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A collection of neat circuit diagrams that shows you how to properly connect almost anything to your Arduino compatible board.
A collection of neat circuit diagrams that shows you how to properly connect almost anything to your Arduino compatible board. You can pre-order ABC: Basic Connections on Indiegogo InDemand by clicking on the link below ↓
A collection of neat circuit diagrams that shows you how to properly connect almost anything to your Arduino compatible board. You can pre-order ABC: Basic Connections on Indiegogo InDemand by clicking on the link below ↓
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    1. Martin Lesage about 21 hours ago

      This campaign will end like the Be Maker Kit Campaing With a video like this one :…

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      Chris Costello
      1 day ago

      I've just raised another "report his project" ticket. KickStarter gave the campaign a "project we love" tag yet they don't appear willing to offer any proper support to the backers. I've commented on how many parts of KS's "section 4" of the T&Cs Alberto has failed to comply with
      Note the section in bold and the bullet points to be met for a failed project.

      Can I ask that other backers please also raise a "report this project" ticket as a way of celebrating the project's first birthday please.

      KS helped to promote the campaign. They have an ethical duty to help towards getting the situation resolved.

    3. Shelley Green 1 day ago

      Postscript - the value of the ABC book is why I come back to read comments, check on status - not to give the creator hard time. Still holding out it will be eventually finished - as I'd love to have opportunity to use it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Martijn 1 day ago

      By the way... It has been 5 days since Alberto's last comment in which he said he was waiting for confirmation regarding shipping (dates?) and he'd have "good news" for the next (unspecified) update moment.

      Admittedly, I don't know a lot of mass shipping, but it can't take this long right? (Weeks)

      Otherwise I'd like to learn more about it through updates(!!) which is part of the kickstarter charm for me at least.

    5. Missing avatar

      Martijn 1 day ago

      LOL :-)

      For the record...

      1) for some people its a lot of money since they ordered more than one for example.

      2) I for one wasn't "freaking out" because of the money.. but because of the fairly consistent promises that he'd do this or that and didn't.. and he refuses to release the PDF for example which would go a long way towards building trust and calm with backers.

      I agree fully on @Michael's comments regarding to making regular updates, etc.

    6. Shelley Green 1 day ago

      Ive back many projects too, most have not been on time as well - three currently, including the ABC book, are year past estimated due - the other two are hardware, however, and obviously can be much more complicated.
      As far as freaking out over such a small product - one thought - the most useful items I've backed on KS have either been books or software - without exceptions, most of the hardware items Ive backed have either failed to live up to hype, or have so many issues that render them useless. Couple small arduino custom boards have been successful.
      In contrast, the books and software for the most part have worked out quite well.

      I was really looking forward to the ABC book - its obviously quite asthetic - something that probably caught many of our eyes. But as a hobbyist, also look forward to using it as a valuable reference.
      It wasn't the $, it was the high expectations of something that actually can be worthwhile.

    7. Jon Raymond 1 day ago

      I have sneaking suspicion that Jose Costa Ros totally agrees with michael.

    8. Jose Costa Ros 1 day ago

      Michael, I totally agree with your words.

    9. Jose Costa Ros 1 day ago

      totally agree @Michel.

    10. michael 1 day ago

      Reading these comments, it seems like most backers are kind of freaking out over a small amount of money. But, they do have good points about the updates at least. Why not devote a few minutes a day, in the morning, to update the status of anything. Just throw out a "Good morning, this is what is happening today" post and alleviate some of these headaches. Quit responding to individuals and only address the whole group of backers. Try and be forthcoming instead of promising anything. Just tell us anything about the project that day.
      Release the PDF so people understand that the content has been created. That should take you less than 5 minutes. If it exists, then put it out there. I guess that the animosity from within the comments may have you worried that when the PDF is released, they may go and get it printed themselves. But, that is going to happen at some point anyway. So, release the PDF.
      Personally, I want the book. The PDF is fine and will be good for storing on my devices. The real book will be nice for my coffee table. I have backed a few projects and none have been shipped on time. Did not expect this to. But from the early posts, I did expect more because of the promises. Stop promising and put out what exists and what is concrete information. People forgive when you are honest. If you promise something and you do not deliver, then people will hold you to that promise and will define you, as a person, with whatever action you take. They will then assume that to be the person you are. Even if you are not that person, it is an evolutionary trait that is very powerful and is part of what allowed us to exist until this day. You are proving to be the large cat in the bushes instead of the wind. Either way, we see the cat. This is how we survive. You are building a paranoia feedback loop that may cause you to fail recursively.

    11. Jon Raymond 2 days ago

      Anyone have any insight as to whether the new US tariffs starting next month will affect the 1,019 US backers of this campaign? Also the original shipping plan was to bulk ship North American orders. I wonder if this will also cause an issue?

    12. Missing avatar

      Martijn 2 days ago

      @Dan Shechter - I gonna have to correct you on that one there... First of all... He *has* done this before and the product *has* in fact been made before. (please my earlier comment containing a link to the relevant crowdfunding campaign)

      Apart from those two comments... The book was already mostly finished when crowdfunding began and the books have been printed weeks ago and are now "simply" awaiting shipment. According to Alberto (the project creator) himself.

    13. Missing avatar

      zorisse 2 days ago

      We’ve been robbed that’s it

    14. Dan Shechter 2 days ago

      @Jon It is not a store. It is order to made, by a person that never done so before, with a product that was never made before.

      It could still be a scam, but looking at the guy's service to the community so far, it is more likely a failure mixed with inability to communicate.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tim Atkinson 2 days ago

      @Jon Raymond - Agreed. It has been communicated by Alberto many times that the product is done and there's no concern about shipping other than 'When?'. We are past the risk phase as far as we have been told. We are complaining about a finished product being held in limbo with little information coming out of the project manager and we are complaining DIGITAL material, with near-zero distribution cost, has been withheld for months without explanation.

    16. Jon Raymond 2 days ago

      @ Ken

      The cop out statement " Kickstarter is not a store, you are getting behind an idea." Does not apply to this campaign. It was clearly conveyed that backers are pledging for an actual product not backing the development of the book.

      While I agree that making hardware is not easy, this campaign has no where near the complexities that an actual functioning hardware product has. This is a book, it does not have electronics, injection molds or certifications to deal with. The creator has published very similar books via crowdfunding in the past. This is not his first rodeo and he should be fully aware of what is involved in crowdfunding a book.

      Why are you trying to make excuses for his deplorable conduct?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jules MAEGHT 3 days ago

      Why don't you call him or send him a txt, is phone number was published in comments and it is still working. like for me you will have crazy answers, but worth the try.

    18. Missing avatar

      Duane Brankley 3 days ago

      I Just Looked at the Indiegogo for this project.. They are having the same issues..

    19. Missing avatar

      Pedro Ludwig Marcial 3 days ago

      25 days ago I said we would have to wait until after the World Cup...

      If we get these books, it will only happen after the World Cup, don't kid yourselves he won't get this done till then.

    20. Ken S. Kotch
      3 days ago

      A few notes for consideration by backers and creator:
      - Deciding there is anything criminal going on here is misguided.
      - Kickstarter is not a store, you are getting behind an idea.
      - Depending on who you listen to, 75-90% of startups fail, this may be one of them
      - Making a physical product is hard.

      - Delays are normal; non-communication and lies are not.
      - Just be honest about what is going on, why, and what you are doing to remedy.
      - If you can't give solid timelines yet, tell us why.
      - Set an update schedule, at least every month, and stick to it. No Matter What.
      - Honest communication about successes and failures is part of why many back on kickstarter. See above comment

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris Costello
      4 days ago

      @ Martijn
      "It will also mean that you are no longer entitled to any rewards if the project still delivers..."

      You can still buy the book from IndieGoGo ;)

    22. Gerardo Cruz 4 days ago

      Indeed the charge back is the only way to go. Anyone still talking about receiving anything from this guy is fooling themselves or is a fake backer account created by Alberto himself to keep the backers in confusion. SIGN ME UP FOR THE CHARGE BACK ON MONDAY MORNING!

    23. Missing avatar

      Thomas 4 days ago

      @JustmeNL777 Yes that is very true, but then enough people commit to doing the charge backs the extra cost of finishing the job will be less than ignoring the problem.. He also could have communicated the actual problem and garnered some sympathy and suggestions for solutions. Of course he could also just put the PDF up, that's free. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    24. Missing avatar

      JustmeNL777 4 days ago

      If cashflow is indeed a problem for Alberto as others have stated, then if enough backers force a refund, they”ll ruin it for everybody else because then there surely are insufficient funds to deliver. Not sure if that is a desired outcome for the rest of us.

    25. Missing avatar

      Thomas 4 days ago

      @Jon Raymond Right of course, I would no longer be a backer so there would be no reason for KS to allow me the ability to comment. The charge back also would not be accepted if he can demonstrate that he spent all the money (and spent it on the project) and has no way to fulfill the perks.. Basically declare the project a failure. He would still be required to provide any promised perks created if it can be done at no cost - so there is no way to walk away from the charge backs without providing the PDF.

      If a few hundred people do charge backs the creator will have a choice: take a 5000-10000 or so Euro charge on his card or provide the perks by the date that's now set by the banks and KS, no "I will have news about news about a date at the latest next Tuesday Friday or something" - I have lost all confidence in what the creator says at this point, I wish KS would step in and force some actual communication form the creator, ov=obviously that is not a priority for them.

      If only a few of us do the charge backs and he ignores us.. Well then I won't be a backer and won't have any more reason to waste time in the comments :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Martijn 4 days ago

      @Jon Raymond - thanks for the reminder. You're right. Doing a charge back or refund removes you as backer from the system.

      It will also mean that you are no longer entitled to any rewards if the project still delivers... I'll let that sink in for a moment. (for myself too)

    27. Jon Raymond 4 days ago

      Just a FYI it has been my experience that any refund from Kickstarter or charge back automatically removes an account from being able to post in the cornments section. Best to set up an alternative form of communication between backers if going that route.

    28. Missing avatar

      Martijn 4 days ago

      By the way... I'll probably also file charges for fraud one or two weeks after Wednesday.

      Though it's a small amount, I don't believe that "only" a charge back is enough to deter future scammers so I feel that is a necessary extra step.

      I'll try to file in Madrid if someone there would be willing to help, let me know... We can discuss it after the deadline passed.

      Though I'm still hoping I'm wrong and Alberto will surprise us before Wednesday.

    29. Missing avatar

      Martijn 4 days ago

      @Thomas - thanks for the information. I'll join you in this endeavor.

      Considering Alberto's last promise was "good news" on last Wednesday... I'll wait till 23:59 coming Wednesday (i.e. a full week) before also initiating a credit card charge back.

    30. Missing avatar

      Thomas 4 days ago

      The amount of money is not substantial I understand, however the way in which this has been handled is just appalling. In four days it will be one year since this campaign was funded.

      I have done a little research and also talked to my bank. For those of you who used a credit card - due to the type of charge most banks will allow a charge back even though it is outside the 60 - 90 day window as long as it was for something that was not an immediate perk and the creator has communicated within the last 60 days but not delivered. Many people have done this on Kickstarter.

      This will charge back the money to Kickstarter who has an agreement with creators to work with the bank. If the bank finds in your favor - which for how things stand now it almost certainly will - KS will have the funds taken and they will then charge the creator who was required to supply a credit card for the campaign.

      It is possible for this amount the bank may just eat the charge and refund the money to your card and never engage KS.. If a superbacker does a charge back then there is no way the bank will eat it and for sure KS will be brought into this..

      I'm doing my charge back on Tuesday if there is no PDF or a confirmed shipping date.

    31. Gerardo Cruz 4 days ago

      I'm with @jefmeeks, if Alberto's intentions were to send us the book he would have. So he is a scammer. I have contributed to 3 other KS projects that have delivered, but this one has been a scam. I am never funding another KS or Indiegogo project... Unless I receive my book :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Chris Costello
      5 days ago

      Meanwhile the best I've got from KS support is "the project creator has been active on the site and has recently posted a comment" and "We appreciate your patience in the meantime."

      First rule of crowdfunding - one day you will be scammed. Without proper support from the funding platform scammers can operate with impunity.
      I won't be backing any more projects - even where I've had good results in the past - because I don't want to give more funds to KS.

      Well done Alberto, you've broken crowdfunding for me.

    33. Missing avatar

      dynek 5 days ago

      Forget about the book 😊 the guy is on a beach somewhere, drinking Mojitos.

    34. Missing avatar

      Martijn 5 days ago

      Well, despite the "in fighting" between backers... Fact of the matter is still that Alberto was supposed to update with "good news" last Wednesday. Which... of course... He didn't do.

      He keeps giving us excuses but in the end, he didn't deliver any of these:

      - book
      - pdf
      - apps
      - site
      - gerber files, etc

    35. cardyfreak 5 days ago

      Holy impotent rage, Batman! This place is turning worse than the Dark Souls comments section!

    36. Missing avatar

      jefmeeks 5 days ago

      Well, there is always one troll in the bunch, isn’t there? That was ahhh... pretty clever, bet you laughed to yourself at least three minutes after writing that one, alone, in the room that you sit...alone.

    37. Missing avatar

      Martin Jacob 6 days ago

      I‘m afraid all this isn’t enough. Since we‘re dealing with a case of international fraud, we should call MI6. Perhaps Mr. Bond could find those books we‘ve all paid 20€ for and save the world from this criminal mastermind. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’ll find the books in a secret base on the moon!

    38. Missing avatar

      jefmeeks 6 days ago

      Again, I humbly ask anyone who is in Spain to follow through and report these two to the appropriate authorities. I do not speak Spanish, but a government is a government and all governments like to seize acquisitions. I wish that I could report and I will look into it later. But the simple truth is the more people that report, the better the karma that will be dealt.

      I know what to do in the United States and I am on top of it. I will post more on where and what to report if anyone would like to join me. We are a maker community, to many of these scams are popping up and it’s had a negative impact. There are good people here that are still in doubt to this obvious ‘take the money and run’ scam and that is a testament to their good character. Namaste.

    39. Missing avatar

      jefmeeks 6 days ago

      With the two campaigns involved it comes to a close quarter of a million Euros. A sizable sum that will draw interest as far as international fraud is concerned. There may well, and I hope, imprisonment for your actions and anyone involved in this campaign. It will be against you and your partner, not Kickstarter or the other go fund me site.

      You keep going on about threats against you like your the victim...I find your words childish. If you are referring to me, threatening you without “showing my face”; I already gave everyone here an email to contact me if they have further information about you and your partner that I am indeed reporting for international fraud. It was

      I am moving forward with all legal avenues possible. I don’t like con artists and I promise both of you I am relentless. Good luck.

      PS if anyone is still in doubt, I just realized that the picture of the pallet of books is simply not enough to cover the amount of orders from an fund raiser. Look at it and do the math.

    40. Missing avatar

      Kevin Forsythe 6 days ago

      Hi, any estimate when I can expect to get my books? and/or, can I get a pdf copy now? (i could really use it)

    41. Shelley Green 6 days ago

      @Chris Costello, I have one books from Kronecker, Principia, and helped fund Newton's optik book! Great company....looking at the Euclid book...its beautiful. I might have to purchase that as well.

      Alberto mentioned he is investing more money in project. I've wondered if the delays were due to funding issues. That would make more sense given the nature of these enterprises...but, ah, its just more idle speculation.
      This crowd funding deal is a crapshoot, less like investing in startup, since one usually has more and frequent communication.
      Im more disappointed in Kickstarters "C'est la vie" attitude than anything else. Even eBay's limited support is better.

    42. Missing avatar

      Don Recardo 6 days ago

      @ Matthew Macdonald-Wallace about 1 hour ago

      @Thomas - I was trying to be polite, for me, the fact that he is still commenting here does mean that he's not run off with the money (yet!).

      Why does it reasure you ? couldnt he just as easily post on here from pretty much anywhere in the world ?
      but to be honest , I dont think he has run off with the money, I dont think he has enough sense to do that. He would probably still be waiting for confirmation of his flight times , just like he is with delivery dates for the books

    43. Missing avatar

      Don Recardo 6 days ago

      Hi Alberto.
      I am sorry people are anonimously threatening you . That is uncalled for and cowardly . You will know from my posts I am not happy with most things you have done
      but I always give my username which is also my real name . I am not afraid to say who I am because I never write anything to you or about you which is not true
      Can you answer a question for me ?
      1) mythomania
      2) Dont know your arse from your elbow

      Which is it of the two that you suffer from ? it has to be one of them, your actions prove it.
      I appreciate english is not your mother tongue so incase you dont understand let me explain for you
      1 ) Mythomania is a noun that means .....
      an abnormal or pathological tendency to exaggerate or tell lies
      2) Dont know your arse from your elbow means....
      you are so stupid you dont know what you are doing or if you are comming or going

      Look at the facts , you only just now said ....

      " the actions are more important than the words " so why up till now have we had no action
      and only been given words ( words that are not even true )
      You said one day ago.....
      you would be back by this morning at the latest to give us an update and answer our doubts

      You havent answered our questions , you didnt make it back by this morning at the latest, and you didnt give us the promissed update , you just promissed " Another Update"

      4 days ago you said , all books are ready for shipping, but on May 24th they must have already been ready because thats when you said you were waiting for confirmed dates
      from the shippers Its now 3 weeks later and you still dont have confirmed dates ?
      That makes me suspect that you really dont know your arse from your elbow because anyone with half an ounce of common sense would have said to the shipper at the end of the first week , if you cant be bothered to give me a confirmed date I will go to someone who will.
      If I wanted to ship something to you I would email DHL tonight and by tomorrow morning they would be picking it up to be delivered

      2 hours ago you wrote ....
      The next update will bring good news for everyone.
      4 days ago you said ....
      Guys, Wednesday I do the update with good news

      we never did get the good news either time

      122 days ago you said ....
      As I have already said on the day when the books are ready for distribution, I will send all the bakers a link to access the electronic version of the book.
      In addition, together with the book I will distribute some discount cupons; In the next few days I will be able to be more precise about It ;-)

      So as you have been telling us for some time now the books are ready for distribution and you only await a delivery date why havent you released the electronic version as promissed
      and despite saying
      In the next few days I will be able to be more precise about It ;-) referring to delivery dates its now 122 days later and we are still no more precise about the date than we were 122 days ago and since then all we got was excuse after excuse

      lets dig a bit deeper 136 days ago

      you wrote
      PighiXXX Creator on February 6

      Hello guys, tomorrow your comments will be answered and an update will be published.
      I am waiting for the exact delivery date of the new books.

      We are still waiting for the comments to be answered and yes 136 days and you still havent got a precise delivery date . Whats happening in spain has everyone gone into hibernation?

    44. Missing avatar

      Thomas 6 days ago

      @Mathew Hi, yeah i know. I can't aim comments at the creator that's wasted text. I knew at least you would read it and respond :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Chris Costello
      6 days ago

      I received a book today as a Kickstarter reward. From Spain. The Kronecker Wallis campaign was successfully funded on 21 December. They haven't used excuses like public holidays, incorrect colours (and their book has _much more_ colour matching, proof reading errors, shipping problems or ANYTHING - they just got their book printed and distributed.

      You probably think they've been doing it all wrong - but then you seem to consider the concept of "mañana" as unreasonably hurried.

      Please show some respect and consideration for your backers. NO MORE LIES, NO MORE FALSE PROMISES. JUST SEND US OUR BOOKS.

    46. Matthew Macdonald-Wallace 6 days ago

      @Thomas - I was trying to be polite, for me, the fact that he is still commenting here does mean that he's not run off with the money (yet!).

      I agree that the very least that could be done at the moment is for the PDF to be released as a sign that this is not a con, eagle/gerber files etc. would also be welcomed, but even the small step of the PDF would, I think, go some way to regaining the trust of this community.

    47. Rebecca Louise Goddammit 6 days ago

      Beyond the obvious fact that nobody has a book. Alberto has never delivered on a single promise. Review what few updates he's made. Not one single time has he made an update when he said he would, or followed through on one of the many promises he's made.

      Releasing the PDF would be a sign of good faith. Remember, we already paid for it, there is no good reason to withhold it, a year after the promised publication date. But, Alberto refuses to provide anything but excuses and promises of "good news" next time.

    48. Missing avatar

      Martijn 6 days ago

      Unfortunately I think I have to concur.. Alberto has missed yet another promise. Two in fact.

      @Alberto - it's fine and dandy if you feel that you should only send an update if you have a concrete piece of information... But so far that has meant radio silence and fake promises.

      You may very well be working hard on delivering these books and if so, great...

      However, if you don't tell us anything... There's a limit to how long we'll assume you're working hard on the project.

      Taking in all of your previous "updates" and comments, currently it feels more like you're spending time traveling instead of delivering...

    49. Jon Raymond 6 days ago

      "for me the actions are more important than the words"

      Then show us action! We haven't seen any action in 6 months. The only action we have seen are your broken promises and timelines.

      Below are action items separate from shipping the books:
      - Release the PDF.
      - Release the online content.
      - Release the Android & iOS app.
      - Release the ECAD libraries.

      Completing actions such as these are the only way to prove "to everyone that this is not a scam and no one has escaped with money"

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