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Pimax 8K allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness
Pimax 8K allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness
5,946 backers pledged $4,236,618 to help bring this project to life.

$4m stretch goal and a few updates


Hi Futurists, 

The two voices from our backers are both strong and reasonable. It's difficult for us to decide whether we should go for trackpad or thumbstick style for Pimax controllers. For the well-being of all of our backers, we have discussed with the team today and decide to take on the pain and challenge ourselves: 

When we hit $4 million, we will offer two options, both thumbstick and trackpad style controllers, for our backers to choose from. 

We have evaluated the feasibility, and the risk for controllers is low. 

The mechanical design of the headset is locked down for kicking off tooling next week. 

Mass production is not an issue for us. Our manufacturing partners are top tier ODM factories, e.g. BYD, with over 180,000 workers. Many of our team members have rich experiences in producing and shipping smart devices. e.g. mobile phones, tablets. Our team members have shipped totally over 100 million in their career. Keeping the Spring Festival holiday in mind, we have discussed with our partners and reserved capacity for your Kickstarter packages! 

There is low risk in supply chain and manufacturing, we are confident to keep the schedule. Meanwhile, we will take time and allocate more resources to optimize the whole 8K VR system to deliver the best VR experience and meet the expectations of the VR enthusiasts. 

After we have unveiled the stretch goal: 3 selected content, several studios come to us and very generous to offer us their content with discounted price. We will disclose the free content for you in the following updates!

As suggested by our awesome backers, we decide to join the OpenXR working group, so it will be much easier for developers and partners to access and integrate their work with Pimax headsets.

Besides our strong and active community, we are also supported by our partners and investors. We have finished several rounds funding in the past two years, and already raised capital from investors to expand the team. We have a new round ongoing right now. 

Kickstarter is a great way for us to test how many people out there are actually interested in big FOV and high-resolution VR, and we want VR futurists like you to be the first group of people to enjoy 8K VR in the world. 

Best Regards,

The Pimax Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Verhagen on November 6

      I vote for the touchpad. After having the HTC Vive, touchpads feel so natural as compared to joysticks and give a much more realistic and sensative mm by mm movement where joysticks do not have anywhere near the same kind of control and flexibility.

    2. Missing avatar

      GLW on November 5

      I should add my preference would be one of each when/if I get a set of controllers, though.

    3. Missing avatar

      GLW on November 5

      FYI you can see a visual representation of where your thumb sits on the Vive controllers' trackpads in VR. Something similar could be implemented for Pimax's controllers. The haptic feedback and clickable zones for several extra buttons make trackpads superior to joysticks, as well. You can use radial menus with joysticks, sure, but that slows down/interrupts gameplay where extra buttons don't have to. IMO joysticks are superior for standard gaming, but trackpads take the win in VR.

    4. Mark Ryan on November 4

      Is it possible to make the stick and trackpad modular parts of the controller? Something that snaps in/out to swap with the other option?

    5. Missing avatar

      K on November 4

      Or stick in one hand, pad in the other ;)

    6. Missing avatar

      K on November 4

      Why not both?
      Microsoft did it..
      Some apps are better with stick and some are better with trackpad, it will be very hard to choose

    7. Missing avatar

      David Hsu on November 3

      Nevermind my last comment, i didn't realize so many vive users liked the trackpad :P

    8. Missing avatar

      David Hsu on November 3

      I personally never liked using trackpad on any laptop, even the best ones (by apple). they were so frustrating to deal with. Also how would we use it for movement? It's hard to know what part of trackpad we are touching while we can't see. Seems to be a learning curve, for sure.

    9. Missing avatar

      Alan on November 3

      Q: I backed for the 8K headset package that doesn't include base station's and controllers. How does the 4mil stretch goal apply to me?

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Smith on November 3

      Please also make them so that all fingers are tracked, not just three.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mark Smith on November 3

      Oh nice, the windows style with both options would be fantastic.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Smith on November 3

      @Thorben Hemesath There are no free controllers. It means they're making BOTH designs, and the backers can pick which one they want (thumbstick or trackpad).

    13. Missing avatar

      Thorben Hemesath on November 3

      Hey, what does this mean now? Is there 1 controller free now? Or just for those who pledged 110$ extra so they could choose between these two designs?

    14. Missing avatar

      Rob on November 3

      If possible I would also like to vote for the windows style of having pad and stick within comfortable reach.
      If this is not an option then touchpads wiht underlying buttong (similar to vive) please

    15. Paul O Dwyer on November 3

      These stretch goals .. does that mean we get controllers for free for people who pledged and are to receive a pimax 8k ?

    16. Arno van Dijk on November 3

      Just like windows mixed reality controllers I would like stick and pad on both of the controllers.
      But if you can decide which controller is right and which is left another option I would like is:
      1 controller with stick and 1 controller with pad.

    17. Missing avatar

      DOS on November 3

      ( i use google translator )
      - it's imperative that all the fingers are followed.
      - And ensure maximum compatibility with all games.

    18. Eric Hoareau on November 3

      LEFT > thumb STICK
      RIGHT > thumb PAD

    19. Missing avatar

      Senh V on November 3

      Having both would be nice. But it's important to place them within same reach of the thumb. Both should be in the middle.

    20. Missing avatar

      sigepon on November 3
      Please adopt the WindowsMixedReality style controller style that can handle both stick and pad.

      Choosing either a stick or a pad means that users who chose either may have problems with game play.

      Windows MixedReality style, if you have controllers with both sticks and pads you can handle any game.

      Please do not do halfway things.

      Also adoption of this style means that it can also correspond to Windows MixedReality.

    21. Missing avatar

      Pablos Giblet on November 3

      I like thumb sticks but it would be handy to have both I guess.

    22. Missing avatar

      Muller François on November 3

      Nice work!! Seing the controller design: should'nt it be a third button on each controller? ("System button", like on Touch controllers, and like the coming new Vive knuckles)

    23. Missing avatar

      Tom Ohm on November 3

      Is there any chance you could do controllers with both options in one, like microsoft MR has?

      I agree with Squngy. I like the MS design of doing both types of tracking on a single controller

    24. Missing avatar

      Atze & Beccse on November 3

      Deciding between a thumbstick and a touchpad will be tough without testing it before. A modular design like this could be usefull. Please excuse my lack of Paint skills. A proper design concept would have taken more time. ;)

      Instead of a simple lockmechanism you could also make the touchpad/thumbstick part replacable with screws to make it more sturdy. Not sure, but this concept might also work for other modules (like machinegun, sword and shield, fishing angel etc).

    25. Missing avatar

      roger on November 3


    26. Missing avatar

      Zachary Rogers on November 3

      Thumbsticks all the way, 2 reasons, knuckles will be compatible with a track pad, should have options, also thumbsticks last longer

    27. Missing avatar

      Nick Heidl on November 3

      And if you get to $5 million you will make a glove controller ;)

    28. Missing avatar

      Squngy on November 3

      Is there any chance you could do controllers with both options in one, like microsoft MR has?

    29. Missing avatar

      Jona Diedler on November 3

      great! I never tested touchpad like steam gamepad, but Im a "oldscool" gamer with gamepads for shooter and I also really like the thumbstick on the rift for locomotion gaming, because there are noticeable limits.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jeff Jorczak on November 3

      The Microsoft controller has a thumbstick AND a touchpad. Just do that.

    31. RogerM on November 3

      My comment didnt post? Or Pimax took it down. Can we get 2 of each controllers as i have no idea how they feel. Also 3 time why in the chrome kickstartet showd my pledge then it also says no reward &956) Pledge, why is that? In didnt pledge for nothing?

    32. RogerM on November 3

      My comment didnt post? Or Pimax took it down. Can we get 2 of each controllers as i have no idea how they feel. Also 3 time why in the chrome kickstartet showd my pledge then it also says no reward &956) Pledge, why is that? In didnt pledge for nothing?

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael Luitjens on November 3

      Congratualtions on the 4m goal.

    34. RogerM on November 3

      Do we have to pay extra for these with 8k full? I hope not!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      tim on November 3

      Estimated Q1/Q2? What excactly does that mean for the packages with controllers which are determined for delivery ~february. Will we get other controllers? Will we get controllers later? Will we get the whole package later?

    36. Missing avatar

      Virtual Weality on November 3

      i dont think it means free controllers for all, i think it means they will make both type and people who are buying/getting them from full package get to pick which one they want, track pad or thumbstick. If its free controller for all, that will make some people who buys full package cancel and try to get the headset only so they save money if they arent sold out

    37. Missing avatar

      Evgeny Laktanov on November 3

      Cudos for joining OpenXR, really.

    38. Missing avatar

      Nicholas F on November 3

      One question though- are we getting these controllers for free, or is the stretch goal just that both the trackpad and joystick variations will be available for purchase instead of just one option?

    39. Staffan Andersson on November 3

      That is awesome news, dear Pi-peeps! Thank you.

    40. Missing avatar

      Josh on November 3

      Just to confirm, if you guys hit $4 Million. Backers will get FREE controllers? I'm not really sure what this post means.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nicholas F on November 3

      Is there going to be a trigger on the back of the controller? Like for gun games, for instance. It looks like there's only one for the middle finger, which would not feel nice for guns. A trigger for your index finger would go a long way towards making these really nice for gun games imo.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jose velasco on November 3

      Good to hear. I was the developer of the Portal Dual 180 FOV HMD a few years ago on MTB3D. I'm glad this unit is coming out. I am backing you guys and wish you all the best.

    43. Chris Van Loo on November 3

      exactly! make both and sell both options. This is a great idea. people can buy and use both and even mix it up if they want. it's going to be great!

    44. Edmond KO on November 3

      it's all good with choice but what about software compatibility? would it work as expected both on steamVr or oculus games? these controllers should be compatible with all the software as expected, don't make developers accomodate so much options

    45. Baretta on November 3

      I vote for a choice of RIGHT controller with THUMBSTICK, and LEFT controller with TRACKPAD! This would be awesome! Eventually produce both version with thumbticks and trackpads for both ends and let the consumer choose what he or she needs, wants. At the end of kickstarter let them choose, and after kickstarter once you deliver everything try to sell both version at your stores.. that would be AWESOME!

    46. Missing avatar

      frederick destrem on November 3

      Great news ! Thanks a lot !

    47. Missing avatar

      EVOL on November 3

      That is great news about both trackpad and stick being developed. Please be sure to add cap sense for all 5 fingers though and strapping the controller on is very important too. Look here for more details about valves design.

    48. Missing avatar

      David Kent Zhu on November 3

      Oh my bad I misread it. It's actually just the choice to choose either, but still awesome nonetheless. Maybe mixing and matching is still possible though?

    49. Missing avatar

      David Kent Zhu on November 3

      This is so exciting! The possibility to have both types of controllers and mixing and matching is awesome. With so many current backers if everyone each chipped in an extra $20 the $4m goal would be met.

      Im gonna add an extra $100 for the hand motion module.

      Lets hit that $4m and get us all an extra pair of controllers!

    50. Pimax 8K VR Creator on November 3

      Q: 10 hours and $89,000 to go!
      A: Now it is 9 hours.