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A collection of neat circuit diagrams that shows you how to properly connect almost anything to your Arduino compatible board. You can pre-order ABC: Basic Connections on Indiegogo InDemand by clicking on the link below ↓
A collection of neat circuit diagrams that shows you how to properly connect almost anything to your Arduino compatible board. You can pre-order ABC: Basic Connections on Indiegogo InDemand by clicking on the link below ↓
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Production update

Posted by PighiXXX (Creator)

Hello guys,

First of all, I apologize for the delay in making this update but I wanted to personally check the state of production. In recent weeks, the typography has checked all faulty copies of the book; In these days, reprinting of the faulty pages is being carried out and within two weeks all books will be ready for shipping again. Since all the books were opened, I agreed with the production manager to add a cardboard at the end of the book to ensure greater rigidity to the block; I also chose a higher quality plastic to seal it out. This is the end result:


Finally, I would like to say that David has not been a member of this campaign since 19 January 2018; I wish David a bright future.

I will update you next week. Thank you for your patience.

Alberto Piganti aka PighiXXX

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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert Jednachowski on

      Hello, we already have april and no official update arrived. Please be considerate to the people who trusted you with their money and give at least a honest message.

    2. Missing avatar

      Aaron Freeman on

      It seems the partnership has fallen apart. The website is down. On Alberto says 'Hello everyone, this is Alberto. I finally gained access of my campaign page.' David Antón is listed as 'previous collaborator'. A former picture of better days?

    3. Missing avatar

      Ed Kaltenbaugh on

      I fear that like David, Alfredo may have disappeared also. Have we all been scammed?

    4. Missing avatar

      Belen Hedderich on

      Sres hace mas de un mes que ya publicaron la ultima actualizacion de que todo estaba listo y aun no se despacha el producto? Podrian por favor estimar cuando se piuensa despachar? Saludos

    5. Missing avatar

      Jose Roda on

      Buenas noches Alberto,
      somos conscientes de la situación del proyecto, en estos momentos, y el malestar generalizado, pero solo nos queda tus actualizaciones para seguir creyendo en él y por extensión en tu marca PighiXXX. Saludos.

    6. Michael Mills on

      We need a delivery update please

    7. Missing avatar

      Enrique J. Sanchis on

      Hace ya casi un año que empezo esta campaña y seguimos sin recibir el producto prometido.
      Estamos ante otra estafa a traves de Kickstarter?

    8. Luis Mediavilla on

      Hola, semana santa ¿alguna novedad?

    9. Daniel Beltrá García on

      Hello, When arrives the book to Spain??

    10. jordi xucla on

      Buenos días ¿hay alguna novedad?

    11. Jesús Pérez Martínez on

      Buenas tardes ¿alguna novedad sobre cuadno seran enviados las recompensas?

    12. Matthew Macdonald-Wallace on

      Really looking forward to getting this through the post, any ideas when you might start shipping?

    13. Missing avatar

      Jan Kuhlmann on

      Could we get another update please.

    14. Missing avatar

      dFont on

      We're still waiting since you said "I will update you next week. Thank you for your patience."

      A few words about current project status are welcome.

    15. Missing avatar

      Stephen Warren on

      What's the current status?

    16. Matthew Shields on

      Any news? 3 weeks ago you mentioned that all books would be ready to ship in 2 weeks.

    17. Michael D. Hensley

      @Alberto: echoing Robert. Even an update that says "work is still in progress, nothing to report" is better than promising an update and not posting one. Delays are normal (this is a development platform, not a store), but silence is not well-tolerated.

    18. Robert Römer on

      @Alberto: Do you have another update for us? The announced week and a second one passed already.

    19. Ronny Schmidt on

      Keep on going. Don‘t listen too much to the ‚negative-where-is-the-update-i-want-refund’ comments.

    20. Missing avatar

      Pyrolit on

      Thank you for all the updates and your dedication to providing a high quality end product, I'm very much looking forward to leafing through my copy

    21. Missing avatar

      J Fiott on

      Good job. Looking forward.

    22. Missing avatar

      AMA1 on

      What happened with David?

    23. Missing avatar

      fv3rdugo on

      Good job, the easiest thing would have been to deliver it with deficiencies. I think you chose the right way, although the price to pay is waiting patiently.

    24. Missing avatar

      Dee Power on

      Thank you for the update - Im really looking forward to this!

    25. Missing avatar

      Steve Dennis on

      Thanks for the update, I am very excited for what looks to be a great product, I bet you cannot wait for it to be over and I hope the length of this project will not stop you doing more in the future as your work is great.