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SecretSill is a customizable, high-end accent piece that doubles as a shelf for your pretty pillows. Store prints inside the frame.

Why the SecretSill came about

Most people toss their lovely decorative pillows on the floor each night when it is time to turn in. The SecretSill was developed to protect our beautiful pillows and expensive bedding in a decorative and chic way. We wanted the SecretSill to be of high-quality for the homes but also for the hotels. The SecretSill will help the hotels manage the pillows which will make their guests more comfortable and reduce their laundering expenses.

How it works

Cleverly disguised as art hanging on the wall, the SecretSill easily folds down to a shelf to hold your pillows while you sleep. This high-end accent piece is decorative and functional – a truly unique combination. It is quality crafted with tremendous flexibility for decorating; it is easily installed and protects your bedding. Chic and useful, the SecretSill is beautiful and adds space to any room in the home.

Choose any print to blend in with your decor.
Choose any print to blend in with your decor.

Customize your perfect picture frame, it’s as easy as changing the picture in the frame on your table.

SecretSill is the only picture frame that doubles as a sturdy shelf. It is infinitely customizable, with a beautiful selection of prints available. This high-end picture frame hangs on the wall at eye level, offering quick, easy access to storage space. While designing the SecretSill, we strove to create a chic way to create storage space while ensuring that the decor remained uninterrupted. But we did better than that. With the original design of the frame being customizable with the print, the possibilities are truly endless.

Customize with color

Strong and beautiful, our first production run of MDF frames are currently available in black or white paint finish. True to keeping it personal, more choices for color are the next step. Offering more color choices and finishes will make this picture frame a dream for decorating. At the right time, we will add select solid wood and options as an upgrade.

Customize with prints

SecretSill can change the look of the room in seconds, thanks to its easy to access print storage compartment. We offer a wide selection of prints already, with more coming. Choose your own favorite family pictures and make a collage. Then as the seasons change or you want to freshen the look, easily switch to a print that fits your theme! Prints for every season. Check out the prints available now and we have more coming!


  • Flexible for decorating
  • Complements bedroom furnishings
  • Sturdy 36" x 20" shelf space
  • Holds assorted decorative pillows
  • Storage that doesn't take up any floor space
  • Easy installation -- although a screw gun makes it even easier, only a screwdriver is needed.
  • Hardware is included

What makes the SecretSill unique is the secret. Its beauty as a wall hanging hides its utility which is exactly what we want, no intruding or protruding into our space!

We need to keep going

The SecretSill that you see in the pictures and video is a real working product. With your support, we can bring the SecretSill into more homes by making it affordable and offering a variety of colors and finishes to optimize the customization of your picture frame.

Your contribution will help fund:

  • research manufacturing overseas for the frames only,
  • keep finish work and assembly in the US for quality assurance, and
  • continue efforts to reduce costs.


  • Finalize design, colors and finishes. September 2013
  • Research offshore manufacturing of the frame pieces only and contract with the Philadelphia-based manufacturer for their fine finish work. September-October 2013
  • Order units with new finish selections. October 2013
  • Ready for shipment. February 2014
  • At the right time, offer custom woods and finishes manufactured in Philadelphia for craftsmanship. June 2014

Through your pledging and votes, our next order will be for the most popular colors and finishes.

Project Update #1: SecretSill partnered with Whole Brain Technologies, an entity committed to fostering the entrepreneurship program in the College of Engineering at Villanova University. We are very excited about this partnership! Together we will explore Nicaraguan manufacturing facilities to evolve our SecretSill product from one that is costly to make solely in the US, to a product that can be affordable for home owners and hotels. Along the way, we will create jobs both in the developing world and the US while providing a product that is beautiful and useful.

What we'll do - With contacts established by Villanova University’s faculty, we plan to bring some of the production to Nicaragua for the front and back frame panels. This will help us achieve our goal of lowering the cost of production so SecretSill can be made affordable. While teaming with the folks in Nicaragua will help us, we believe that helping the people of Nicaragua by bringing jobs to their country can improve the lives of so many. We will keep the finishing, final assembly and hardware selection here in the USA to provide jobs at home, and for quality control! It is a must. Working together to do what we do best will produce the optimum result and an affordable product. As part of our Kickstarter project, we will complete several site visits in Nicaragua to select the factory and train the workers. Once production is established, we will complete an initial factory production run to be certain that the features and details are produced to meet our high standards. Simultaneously, we will obtain and prepare assembly and warehouse space here at home for paint finishes and assembly. We will obtain hardware, shipping supplies and streamline the process. All units will undergo inspection for quality control.

Shown here in custom cherry finish.
Shown here in custom cherry finish.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

A potential challenge that may come up is finding the right manufacturer in Nicaragua. We have lots of contacts there already, and lots of people with skills who want the work but we really need to find that chemistry and quality. We need to find the right mix.

A risk that could surface is no warehouse space for assembly and shipping. If ordering in larger quantities requires a larger space, we will set up temporary operations at the manufacturing plant. While we work towards a steady state, we will research a dedicated space for assembly, inspection and shipping.


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