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PiJuice is the ultimate module for all portable Raspberry Pi projects (complete with our revolutionary PiAnywhere technology – the best way to take your Pi off the grid!). Includes many fun maker projects and a solar power version too!
PiJuice is the ultimate module for all portable Raspberry Pi projects (complete with our revolutionary PiAnywhere technology – the best way to take your Pi off the grid!). Includes many fun maker projects and a solar power version too!
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Shipping news, battery level calculator, quick start / FAQ, software update and firmware update

Posted by PiJuice (Creator)

Hi all,

We heard from Embest today that they will only finish the 2k units production on Friday or Monday now instead of Thursday! It will then take a couple days for them to get to the shipping partner, Floship, at which point they will begin shipping out. So between Wednesday and Friday of next week the shipping out process should begin. 

We will keep you posted on progress on this as and when we have news but things are looking good generally.

Software Updates

If you have been keeping an eye out on our PiJuice GitHub you will have seen that there has been a lot of activity there in the past few weeks. A huge shout out to Denis our new software engineer, Milan the hardware engineer behind PiJuice, Francesco our technical content guy and Ton who helps us out with testing and improving our products - they have done an amazing job!

Some of the updates that have happened recently:

  • huge amounts of testing and bug fixes to make sure your PiJuices are running smoothly!
  • overhaul of graphical / UX layout to streamline things
  • splitting of the software into pijuice-base and pijuice-gui - as requested by you backers - in order to make it easier for headless use without needing a large amount of dependencies. 
  • adding missing features such as powercut behaviours 
  • improving firmware update functionality
  • adding new firmware to package (more on that in next section)
  • added configuration for spare IO ports on P3 header
  • new icons
  • improved settings saving in GUI
  • lots more....

You can check out all the changes in more detail here -

There are changelogs here and here also for a quick overview of all the changes.

PLEASE NOTE: The new pijuice-base and pijuice-gui packages CONFLICT with the previous pijuice package. If you previously installed the software via "sudo apt-get install pijuice" you will not be able to install the updated software. In order to install the updated software, you will first need to purge/delete the old software. The command to do this is "sudo apt-get purge pijuice"  followed by "sudo systemctl stop pijuice.service" (since the purge of pijuice does not stop the service).  

You can feel free to install the software now, as future software updates will be available just by the standard update procedure on the RasPi using the commands "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get upgrade" and interim/beta versions will be available for download and manual updates from the GitHub page.

New "IO" tab for configuring STM32 spare IO pins
New "IO" tab for configuring STM32 spare IO pins

Firmware Update

In order to facilitate some of the software updates, an update to the firmware on the STM32 chip on the PiJuice was required. Unfortunately, as the first 2k batch was already mid-production when we finished this firmware update, they will be running the slightly older firmware.

So, if you receive one of these first 2k units (you will know who you are as you will get a notification) then it is strongly recommended that as soon as you get your device, you install the PiJuice software, navigate to the "Configure HAT" menu, click on the "Firmware" tab and then click "Update Firmware".

If the button is greyed out, as in the below image, and it says "Firmware is up to date" then there is no need to do anything and you have the most recent firmware.

Firmware Update Menu
Firmware Update Menu

Any units shipped after the first 2k units will be running the more up to date firmware. But no need to worry either way - as the firmware update process is super easy by design - so we can add to and improve PiJuice in the future :-)

You can view the changelog for the firmware here -

And if you are interested, we will store all versions of the firmware on GitHub going forward, in case any roll-backs are necessary. They will be here -

Battery Level Calculator

Inspired by the efforts of our good friend Alex Eames' testing of PiJuice, we tasked our graphic designers with making a nice battery level approximation calculator.

Battery Dishcarge Calculator
Battery Dishcarge Calculator

The purpose of this, is to give you a rough idea of how long your battery might last in a variety of scenarios - idling, watching video, shooting video etc. And with a choice of different Pis (based on the mA draw data developed by Alex in his testing of Pis). 

We have also added an "advanced" tab - which allows you to add your own variables and additional inputs / output current draws as well as tweak the system efficiency etc.

Whilst it will never be 100% accurate - it should hopefully prove to be a useful tool.

Take a look and have a play here -

Quick Start / FAQ

Last but not least, Francesco has been hard at work developing a quick start guide and FAQ for PiJuice including basic assembly and getting started, using the case, using PiJuice with Pi PoE, pinout diagrams and more! Check out all the information here -

There is also a wealth of information in the READMEs on the GitHub pages which goes into painstaking detail about how everything works, how to set it up, what variables are available and more:

Aaron and the Pi Supply team


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    1. PiJuice Creator on

      @ Philip - see latest update. We have 1930. And 70 in rework.

    2. PiJuice Creator on

      @ Minoru - currently that is the plan yes, still finalising details of that. has been a bit of a challenge to source. will confirm in due course

    3. Missing avatar

      Philip Fleck on

      We're the first 2k shipped as manufacturer had promised?

    4. Minoru TODA on

      @creator: I pledged for additional 10,000 mAh battery on the backerkit, but I am not seeing that in the Battery Size Calculator. Are we getting 12,000 mAh battery for that pledge ?
      (apologies if I have forgotten that upgrade).