K Headset (Laser tracker integrated) + Controller*2 + Base Stations *2
      The best 8K experience in one package.
      Estimated delivery
      Feb 2018
      Shipping to
      Australia ($40)

      I totally understood it could be a delay... 2 maybe 3 months... They are not going to deliver it in 4 months and now for sure it is not going to happen in 5 months. Some time I doubt they are going to deliver it at all.

    2. Missing avatar

      Romeo on

      I wish we can hear more about the eye-tracking and release date

    3. Missing avatar

      Christopher Butler on

      I have a question about IPD. The vive has a max IPD of ~75mm this is perfect for me. I noticed the original 4k device had 71mm (similar to the oculus) which is way too blurry for me.

      What will the PiMax 8k max be? Will Pimax 8k have an IPD range closer to the Vive?

    4. Missing avatar

      Wayne Thomas on

      What's taking u so long to ship it's like April already and the Vive pro will be releasing later this month

    5. Missing avatar

      Tobias J. on

      I don't care if it is delayed, if you ship a finished product. Low latency and non distorting lenses must be. I don't want to get motion sick using it. Take your time guys and deliver the best you can.

    6. Zpajro on

      for the folk that haven't found there forum, here is a bit of what they said at the time off me posting this:
      "Hi Futurists,

      In the last update in Feb, we have shared the iterations of Pimax 8K and updated our solutions to the issues of v5.
      Meanwhile, we have filmed several v5 through the lens videos to give you a better idea about what it looks like inside of the headset:

      After the national holiday (when our vendors usually take annual leaves and start getting back to work by the end of Feb / early March), we have synced up the progress with the team and our vendors, and here is the current status:


      We suppose to receive the new T0 lenses from our supplier in Feb, however, we didn't get the new lenses until yesterday. It requires around one week to test the new lenses. We will start the production of M1 after the testing of the lenses, and then move to M1 testing. If everything goes well, we will have the M1 units ready in early April.

      As planned, we will ship a few units of M1 to a small and closed group from the community to take a close look. Based on the result, we will give you a more realistic shipping time of the final version. Given the current progress, we are looking at a delivery window of Q2. "

      there is more to the post but i found it uninteresting to repost that here.
      you can find it at thins link:

      I hope this helps some people ^^

    7. Jonathan on

      I hate that this takes so much longer than promised and we dont even get anything to make up for it.
      Fuck this

    8. Missing avatar

      Kai Baier on

      I am OK to wait but would like to have an Update :)

    9. greg downing on

      How about a kickstarter update Pimax? We haven't heard from you in months.

    10. Starwaver on

      I'm actually glad it's delayed. My biggest worry was Pimax shipping an unfinished product just to fulfill its kickstarter campaigns; and it seems that it's not the case.

      I'm more than happy to wait, as long as the end product is good quality

    11. D G on

      @Michael Gregg

      This post from Pimax has made it crystal clear why they have delayed delivery. You backed a hardware project - and with hardware, you can't just download an update to fix any faults. Like most people here I was mildly disappointed with the delay, but prefer that they ship a great product (and from the reviews I have read, they needed to fix a few things).

      Seems like your default mode is immature, toxic rant. Maybe you should leave the Kickstarter community. No one will miss you.

    12. Missing avatar

      Tom Ohm on

      Michael Gregg,

      If you post comments on Pimax's forum like the ones you have here in KickStarter... you deserve to banned! Instead of raging on like a lunatic, Pimax actually answers and they have kept us updated on their progress and answered questions about it. The fact that you got burned with other KickStarter items has absolutely no bearings on this project! Pimax has been very busy creating prototypes and showing them at multiple VR shows around the world. That would be an awfully expensive and unnecessary expense to do since they continued doing so long after Kickstarter ended. Your "SCAM" claim is absurd. Pimax needs to release a finished product, not rush something out to immature impatient backers such as yourself. The release date was ALWAYS an ETA... ESTIMATED. A couple of extra months is not the end of the world!

    13. Missing avatar

      peter on

      when i receive my headset i will give it a test and everything goes good i will backup this again to buy another if they make the headset with HDMI 2.0 with hdr

    14. Michael Gregg on

      I can say ‘fuck you’, but it won’t let me type

      Amazing. Well done Kickstarter. Fucken genius level.

    15. Michael Gregg on

      Just a heads up. Major red flags here. Moving updates away from Kickstarter, to a private forums they control. No updates. Lack of information and repeating information that we already have. Nightmare.

      I am fearful that the minor success of the 4K headset was a setup for the 8K exit strategy.

      By the way....
      The reason why they want you to go to their forums for updates is because they are policing them. People are getting banned for any slightly upset or angry comment, or questions, and their posts deleted. Go ahead and try it for yourself. They run their forum like nazi Germany.

      Just want to say right now. Kickstarter is a joke and I’m never backing another project in this scam cesspool website again. I think I’ve done about 8 now? I swear my success rate for actually getting the item is 2-3. Getting it on time is for sure 0% The rest were the same as this. Starts with Red flags like private policed forums, then became outright scams or went dark. Also. The projects when I did get the item, generally are trash or barely work.

      Here’s a preemptive ‘Fuck you pimax’. May it be the first of many.

      What a piece of shit.

      God dammit.

    16. Missing avatar

      Javier Lipuzcoa on

      Come on Pimax! Push harder and send it as soon as possible. I think that the delay was not nice but I hope it will be worth it. Don't lose our trust! Thanks.

    17. Missing avatar

      Noé Neves Monteiro Filho on

      I would like to say that I really was a little sad with this news, Pimax promised to January 2018 delivery and did not comply .... Well, now we know the reason, they want to deliver us an updated and finished product ... I agree , is actually better than delivering us a poorly finished product .... The criticisms would seriously detonate the Pimax 8k.
      I would like you to keep us informed about this promise of delivery, do not leave us without news, this is really cruel ... We look forward to waiting for this delivery and nothing, informing us about deadlines or effectively effective dates for delivery is an attitude that the Sponsors.

    18. Michael Gregg on

      Don’t post updates on your forum. Keep the updates here so all the backers can get the updates you goofs.

    19. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      There has been a lot of speculation regarding Pimax's capabilities to produce something that the so called "Big Boys" can't. I'd like to help put some minds at ease by providing a marketing practice that is accepted and utilized by the technological industry.


      What does that mean?

      It's simple... even though you may be capable of producing and delivering a device that is far superior to any other device out there (even your own current deliverable) DON'T.


      Again... simple... you'll make a lot more revenue if you produce and sell incremental improvements! In other words, produce and sell as many units of Gen 1 as you can before introducing Gen 2, then sell as many units as you can of Gen 2 before you introduce Gen 3.... I'm sure you all know of companies that do that. It's all about spending less and making more.

      GOOGLE "vr lenses for wider field of view" and see what you come up with. I think you'll be surprised at what you find.

    20. Missing avatar

      Rui Zhou on

      Thanks for the great update here!
      Although folks sometimes complain about delays, but almost everyone would rather have something awesome and polished later instead of a rushed prototype.
      Also I do not think you guys would get a second chance like this either. So please, take time and do it right. I am willing to wait for sure as long as we are aiming for awesomeness.

    21. Missing avatar

      Neil on

      Pimax: I'm dissapointed that you used whole lot of words to say really nothing that everyone didn't already know. We need hard facts, technical info and progress on the current outstanding issues that we already know exist from V5 at CES, not a pointless review of the past. A lot of your backers are professional software and hardware developers and engineers, make use of that. Perhaps we can help with technical knowledge/suggestions (or do you think you already know everything?).
      Since Pimax are clearly ignoring the many requests to share any solid, specific news about current issues and their resolutions, perhaps members of the M1 testing group selected from the community could identify themselves and post regular updates?

    22. Missing avatar

      Tyler Axt on

      As always, I appreciate the update. Though, as others have stated, there's some known issues that weren't addressed and I hope to hear about those soon as well.

      I would much rather wait longer than receive a product that's not what we had expected. I want to see this blow the Vive Pro out of the water ;) Keep up the good work and don't stress about release dates. Stress about making it as Pimax had envisioned!

      With the pushed back release there's two things you should consider:

      1. Some people may be moving so we'll need a way to update the delivery address before they ship.

      2. With the Volta being expected to release soon it would be nice to know if it will be able to run the 8K X without SLI. If this is the case could we possibly upgrade our reserved units to 8K X before they ship to avoid having to send them back for the upgrade?

    23. Missing avatar

      Tyler Ellis on

      First it was January, then February, now maybe March......I get that issues occur, but I'd rather no ETA then to be dicked around. My biggest fear is having the Vive pro release before I get to even see my Pimax. This being my first kickstarter that I've ever supported makes me feel uneasy.
      Just cross my fingers and hope for the best!

    24. Missing avatar

      Marek on

      Don't worry, delays are understandable.

      Thanks for the update!

    25. Missing avatar

      Florian Brouillet on

      Hello @PimaxVR
      Thank you for your update.
      I have a question regarding the delivery. I will move in a new flat around Q2, certainly in June. Would it be possible to change the delivery address? If so, what would be the deadline for this change?
      Thank you for your help. Can't wait to receive your products :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Will Magill on

      Good to see the progress on this and hear the updates. Resolving all the tail end technical issues always takes some non-trivial amount of time, but better to take the extra time and do so than release something prematurely that would be frustrating for those of us forking out for a higher end VR HMD.
      It would be great to see more discussion on the state of the technical issues highlighted of late, as other backers have remarked.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jeroen on

      Great to see your in the finetuning stage!

    28. Jonathan on

      I want a refund. I cant wait this long, especially not with all the other headset coming out soon

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Thomann on

      Please fix the blurriness and the tracking issues/delays before you ship.

    30. Missing avatar

      Saar on

      First I would like to express my thanks to Pimax for the update, I believe that your success will make our investment even better.

      But, I have no idea what to make from these statements anymore, I mean I'm not a technical person, and I tried to read other technical posts related to the HMD and it seem to me that:
      1. There is some truth in people concerns.
      2. Companied tend to stick to their original plan even if they are shaky.
      3. We, as backers, really try to believe that things will work for the best.

      My thoughts are (only mine I represent myself):
      1. Pimax will use components that are out there, so there is no "magic" factor here (by this Pimax does not have their own special chips to compensate the scaling and bandwidth issues people are so concern about. All spec are in public domain so any seasoned electronic person can estimate the true nature and capabilities of a certain solution. As of V3 it does not seem promising.

      2. The 200 FOV: Like many others, I was encourage by this feature and what it means to the overall experience. My concern is, that it seem to be a double edge sword, at this stage. There seem to be Lens issues and bandwidth issues related to the FOV, but since it is part of the selling point Pimax won't step down to fix this.
      My only gripe is - if you do not leave room to fix your mistakew or first assumptions then you dig a hole you can't climb out off, and that is what I think was one of the things that happened in this kick-starter.
      My understanding (from what I read in the forum) is that lower FOV, around 180/170, would make the HMD much more stable and in par with the current hardware solution. Can Pimax step back to fix this ? probably not.

      3. Lenses: This part is probably the only "magic" that Pimax are pushing since, according to what I read, no one is really manufacturing such lenses yet (for Pimax needs).
      My concern, from what I heard and read during CES2018, is that there is not enough long term experience with that kind of lenses. It is not enough to have the biggest and widest lenses solution it should be comfortable for the eyes in long session usage.

      Again, I'm not trying to discourage anyone, I'm just crossing fingers and hope that Pimax will be able to deliver what others do not dare to trudge and they optimistically broadcast to use.
      I also believe that if Pimax will lower the FOV specs it will probably create a more stable HMD ecosystem, which, unfortunately, they can't.

      So good luck

    31. Missing avatar

      Ioan Virgiliu Maximilian on

      Please take your time and fix most of the CES review critics. It would be a shame to waste this huge potential of a great and unique product.

      As long as the delay is in measured in months not in years like sixense's fiasco of a kickstarter I'm more than happy to wait.

    32. Missing avatar

      Thoemse on

      Thanks for the update. As others allre4ady wrote: We need updates on how you try to fix the pending issues.
      I'd love to test M1 btw.

    33. Pimax 8K VR Creator on

      @Simon @Jacob Thanks for raising this up! The team is fine-tuning v5, we will update the progress on the forum:

    34. Dennis Hendrik Adriaan van Leeuwen on

      It is done when it is done. But that needs to be before other companies copy what you have. :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Simon Chen on

      Thanks for the timeline. We always appreciate communication. However, this update doesn't provide any new information from what was gathered at CES by press coverage. I echo Jakob's sentiments.

      Specific updates on the big question marks are more important. Refresh rate, tracking issues, distortion, audio strap, etc are what backers real care about.

      Modules and the knuckle-shaped controllers without true knuckles functionality are even bigger issues. I think those promises were a little too hopeful so I'm not holding my breath.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jakob Pfefferkorn on

      Your timeline doesn't appear to address any of the issues brought to you before or during CES. What about refresh rate? Tracking issues? Lens distortions? Excessive reflections? Ergonomics? How is the rigid headstrap coming along? Are we still getting hand tracking modules, or any of the other add-on modules? What about the controllers?

      Obviously I don't expect updates on everything at once, but this doesn't really tell us much. Please provide more detail when you can.

    37. Missing avatar

      Keith Brings on

      Keep up the good work, haste makes waste.

    38. Missing avatar

      Josh Cartu on

      I ordered 10 units for dev purposes to jump the queue. Would be great if you could send us a text unit and subtract one from those... we really want to get cracking.

    39. Michael Gregg on

      I hope this product is real and we actually get it. Even if it’s quality but six months late. Please don’t scam us.