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A collection of neat circuit diagrams that shows you how to properly connect almost anything to your Arduino compatible board.
A collection of neat circuit diagrams that shows you how to properly connect almost anything to your Arduino compatible board. You can pre-order ABC: Basic Connections on Indiegogo InDemand by clicking on the link below ↓
A collection of neat circuit diagrams that shows you how to properly connect almost anything to your Arduino compatible board. You can pre-order ABC: Basic Connections on Indiegogo InDemand by clicking on the link below ↓
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    1. Jon Raymond just now

      Here is a list as reference of promised deliverables from this campaign.

      * Hard copy of ABC:Basic Connections

      * "Every page on the book will have an online tutorial website with additional diagrams, bill of materials, theory, tips, code, etc.". "Those who purchased the first edition of ABC (ABC: The Book) will be able to access the online content at no extra cost!"

      * Stretch goals achieved (
      - 10 extra sheets (20 pages) with unreleased circuit diagrams and pinouts, for a total of 113 sheets (226 pages).
      - 2 stickers
      - Eagle PCB, schematic & gerber files for every circuit diagram and PighiXXX's personal Eagle Library
      - KiCad PCB, schematic & gerber files for every circuit diagram and KiCad library
      - 2 extra pinouts (ESP32 Module and Nano) (Update #11

      * Stretch goal promised post campaign (Production Report #6
      - Android & iOS app with the book's content, online content and electronics tools

      * "ABC: Basic Connections will be available in PDF format as a free download as well! The PDF version will be released when the books are delivered." (Production Report #6

    2. Rebecca Louise Goddammit about 3 hours ago

      People would rather have a few torn pages than nothing at all. People would rather have a pdf than nothing at all. But, the best Alberto can come up with is nothing at all.

    3. Missing avatar

      Don Recardo about 4 hours ago

      Well , it came and went . Three days ago Alberto tweeted that he would update in 2 days
      ( Dr Snuggles post below) but once again he hasn't been true to his word.
      Alberto I try hard to give you the benefit of the doubt but time after time you are dissapointing us

    4. Missing avatar

      Don Recardo 1 day ago

      I had a look at the twitter message about getting an update in 2 days and felt I had to ask him . Will the update be the news we want to hear or just another dissapointment. So far he hasnt replied, but then , whats new

    5. Missing avatar

      Dr. Snuggles 3 days ago

      After some searching, I found this website of Alberto, which is currently working:
      (could'nt find it via Google, only via Bing!)
      And at the bottom of the page, in the recent twitter activities, I found a status update from yesterday:
      So let's hope that we get good news soon! :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Tim Atkinson 3 days ago

      I don't mind delays or the occasional mismanagement, but I think keeping the PDF version(and refusing to explain why they wanted to keep it out of backers hands) when the book has been declared complete for many months, and the backers are on edge from numerous delays, is very strange and hints to me that they might have had more issues behind the scenes than they announced. They have probably used many of these excuses to buy time, maybe they had more personal issues or they ran out of money and were trying to come up with the rest, who knows. It'll be a nice surprise if it shows up but I still won't support this creator again, which is disappointing because the content itself is very good.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tzukasa 4 days ago

      Is this campaign now really dead ?

    8. Jon Raymond 6 days ago

      @Bill Wied
      I thought you were going to ignore my responses going forward? My statement was a general observation not a personal comment. Deal with it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Bill Wied 6 days ago

      @Jon Raymond - I find your interest in me amusing. I guarantee you my life is great. Thanks for your concern.

      Your opposition to people’s justified negative feedback is without merit and a bit odd. This project has been terribly run and only outmatched by the dismal communication. Keep your comments about the project and not personal.

    10. Missing avatar

      José Luis Sánchez 7 days ago

      I have not received the book or any information about it, it has been too long with many justifications for the breaches, I thought that this was a serious project that needed support but I see that everything is pure story and a scam.

    11. Missing avatar

      Pedro Ludwig Marcial on March 14

      I hope we get those books and we don't just find all of those copies being sold on amazon or something.

      I really want to keep my hopes up, like many here, but its getting harder and harder to maintain any little spark of hope when the person we all trusted to try to make the books completely stops communicating with us and the other people at indiegogo. Like many said, its ok that there are problems, but we need to know the problems that are happening, why and how he is trying to solve these problems. We payed not only for the books, but also for the process of getting these books done. Getting super late messages about the always approaching "next week when the books will be ready to ship" is not what we signed on for and even though "it happens alllllllll the time, in a bunch of different crowdfunding projects", that does not make it ok, that is a problem of this system not a feature of it.

      It takes less then five minutes to leave a comment here. Being busy is not an excuse, its an update.

    12. Jon Raymond on March 14

      I'm with Richard Cote. This isn't a scam. Multiple sources have proven the book exists. It has been shown at Makerfaires ( and Adafruit even did a live "Ask An Engineer" that featured it. (…).

      People keep throwing around the 100k figure. Seems it is little known that an even larger Indiegogo campaign was also run for this book.

      I might mention that the PighiXXX website is back up. I'm going to guess Alberto put off renewing his provider. Let's be honest, he's terrible at keeping to promised dates and deadlines. It will be interesting to see what Alberto's reason for this latest delay is.

      I feel bad for backers like Bill Wied who are quick to grab pitchforks. He must be a very unhappy person as all that comes from him is negativity.

    13. cardyfreak on March 14

      *that failed

    14. cardyfreak on March 14

      I’d like to think the printing company will be obliged to correct the printing error free of charge, seeing as it was their QC tuatbfailed to spot it. But the reprint will have to be found a new slot as there will be other paying customers in the queue waiting for their products to be printed. Some info would be nice but I’m not going to start crapping my pants just yet.

    15. Missing avatar

      Richard Cote
      on March 14

      I disagree. I think the books will still show! Not only were they created (see the photos) but also fixed (again see the photos). He wouldn't have pushed (by himself since David wasn't involved since jan) to fix and repackage everything. They are complete, it's not like he is going to throw away $100k in books.
      Give him a little more time. And encouragement.

    16. Missing avatar

      Bill Wied on March 13

      @John Gray - Agreed. No point in posting any longer as the creators have clearly disbanded and abandoned the project. The disappointment being expressed is valid as the project team failed to provide any closure. It’s one thing to legitimately try and fail, but when you disappear without providing any explanation it has the appearance of a theft. They could have resolved this by providing the PDF, however it is more likely it was never completed. Individual loses are relatively minimal, but remember they took away $110k. Caveat Emptor of these creators.

    17. Missing avatar

      John Gray on March 12

      This seems to be a KS problem.

      What is the point in posting comments for the Creator to read when the last time they logged in was...."Last login Feb 18 2018"...

      The comment page is great for backers to keep in touch, but provides no incentive to Creators to reply. There is no point in ranting @PighiXXX if he/she is not reading the comments. Your option as a KS backer re delayed/failed projects, other that to take your backing somewhere else, is to claim a 'chargeback' from your credit card company.

      Me.. I like the platform and the opportunity to help support ideas that appeal to me... It is up to me to research the people/creators/ideas involved and then decide weather to back it, or not. I also understand the concept of "risk", but this is not an investment opportunity to make me money, nor a shop to purchase an available product. I pledge my cash in the hope that it will help someone achieve their dream...that's it, no guarantee anything will appear in my mail/post box...I've backed Creators that have failed to deliver before...I can live with it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dr. Snuggles on March 11

      I think, that this is a hobby project of Alberto.
      With a little research, I found out that he is probably an employee at a large company. So maybe he had trouble or less spare time in the last months. Or maybe ha had a private crisis. What we can assume, is that there is some kind of discord between him and David. So, in the meantime, he has to manage all alone.
      We don't know and he will probably not tell us the details.
      Let's keep calm and wait a few days, if there comes an update or a surprise via parcel service.

    19. Roberto Lo Giacco on March 11

      Please pighixxx, give us an update, even if it is "sorry guys, money is over, I cannot deliver anymore". I would be disappointed, but this is worse: I've been appreciating your work in past years and I'm sure you are doing your best.

    20. Luis Cruz on March 11

      Good morning PighiXXX, I was wondering some things about this project; Why did you stop updating the status of the project? I mean, in the past I had appreciated the effort to keep in contact with us and now the frequency of the updates has been low. When the book and the PDF version will be ready to be shipped/downloaded? and finally Why your main page is offline?

      I really would like to know the answers to these questions, I understand that the process of making the books with the desired quality could be hard... and I think you have to do other activities than this project. However, I think as well it is time for ear some news.

    21. Bruce Schreiner on March 10

      Hopefully the campaign will complete and all books will be delivered. His work is great but the ability to complete something error free is not so good. Nothing happening here is new, the same problems with his other crowdfunding effort with Indiegogo. But eventually a product was delivered but with imperfections also.

    22. Missing avatar

      Tzukasa on March 10

      Damn it I wanted this book:(

    23. Missing avatar

      BG on March 9

      On any kickstarter campaign we are given details upon which to base our investment decision. This campaign stated March 17 first draft finished. April 17 pre-release units printed. May 17 Proof reading and revision. May 17 the Kickstarter campaign. So we were led to believe to book was ready before the campaign even started. All was let to do was to print the bloody thing. So whats all this about 'KNOWING HOW HARD HE WORKED'. Well may be before the campaign, but since May only the printing had to be done! Unless, of course we were be lied to which amounts to fraud. And any reasonable person, in light of the supposed printing delays would have sent a the PDF. That he has not indicates that the 'book' was not completed. He does not communicate and his web site has disappeared. I suggest its time to stop giving the benefit of doubt and report this campaign to kickstarter for fraud.

    24. Missing avatar

      Tom Cleaveland on March 9


      It's not about the money, it's about the silence.

      I give Alberto full credit for the work he's put into this project, and I believe ABC will be an attractive and useful book. I look forward to my copy.

      However, he has done himself no favors with this lack of communication. A simple update would do much to raise confidence and to restore goodwill. For example: is the re-printing still on track?

      As for Kickstarter, my experiences with projects--even successful ones--has made it clear that, in this three-way business relationship, backers have no power once the pledge has been collected. KS is indifferent, and project success is determined entirely by the creator.

      I understand the concept of "risk" (I'm a stock investor). Where Kickstarter fails is in fairness, IMO.

      Lastly, my "kick in the balls" quip in my previous post was unduly harsh, and I apologize to the community for making it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Martin Jacob on March 9

      Well Richard, I couldn’t have said it better.

    26. Missing avatar

      Richard Cote
      on March 8

      I know it's frustrating, but try to give Alberto some more time. I actually feel sorry fir him, KNOWING HOW HARD HE WORKED. I know he is loosing sleep over this...
      He spent SO much time and effort on thus book! I am sure it broke his heart the day he discovered the pages stuck together. We KNOW the book was produced, we have all seen the pictures and videos. THAT NEEDS TO COUNT FOR HIS EFFORTS!
      And those leaving Kickstarter because of this, you should go, because you don't understand what RISK is when it comes to investing in a project. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE! You research, you invest, and the creator tries their best to fulfill what was in the business plan. Sometimes it fails! That's part of the risk. If you want a guarantee, use Amazon.
      I am sure Alberto has lost money on this project! He hasn't taken your money and ran, he didn't get rich off your pledge. He's probably depressed and as such (remember, depression us a true chemical reaction in the body one can't just "shake off") will be having a hard time.
      He is likely also having issues with any partners he may have had in this venture. If so, it could even be legal problems (possibly why the site is down and things are quiet). That may also be the reason he has not released the PDFs.
      To Alberto, I say try to be well! I am willing to wait. And if the book never arrives, I know he is still a good man, and I would gladly share a beer with him in a pub!

    27. Missing avatar

      Tzukasa on March 8

      Their website is also offline

    28. Shelley Green on March 8

      Like many here, Ive backed a number of campaigns. A few didn't succeed...for sure frustrating (all hardware).

      The campaigns that have succeeded, some typically more of novelty flavor, and after a couple uses relegated to storage hoarding :) Some were relatively useful, especially programming books on python.

      However, for me and I suspect others, this particular product could be very, very useful. I have been looking forward to receiving and putting it too use. Took a couple seconds when I came across the project to willingly pledge support.
      Perhaps that's why its been frustrating waiting, especially in lieu of regular communication. This could be such a cool, useful product. Its exactly the type of area where Kickstarter shines - enabling a product that otherwise would serve a niche market the opportunity to become realized. These types of products are typically very difficult to obtain traditional financing.

      If for whatever reasons this fails to come to fruition, I hope others might see the potential and offer something of equal value.

      My 2¢

    29. Missing avatar

      gregg higham on March 7

      I’d like to know what’s going on with this book? Still waiting.

    30. Missing avatar

      Don Recardo on March 7

      If you try to leave a comment, just to the right of the
      leave a comment box it says ...
      Use this space to cheer the creator along,
      Well I'm sorry but I dont feel cheerful or feel like cheering you along
      When the campaign started we were told we would get our books in about 3 months
      Its now 9 months later and I dont have the books .Why would I be cheerful ?
      The only one who should be cheerful is you. You have all our money and we have nothing to show for it , not even the PDF to prove it exists . The fact that you dont come back with updates when have said you will makes it difficult to believe your words any more
      I bought your first book
      I paid for two copies of this book
      Rest assured I wont buy from you again, I dont trust you any more

    31. Missing avatar

      Don Recardo on March 7

      13 days ago , yes its that long , since you wrote ...

      In addition, together with the book I will distribute some discount cupons; In the next few days I will be able to be more precise about It ;-)

      Famous last words !!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Tom Cleaveland on March 6

      I'm done with Kickstarter as well. As currently structured KS gives all benefits to themselves and to project creators. Project backers are entirely on their own should problems occur.

      IMO creators should not get all the money up front. Funds should be portioned out as previously-defined project milestones are demonstrably met, and each project should have a specific date, after which backers are entitled to a refund.

      Also, backers should be able to rate project creators.

      This isn't the worst project I've backed. That honor belongs to the City State of the Invincible Overlord remake. That one is 3.5 years overdue after collecting $85000, with the creator having almost totally shut down. But too many creators seem to think that silence is the best way to deal with setbacks, and Kickstarter has no problem with letting them behave that way.

      So I'm through with KS, and am happy to let creators borrow from banks or other institutions who will kick their balls good and hard should they screw around with the money.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jan Reinhardt on March 6

      @Tadpole: +1 - I totally agree, this is so frustrating that I am not interested in Kickstarter any more. Over the last year I backed nearly 20 projects but due to the bad experience in this quite simple book I lost all energy. Goodbye Kickstarter.

    34. Missing avatar

      Don Recardo on March 6

      On the 22nd of Feb you wrote . Will write again next week. That was 12 days ago

    35. Martin Lesage on March 5

      Give us the PDF!!!!!!!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Pedro Ludwig Marcial on March 2

      Are we getting an update today?

    37. Missing avatar

      Martijn on March 1

      Okay Alberto... and who ever else may or may not be on the team nowadays...

      In September 2017 you posted a nice update stating that you were ready for printing. You even had pictures of printing going on and test prints in October. It is now March of 2018... Nearly 6 MONTHS after you said you were ready for production.

      While I understand that you want to make a nice book and that there were some issues, books don't take six months to print!

      I still have hope and still expect to get my book but... Tadpole made some to the point comments even if I don't entirely agree with him.

      I think it is not unreasonable for us to:

      a) Get a real update
      b) Get a shipping date
      c) Get an explanation of what the hell's been going on
      d) Get (finally) a book that damn well better be perfection itself.
      (since it took so long to print it might as well have been written by hand)

      You can't treat us like everyday customers here. Any normal customer would have gotten their money back by now.

      We are investors:
      - in a product
      - in a team/creator
      - in the process of the project

      Treat us fairly is all we ask. Give us proper updates like in the beginning, don't be mysterious about what's going on and finally deliver the book.

    38. Missing avatar

      Tadpole on February 27

      This will be the last kickstarter I back, and I would like to explain why. Regardless of whether this book eventually ships or not, I find the experience to be less than acceptable. My reasoning for this rating is simple: There is no real funder/creator bond anymore it seems. Not just in this project (Although it would serve as a shining example) but on kickstarter in general. For me personally, I really envision a connection where someone who isn't able to get funding through traditional methods is able to find it here on kickstarter through a direct marketing campaign and a community that responds by helping them with their business ideas. In turn, they involve those that gave capital in the process of creating and bringing their project to fruition.
      Let's be honest though. That simply doesn't happen anymore. Although a great deal of effort and creativity is invested in the initial idea and video pitch, it seems like the actual process of producing the UPDATES needed along the way is considered some sort of tedious burden, when in fact it was part of the deal in my opinion. On this project something, possibly many things, did not go as planned and the reasons why are still not known. As a backer I would have thought I would be privy to knowing what the pitfalls were, and that they would be documented in as much detail as possible so as to help deter others form making the same mistakes. I have relatives that work in the printing business, and it is simply *unheard of* to have a run this small take so long. Needless to say, the fact that the final product was deemed unfit for shipping just makes it all the stranger.
      Being kept in the dark over internal processes is normal when you are just a customer but not when it was in fact the community that made the production possible. The "thank you items" are now treated as products, and as such I no longer feel it is worth supporting companies that simply want to sell said products as opposed to developing business ventures.

    39. Missing avatar

      Joakim Lindfors on February 24

      I backed the first version of ABC connections, and Alberto made sure all backers got their books back then. I have no reason to believe he will let us down now.

      So keep up the good work Alberto :-)

      (And do update us regularly, even if there is no news. It really does wonders for keeping us backers happy)

    40. Everett Vinzant
      on February 24

      Help me understand.

      Help me understand how it takes more than two weeks (it's now Feb 24th, you said this on Feb 6) to get a delivery date?

      Help me understand why you think it's acceptable to go more than 30 days without an update when you are late providing promised deliverables?

      Help me understand why you think it is acceptable not to provide access to deliverables you should have (how can you not have a PDF complete if the book has already been printed once), when you have a deliverable that is late?

      Help me understand how you think you are handling this project appropriately?

      Because based on the fact I have kickstarted between $20K and $30k in projects, I can tell you, this is not how you handle delays.

      Let me put this in perspective. I backed the ZX Spectrum Next. I have received my board and am waiting on a board with keyboard enclosure. The project is a month late, but I know exactly what we are waiting on. I know that I will have a finished product in hand soon. Why? Because I have one of the deliverables, and it's the motherboard/cpu.

      If you provided access to the web version or the PDF, I could accept your claims. At this point, you have provided nothing that gives me reason to believe you.

    41. Missing avatar

      Bill Wied on February 23

      Alberto - Can you confirm that the PDF is in fact complete? If so, it would good to provide some evidence of that.

    42. Missing avatar

      Rafael Bernal on February 23

      Dear creator, how can I change the shipping address? Thank you.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ron Smith on February 22

      Glad to see a fresh update but you didn't mention when you might actually ship the physical book to those of us who sponsored you. I think we have been exceedingly patient through all of the issues but sometimes good enough is better than perfection.

    44. Missing avatar

      Tim Atkinson on February 22


      Please provide the rationale for withholding the PDF version. Presumably the content has been done for a long time, with how long the book has been in production. You/David have made a conscious decision that it is best to keep this content from your backers for months, so I think an explanation is due, especially if you'd like my continued support on future projects.

    45. Missing avatar

      J Fiott on February 22

      No problem with waiting a little longer. Take your time and do it properly.

    46. Missing avatar

      Martin Jacob on February 22

      Hi Alberto,
      reading the latest updated it seems to me that it has been a lot of work (and trouble in the team?) during the last weeks. Thank you very much for your work and I’m looking forward to receive my copy in a few weeks.

    47. PighiXXX Creator on February 22

      I have not ignored the comments. As I have already said on the day when the books are ready for distribution, I will send all the bakers a link to access the electronic version of the book.
      In addition, together with the book I will distribute some discount cupons; In the next few days I will be able to be more precise about It ;-)

    48. Missing avatar

      Jan Reinhardt on February 22

      Dear PighiXXX, thank you for updating... but how can it be possible that you totally ignored all our comments to release the PDF??? I'm the very calm and patient type of backer but this drives me angry. Please stop ignoring us!

    49. Missing avatar

      Bill Wied on February 21

      @Jon Raymond - Since you are a last word kind of guy I’ll answer you this last time and ignore your responses going forward. I’ve supported over $15k worth of KS campaigns... All have delivered with the exception of this one who took $100k from their supporters, delivered nothing and disappeared.

    50. Jose Costa Ros on February 21

      ¿Para cuando?... esto se ha demorado demasiado.

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