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Hack'n'slash Action Adventure with Time-Swap system where you can on the fly travel back and forth between the past and the present.
Hack'n'slash Action Adventure with Time-Swap system where you can on the fly travel back and forth between the past and the present.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Martin Taylor-Chong

      Wow what a great update. Such a huge fun surprise :)

    2. Gagame Creator on

      Umar: beside the private message, an email is also sent to you, you can reply the emial with photo attachment, or you can send the photo and information to, or

      Martin: emails and private messages have been sent to backers about the special build :D I'll post an update about it soon :D

    3. Umar Abbasi

      Hello. Were do I got to summit my photo and information.

    4. Missing avatar

      Martin Taylor-Chong


      How are we going? Last update was about 2 months going saying final touches were being done?


    5. Gagame Creator on

      Thank you so much for your patience and the wonderful support guys :D I've just posted an update :D

    6. Missing avatar

      Azafel on

      Hello , something new?

      Any update.

    7. Missing avatar

      Martin Taylor-Chong


      Also curious about an update. Been awhile again.


    8. Michael Pooler on

      Hey guys, how’s are thing progressing? Everything still on par for May release? Super stoked to play the finished game.

    9. Gagame Creator on

      Thank you very much for your continuous support Martin, :D we'll have an update on Monday :D

    10. Missing avatar

      Martin Taylor-Chong


      Do we have a Discord for updates or can we get an update please?

      Thanks :)

    11. Gagame Creator on

      Thank you Umar, you're such a gentle man :D we'll try our best!

    12. Umar Abbasi

      Don't worry about the delays to the game. We understand that game development take's time. Keep up the good work. Cant wait to get my hands on this. :D

    13. Gagame Creator on

      I'm sorry we had a bug that drove the whole team crazy XD I've just posted the update please take a look Wingi :D

    14. Wingi

      @gagame Hi, I've been wondering as Gunnar, how are thing going ? :)
      You told us about an update on 25th, and so far, nothing, unless I'm mistaken.

      I'm eager to hear from you :)

    15. Gagame Creator on

      Hi Gunnar, thank you so much for your continuous support :D the project is going quite well and we will post an update on 25th Oct. so you guys can see what have been done :D

    16. Gunnar Agrusa

      Hi guys. Are there any updates you can share?

    17. Gagame Creator on

      Hello Michael, thank you so much for your support :D we're working like animals to get the game done on time (with lot of fun making Hercules a better game thanks so much for your funds) :D we've overcome many milestones and problems and I will post an update on Friday (for backers only cos it has some spoilers XD) so you guys can have some ideas what's going on :D

    18. Michael Pooler on

      Any chance for another update?

    19. Gagame Creator on

      Your comment makes our day Umar, we really appreciate your inspiring compliments :D I'm so glad you like the new Titan and our artists will try their best to keep it up and we have more models to come yayyy! XD

    20. Umar Abbasi

      Hay guys, I just saw the 3D model for the Lava Titan and all I can say is "WOW" just Wow that looks incredible. There is so much detail and shine on it, it just looks amazing. Congratulations to whomever created that model and designed it. They did a fantastic job.

    21. Gagame Creator on

      Yayyyy, thanks for the great support Tony and Harry XD

    22. Missing avatar

      Harry Croft on

      gratz! keep it up guys

    23. Tony Blair on

      Congratulations dudes :D

    24. Gagame Creator on

      Thank you for the kind words Bjoern, Edition Smile, Timmy and handsome Carlos XD I'm so happy that I'm kinda speechless now, I really don't know what to say, thank you guys so much for the wonderful support, Kickstarter is really an awesome place, you know when you're needing a hand and hundred to thousand hands show up to help you, it's just amazing! :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Bjoern Quandt


    26. Carlos Romero

      Congratulations! I'm late but I 've been busy u.u, now is time to wait for you guys, do your best;), hopefully a 2nd part o a new project, I'll be here :S let me know ^-^

    27. Editions smile on

      Congratulations! I can't wait to play with it! :-)

    28. Missing avatar

      Timmy Petersson

      ...aaand it's a wrap! Congrats on a successful campaign! :)

    29. Gagame Creator on


      Thanks for your time and feedback Yuichi :D I'll forward your comment to the team to improve the prototype :D

      (1) Your PC specs are high, that's weird you have unsmooth movement, we have 30-50fps with a low specs PC, please try playing with lower resolution and graphic settings :D. The camera angle changes so you can see things and hints, we'll find some way to improve it :D

      (2) This is easy to fix, actually Hercules has a falling damage value but we set it to 0 so it's easier for you to test the game. We'll set it up :D

      (3) We're hearing many feedback that's the puzzle is still too hard to solve we'll add some more hints :p

      Thanks again for your continued support, Yuichi, I deeply appreciate that, you're just awesome!

    30. Missing avatar

      Yuichi Ishii on

      I am sorry that English sentences are unnatural,but the Japanese have written.
      I played 0.1.5. I have some discontent.
      (1) It was easy to screensick.That is unsmooth movement by GTX1050ti i7 3770t 16GB mem.And,I feel the camera angle is moving too frequently.
      (2) I think it is weird that there is no damage from falling.
      (3) I could not clear the prototype. Some more hints make this game playing good,more.
      I hope your success.

    31. Missing avatar

      tyler Collaborator on

      Hi Vajad, the game is planned to have a digital release on PC (via Steam), and if lucky, on both PS4 and Xbox One, depending on our budget.

    32. Missing avatar

      tyler Collaborator on

      Hi Kevenkun, thanks for backing us, there is no word to describe how appreciate we are. We'll try our best not to let you down ^^

    33. Missing avatar

      Vajda Róbert on

      what platform will the pc release be on?
      do you plan a switch version?

    34. Missing avatar

      kevenkun on

      just backed this and gosh i'm excited, hack and slash games always been my favorites (not like i am a huge fan of god of war or something ;) ) and so far it looks great! good work guys and wish you the best (also i'm happy to support some fellow canadians)

    35. Gagame Creator on

      Yes, Harry, there're a few cases you can switch to Shea to solve special puzzles, cos Shea has magic, she can do things which Hercules can't. :D

    36. Missing avatar

      Harry Croft on

      In the game, can I play as Shea sometimes? That'd be great! Like in The Lost Vikings (SNES), you can switch to other characters to solve puzzles.

    37. Gagame Creator on

      (so is ours) :D

    38. Gagame Creator on

      Hi Joshua, thank you for backing us :D

      We're kind of waiting for this question, we had a meeting about this topic, and we decided we'll follow the way Disney chose their character names in their famous Hercules movie, for a character, the (Greek or Roman) name is known by more people will be used, so it's easier for most people to follow the story (might upset some people though :D ), Hercules is more popular used than Heracles, Zeus is more well known than Jupiter, and so on :D Disney's Hercules is a mix between Greek and Roman mythology, so is our :D

    39. Joshua Gonzalez on

      I just got the early bird, so here's to you!

      I also noticed something in the trailer, when the book was talking about the gods disappearing. Mars and Hades were mentioned in the same sentence, which was odd to me considering Mars is Roman and Hades is Greek. Same thing with Hera and Hercules, since Hera is Greek while Hercules is Roman. Don't know if you are going with Greek or Roman mythology with this, although they are almost the same thing with some differences or is it simply a mistake of mixing mythologies?

    40. Gagame Creator on

      Hi Zeon :D

    41. Missing avatar

      tyler Collaborator on

      @Zeon: There is no word to describe how appreciate we are. Thanks for your support :D

    42. Zeon

      Hi all just backed and wanted to say Hi :)

    43. Gagame Creator on

      Umar: thank you so much for upgrading your pledge Umar, that's so awesome of you! We're excitingly working so freaking hard XD, if nothing changes, the demo will be available next week :D

      Michael: thanks for the suggestion Michael :D I'll ask the composer about that :D we have more music to come XD

    44. Umar Abbasi

      Congratulations one reaching your goal. I switched my pledge to 17$, can't wait to see more of this game.

    45. Michael Pooler on

      Any chance for the OST being available as an add on.

    46. Gagame Creator on

      Yes, I feel like celebrating New Year's again, thanks for the back Michael XD and thank you all, you all make this moment happen, it's gold! :D

    47. Michael Pooler on

      $3.00 away from success. This is awesome.

    48. Gagame Creator on

      Hi John, thanks for backing us :D

      It's really really hard to say no to a backer, John, especially you, our first Hera's Warrior, but the true is we don't have plan for PS Vita in the near future.

    49. john memmolo on

      This game would be perfect on the PS vita. Any way we can make that happen??

    50. Gagame Creator on

      Thanks for backing us Editions Smile :D

      We make this game cos we really really want to, it's more than passion, it's like an obsession, since we discussed the game idea: what if in a game, we can shift to the past, do something there and go back to present to see the "butterfly effect" right away, that would be awesome! So we just make it, little by little, still today. :D

      We know really well how to develop a game, but to be honest we don't know much about anything else like marketing, prices and dating girls XD We think the lower the price, the more people play our game and enjoy it, everyone will be happy :D

      A lower price than when it's on Steam is also our way to show our appreciation, to thank you guys, ones who believe and support us in the development.

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