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PiJuice is the ultimate module for all portable Raspberry Pi projects.  Includes many fun maker projects and a solar power version too!
PiJuice is the ultimate module for all portable Raspberry Pi projects (complete with our revolutionary PiAnywhere technology – the best way to take your Pi off the grid!). Includes many fun maker projects and a solar power version too!
PiJuice is the ultimate module for all portable Raspberry Pi projects (complete with our revolutionary PiAnywhere technology – the best way to take your Pi off the grid!). Includes many fun maker projects and a solar power version too!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jon Hudson just now

      Hi Guys,
      Got mine yesterday and am playing with it now. Just wondered where I should direct queries/problems? Getting an error with the RTC, it's 24 hours out (Thinks it's tomorrow). Via the GUI and click "Set system time" and it corrects, but when I then press 'Apply' I get a error:-

      Failed to communicate with PiJuice service
      See system logs and Systemctl status pijuice.service for details.

      Which report

      ● pijuice.service - PiJuice status service
      Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/pijuice.service; disabled; vendor preset:
      Active: inactive (dead)

      Wonder what I'm doing wrong?

      Kind regards,


    2. Roger Clark about 13 hours ago

      Congrats to creator for sticking with it, a lesson some others would do well to learn 😊

    3. PiJuice Creator about 14 hours ago

      @ James - the way around this is to purchase a "stacking header" and use this in between the PiJuice and your cable

    4. PiJuice Creator about 14 hours ago

      @ Philip - could you post what you're seeing as a new issue on GitHub please?

    5. PiJuice Creator about 14 hours ago

      @ Royston - see message to Ernst.

    6. PiJuice Creator about 14 hours ago

      @ Ernst - any add ons, if they haven't come already, will come separately yes

    7. PiJuice Creator about 14 hours ago

      @Dan - it's unlikely to work with the official Raspberry Pi PoE HAT because it doesn't look like they're using a pass through header on their HAT. But we are yet to see a final specification on that yet. However it is confirmed to work with our own PoE HAT.

    8. PiJuice Creator about 15 hours ago

      @Marc - with the Pi on, and powered through the PiJuice onboard micro USB it won't charge to full charge. You need to turn the Pi off then it'll charge to full :-)

    9. PiJuice Creator about 15 hours ago

      Not sure where "Banerjee I" came from! Auto correct fail!

    10. PiJuice Creator about 15 hours ago

      @Bogdan - can you use a printout from the backend of Kickstarter or Banerjee l BackerKit?

    11. PiJuice Creator about 15 hours ago

      @Katie - more like quarter of a decade :-)

      Most of the stuff is available on our GitHub page too

    12. PiJuice Creator about 15 hours ago

      @ Gordon - great! Glad to hear it :-)

    13. PiJuice Creator about 15 hours ago

      @Dave - thanks very much!

    14. PiJuice Creator about 15 hours ago

      @Mark - great news!

    15. Missing avatar

      Philip Fleck about 18 hours ago

      Been trying to change the functions of the switches on the Pi-Juice but nothing seems to happen other than the defaults for SW1. I see on Git that this was a reported issue 2 months ago, is there something in the GUI that needs set for this to work?

    16. James Savage 1 day ago

      @Pijuice I have just found is that that there is not enough room around my GPIO pins to plug in a header cable if the battery if fitted. This IDC header is 6mm wide. The battery is in effect 0.6mm too wide even if I were to shave off the key on the side of the header. One option might be to remove P3 or change p3 for a right angle style. The translucent plastic retainer near the USB input will also need adapting. Did any of the reviewers pick this up? Are other people seeing the same?

    17. James Savage 1 day ago

      @Pijuice PiCrust case was received back in 2016. Disappointed to find that it does not seem to be compatible with PiJuice - not least because there is no access to the PiJuice USB connector. It also looks like the extension piece will not fit around the PiJuice board. Since my PiJuice is fitted to a brand new Pi V3B and there is not access to the SD Card slot with this case, I don't want to risk clicking it into place yet just in case it wont come out again.

    18. Missing avatar

      Royston Cooper 1 day ago

      Great excitement here in Australia a package arrived ,sadly it only contains the Pijuice and not the rest of my order .I can only assume that the rest will follow ,Pi power pack sd card etc .

    19. Missing avatar

      Ernst du Toit 2 days ago

      Received the PiJuice today, looks fantastic. Great work all! Any update on the Solar option? I pledged for a PiJuice Solar, but only received the PiJice. Thanks!

    20. Dan O'Brien 2 days ago

      Can the "invoice" found on the site work? Mine shows:

      £60.00 Pledge Level £60.00
      Add-ons £27.00
      Shipping Total £12.00
      Pledge Level £10.00
      Add-ons £2.00
      Pledged on Kickstarter (£70.00)
      Paid with Credit Card on 09/09/15 (£29.00)
      Credit Remaining £0.00

    21. Dan O'Brien 2 days ago

      Can the Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+ charge the PiJuice directly from Power over Ethernet? What would we need in order to have the PiJuice charge when we power the Pi with PoE?

    22. Missing avatar

      Marc Williams 2 days ago

      PiJuice running happily on a pi3. The battery never charges beyond 95% however. Is this to be expected?


    23. Missing avatar

      Bogdan Sladaru 2 days ago

      The customs are asking for a invoice and a bank statement with the payment. I can't get a bank statement anymore, since it was paid more than 3 years ago (March 1, 2015)... is there any way to get at least an invoice in digital format, so I can send it to them?

    24. Katie Daines 2 days ago

      sooooo after waiting nearly half a decade I finally got my PiJuice and it's pretty good but all the links to the useful stuff on your webside either go back to your main page or go to a maintanence page saying it will be back up on Wednesday.... truely amazing

      I did find the instructables page though but it might be helpful if your site worked it just makes you look silly…

    25. Gordon Endersby 2 days ago

      Couldnt track the order with the links given in the email but Ive now got a pijuice sitting on my desk waiting for me to play with.

    26. Missing avatar

      Dave Conlan 2 days ago

      @PiJuice, the only problem I need help with now is finding the time for playing with it. Great work! :D

    27. Missing avatar

      Mark Richardson 2 days ago

      Mine is heading to Florida .. I got this today from USPS tracking:
      "Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) at 6:14 pm on March 15, 2018."

      getting closer

    28. PiJuice Creator 3 days ago

      @Jerry - you should probably go back and read the last few updates :-)

    29. Jerry McLaughlin 3 days ago

      Did the Pijuice ever ship??

    30. PiJuice Creator 3 days ago

      @ James - this was already shipped to you back in November 2016

    31. James Savage 3 days ago

      As an aside... I have just remembered that I had included a ShortCrust case in my order. Please could you clarify when I can expect this to be delivered?

    32. PiJuice Creator 3 days ago

      @ Marzsman - we did say a while ago we would be shipping from China, sorry for any inconvenience but there is nothing we can really do.

    33. PiJuice Creator 3 days ago

      @ Colin - investigating with them now. On our end, Floship are saying it left them. But they don't know why the error has occured either! Sorry about this

    34. marzsman 3 days ago

      I'll have to pay 30 euro to customs while you guys are a UK company :(

    35. Colin James Hughes 3 days ago

      Thanks - I did check it on but got the same error that it hadn't yet entered the postal system. I'm patient though :o)

    36. PiJuice Creator 3 days ago

      @Thomas - we've said in a few updates that we are still sourcing those as we weren't happy with the quality of the initial one we had sourced

    37. PiJuice Creator 3 days ago

      @Hystrix - we will have the website fixed ASAP. Sorry, we moved to a new web platform and it's put some stuff out of action temporarily. In the meantime have you looked at our GitHub page?

    38. PiJuice Creator 3 days ago

      @James - great to hear that it arrived and glad you like it!

    39. PiJuice Creator 3 days ago

      @Darren - no problem at all. Thanks to you too for sticking with us

    40. PiJuice Creator 3 days ago

      @Andy - and if you want to turn the screw terminals the other way around you should be able to unscrew them and rotate

    41. PiJuice Creator 3 days ago

      @Andy - that's the correct way around. They are intentionally facing the battery so that you physically can't connect two batteries at once. Perhaps if you ask questions next time before accusing us of QC issues that would be nice!

    42. Missing avatar

      Andy Johnson 4 days ago

      Got mine yesterday. Same old no QC checks at all ! The 4 screw terminals are the wrong way around and are facing the battery.

    43. Missing avatar

      Thomas DUFOUR 4 days ago

      Just arrived yesterday, works perfectly.
      But in 2015, I bought as an add-on item a £32.00 10,000 mAh Battery.
      When can I expect to receive this battery ?
      La Rochelle

    44. Missing avatar

      Hystrix 4 days ago

      Received mine today. Looks really good, and worth the wait :-)
      If only I could find the instructions on where to mount the pogo pin, before I lose it. Most links are giving me 404 not found.

    45. James Savage 4 days ago

      Received mine two today for which many thanks. Interestingly valued at USD 20 so no duty to pay. I can certainly see where some of the time went. I can now look forward to trying it out.

    46. Missing avatar

      Darren Rose 4 days ago

      Just arrived here in Norfolk, UK - looks great, can't wait to find the time to play with it! - thank you team for sticking with it through all the hassles and headaches :)

    47. PiJuice Creator 4 days ago

      @ Thomas - yes it will work fine with the new Pi. The only "clash" is that the "RUN" header has moved so you would have to manually wire instead of using the pogo pin, if you wanted to use that functionality

    48. PiJuice Creator 4 days ago

      @ Dave - we will definitely be back with more in the future :-)

    49. Missing avatar

      Thomas Godshalk 4 days ago

      The new Raspberry Pi is out - "The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ is the latest product in the Raspberry Pi 3 range, boasting a 64-bit quad core processor running at 1.4GHz, dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.2/BLE, faster Ethernet, and PoE capability" - will the PiJuice work with these or did the 3yr delay just catch up to us?

    50. Missing avatar

      Dave Conlan 4 days ago

      @PiJuice - No problem. All good things come to those who wait. I bet you can't wait to get this project closed off. :D Has it put you off Kickstarter projects for life? I would certainly keep an eye out for future projects from you.

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