PiJuice - A Portable Project Platform For Every Raspberry Pi

by PiJuice

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    1. PiJuice Creator on

      @ Jamie - awesome indeed!

    2. Vincent Willcox on

      As Becker 1806 I look forward to getting mine soon

    3. Missing avatar

      Cyril Rouiller on

      @Vincent Willcox ; faut pas rêver... je suis au N°422, et je n'ai toujours rien reçus!!! trois ans de retards. Je ne suis vraiment pas certains d'avoir encore des rpi compatible quand elle va arriver. Si elle arrive un jour. Ce dont je doute de plus en plus.

    4. David Desson on

      Greater news about PiJuice Shipment. Any updates on when my Solar Cells will be shipped?

    5. veritanuda on

      Ahhh great news.. might yet get it before the Spring is Sprung. Thanks.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ike Okonkwo on

      I think I need to update my address. How do I do that?

    7. Anthony Goodhew on

      7.5% units not working properly sounds a bit high!

    8. Missing avatar

      RichTea on

      Grate news the Pi-juce, team thanks for keeping the faith and getting there in the end. I am looking forward to it arriving.

    9. Vincent Willcox on

      @Cyril Rouiller

      If you actually read the post - they are about to ship! Or in french

      Ils sont sur le point d'expédier ce mois-ci!

    10. Vincent Willcox on

      @ike - too late now they are locked down. You should have received an email a few months ago to this! But maybe they can help

    11. PiJuice Creator on

      @Vincent - can't wait to hear your (and everyone elses) thoughts

    12. PiJuice Creator on

      @ Cyril - N'avez-vous pas lu les mises à jour? Nous ne faisons que commencer à expédier, donc vous n'auriez rien reçu, quel que soit le numéro de soutien que vous êtes. S'il vous plaît lire les mises à jour!

    13. PiJuice Creator on

      @ David - in the next month if they have not already

    14. PiJuice Creator on

      @ veritanuda - pleasure

    15. PiJuice Creator on

      @Ike - can't guarantee we can change it now - but please send an email to sales@pi-supply.com

    16. PiJuice Creator on

      @ Anthony - yep! However our functional test is quite stringent and test the programming, battery and various other things. They are not "hard failures" - could just be corrupt firmware, badly seated battery or something like that. They just did not pass without need for additional interaction and so fail initially and are then reworked. We are just being cautious

    17. PiJuice Creator on

      @ RichTea - thanks very much!

    18. PiJuice Creator on

      @ Vincent - thanks for helping the others in our absence too :-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Ike Okonkwo on

      I just looked through my email. It looks like I sent the request for an address change 2 weeks ago. For some reason, I forgot I already requested a change... thanks

    20. PiJuice Creator on

      @ Ike - no problem at all!