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Pimax 8K allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness
Pimax 8K allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness
Pimax 8K allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness
5,946 backers pledged $4,236,618 to help bring this project to life.

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      Jason Bazar just now

      I have faith in Pimax on this one. They are about to cross the finish line, and it will be glorious.

    2. Missing avatar

      Justin Haga about 17 hours ago

      you all waited this long; having faith in something you believed in to support blindly means carrying on till the end. pimax is making believable progress and the testing is nearly over. no other company offered this to us until pimax. the others would paint dreams on rocks and sell it to us in incremental lies. we owe it to pimax. stand behind the forefront of development. stand behind progress, however painful the wait for advancement, it must happen and we are the ones to decide to make it happen. you're not just buying a vr headset, you're buying into an idea that the market isn't only for large corporations that will screw us. I want to see pimax on steams store page instead of the vive.

    3. Paul O Dwyer about 18 hours ago

      '' The next step is to learn what the backers have to say in the backer meetups, and some of the testers will move on to M2 testing phase to give closer tests of the M2 units.

      The first backer meetup

      Location: Berlin

      Time: 8/31 - 9/2 ''

      So the first meeting for backers will end in september. Emphasis on ''first'' .. if there is one or more meetings for backers than the earliest Pimax can go into mass production is October once they gather backer feedback. If there are multiple '' backer meetups'' than we cant expect out Pimax until Xmas.! :/

    4. Missing avatar

      suk w. yu about 20 hours ago

      Jason Bazar @ Let me tell you why Oculus is much better than Vive.
      1)much less screen door
      2)much lighter and comfortable and it doesn't sag your face skin
      3)not too bright so it won't dry your eyes or eye strain
      4)Touch controller is of course better than Wand(any dummy know that too)
      5) with oculus 3 sensors , tracking is flawless
      6) price is still cheaper than Vive

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason Bazar about 22 hours ago

      You can't be serious. The Vive is, and always has been better than the Rift.

    6. Missing avatar

      suk w. yu about 24 hours ago

      so ummm they said most of them will be ship by Chrismas? not Thanksgiving? hmmm sounds like we are getting it in December. so i guess i have to keep use my garbage Vive untill then? I wish i had a Oculus instead of Vive. At least much comfortable to wear and much less screen door than garbage Vive. Biggest mistake i made in 2016 was cancelling my Oculus and bought Vive instead. Fuck you HTC and thanks for extra screen door and sagging my face skin every time i wear it.

    7. Eric Fortin 1 day ago

      Please vote for backer meetup with Pimax on their forums!

    8. Jason King 2 days ago

      @Ancient Socrates: You can try, but at this late stage, I doubt it. Message Pimax on their forums, and if you're really lucky you may get an answer. And if you're really, REALLY lucky, you may get an answer you like. But please remember, this is a Kickstarter, you made a 'donation' to a product's development and are not actually entitled to any refunds. That's just how Kickstarter works. Any possible refund will be at the sole discretion of Pimax.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jason Bazar 2 days ago

      StarVR had one public showing of their tech and it was a complete shit show. I don’t understand why people here believe in vapor ware all of a sudden. I guess this explains liberals.

    10. Missing avatar

      peter 3 days ago

      i have faith for pimax that they will do a good job on this headset 8k and that's why i back them

    11. Missing avatar

      Ancient Socrates 3 days ago

      Sooooooo, I cant refund this?

    12. Missing avatar

      Marcio Martins 3 days ago

      Hello, I am selling my pledge, I am the backer number 1,954. 8K HEADSET ONLY. I asking $550 U.S. dollars. transaction through Paypal only, because it will protect me and you too. Contact me:

    13. Missing avatar

      Gary Langridge 5 days ago

      Starvr apparently have the jump on pimax time maybe catching up on them but only rumor so far ,but the 14 8 18 is the date they reveal exactly what and i would assume when if not now the release is ,,

      He he its all happening this month

    14. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Weinert 5 days ago

      I already gave up. I wrote approximately 15 mails (the first in march 18) and there's still no response. The Forum is down, meanwhile i got a new job job in Denmark and my delivery adress is in Germany. "If" they"ll deliver at any time it will be when the Headset is outdated by other products.

    15. Missing avatar

      suk w. yu 5 days ago

      I hope lot of people have at least gtx 1080 otherwise they might delay the headset and make it low pc spec headset.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ioan Virgiliu Maximilian 6 days ago

      Please give us an 8K X update!
      Will it start production only after all the 8K are delivered?

    17. Missing avatar

      Gary Langridge on

      Found this… (5k) He said he thinks its slightly better than the vive pro (5k) this is making me think about what might slow the 8k potentials at the moment

    18. Missing avatar

      Gary Langridge on

      pimax 8k samples at 6k or 8k downscales to 5k then upscales to 8k so i found out and the 5k is native so easer on the gpu ,
      The most important thing to know is how the 5k fars against the vive pro ,i was thinking about swaping my pledge for the 5k but cant find any info regards to how it looks ,absolutly nothing ,plenty of 8k

    19. Missing avatar

      Donald Farrell on

      Would be nice if Pimax could secure a deal on next gen gpu's to help out backers. Especially now that the 1070 can not cut it.

    20. Missing avatar

      suk w. yu on

      Gary Langridge@ Mercedez 8 cylinder car(Pimax 5k) VS Mercedez 8 cyllinder car with AMG supercharged (Pimax 8k). which car eats more gas?

    21. Missing avatar

      Gary Langridge on

      im still not sure about the 5k or 8k the 5k isnt uprated so native and the 8k is 1440 uprated so how is the 5k easier on gpu,
      would also like to knowhow many pixel per sq inch is 5k compared to vive pro for comparison

    22. Missing avatar

      Noé Neves Monteiro Filho on

      For those who expected to janiero / 18 and today is already 07/31/18, getting a little more will not cost anything ....
      Please inform us a delivery forecast in the absence of this information leaves us very anxious.

    23. Missing avatar

      vrfannumber1 on

      I'm backer 72 by the way.

    24. Missing avatar

      vrfannumber1 on

      Just wanted to say to I'm in for getting it early no matter the state of the software, also even though I'm Spanish I have a Cambridge C1 so if I get it early I could help translating the software or any documentation to Spanish for free.

      About the backer meetups, please have one in Madrid, Spain, it's the country's capital city so it would be rather appropiate for all the Spanish backers and I would like to test it myself, it would be awesome!.

    25. Missing avatar

      Dean Zwikel on

      Thank you for the update. How do I find out when I will receive my headset?

    26. Missing avatar

      Anders on

      Will you be at Game com?

    27. Missing avatar

      Donald Farrell on

      Yea, I was in the same boat on the 8KX. But with there latest update it sounds as though we will be waiting till the next generation of gpu's are tested before release. Now they say we can go with the 5k if we want. I have a fealing even after the NDA is lifted there will still be alot of things that will not be discussed. I'm just glad the didn't rush it and hand us a pile of crap. Guess we have to wait and see. Best of luck to all of us!

    28. Missing avatar

      Gary Langridge on

      Owell toys pram and all that still feels like i said somthing but more than anyone else at the moment ahh,this nda stuff is begining to sound like bad news

    29. Jan

      yeah the forum is off

    30. Missing avatar

      Gary Langridge on

      WELL can anyone else get to the pimax forum or is it really going to be a how to deal with a customer,s issue site if you know what i mean

    31. Missing avatar

      Gary Langridge on

      But im not fooling anyone

    32. Missing avatar

      Gary Langridge on

      It seems we are just not entitled to progress reports any more ? can even get on the forum site now just for mentioning this

    33. Jan


    34. Missing avatar

      Gary Langridge on

      That may be sooner than pimax wants ,and then they will be the vive pro of the vr world waiting anxiously to be over written by the next best thing ,only time has the advantage here

    35. Jan

      for now i have my Windows Mixed Reality Headset, i will sell that after testing the 8k. And probably i will buy a new headset and sell the 8k as soon as a "better" headset like the 8kX will come out (or some other headset from other brand for example with oled 4k per eye)

    36. Jan

      if they will do an other delay for that they could just cancel the pimax 8k and directly build the 8kx and give it to everyone^^ My guess is they will use virtual link for the 8kx but they will not make any more changes for the 8k.
      acutally i wanted the 8kx headset, i just chose the 8k because it was supposed to be delivered in februaray (i expeced maybe 3 month delay but not more) and i didnt want to wait so much longer for the X Version^^

    37. Missing avatar

      Donald Farrell on

      I hope its the last headset we need for the next 3 to 5 years.

    38. Missing avatar

      Donald Farrell on

      Yes, true. You should not have to buy the new cards. They could design it to include the connection as an optional port on the headset. It may be the only option on the 8k X.

    39. Jan

      But that would have to be an optional connection. Nobody should be forced to buy a new GPU for that. I extra bought 1080ti for the pimax and they said a 1070 would be enough ;)

    40. Missing avatar

      Donald Farrell on

      May be another delay if they choose to incorporate "virtual link". For all of our best interests I hope they do, that way our headsets are not obsolete the day we get them. This would allow the 8k the bandwidth that is truly needed. The 8k is suppose to be a next gen headset and that is the only way it could truly happen. If they are in close talks with NVIDIA then it could be possible.
      Pimax, please exceed our expectations!

    41. David S on

      I think you should deliver before our governments do something that may be interferential.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jonah Lotz on

      @suk I believe they did like the M1, but there were issues that needed fixed, so Pimax is sending them a new headset to test that has solved most, if not all, of the hardware issues. It's being called M2 I think.

    43. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Yes, an update is really needed!!!!!

    44. Missing avatar

      suk w. yu on

      i thought Testers didn't like M1 headset so they have to redo it again.

    45. Missing avatar

      philip bloomfield on

      I would like an update too. If you are in mass production, how long will it take 1 week, 1 month or 1 year we just don't know and its the not knowing. Please update us.

    46. Jan

      the communication to the backer is really a bad joke in this point of the project. Last update was nearly one month ago and there they said "We are now at the hardware mass production stage [...]" , what sounds a little like we would get our headsets soon. But since then no comments on leaks, no official information about further delay, even no updates about controller or other stuff. Most of the backer doesn't expect everything to be perfect and they doesn't expect to get the headset next week, but we expect Pimax to be honest and to inform us regularly. the lack of information is what makes me angry.

    47. Michel on

      No news? Any updates?

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