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Craft Beer Your Way - Easier, More Affordable, More Fun!
Craft Beer Your Way - Easier, More Affordable, More Fun!
4,301 backers pledged $1,927,217 to help bring this project to life.
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      Matt M

      So I understand I can order 2 more packs after I brew the 2 I have in my possession, but I'm trying to get a better understanding of the timing to see if the brew unlimited works in my schedule. For example - if I brew two packs on a Saturday, how soon can I order my next one? as soon as I start the 2nd pack brewing? What is the shipping time (to Virginia if that helps) and how soon would I receive my two new packs?

    2. Missing avatar

      Kristi McCormick on

      If I want to add the 2-month subscription to my Early Bird pledge do I just up my pledge by $100?
      Is there extra shipping above the $100?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jim Gordon on

      I already backed the new Pico C with a year subscription to PicoPaks. Can I now pledge another 150.00 for the distillation attachment and will it Ship with and work with the new Pico C?

    4. Saloni Parikh Collaborator on

      @Jon. Thanks for the support!

      @Charles. We'll include an adapter for Pico Model S owners!

      @Mark. Cheers!

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Teal on

      I just added $100 to my pledge for 2-month subscription. Thanks Pico!

    6. Charles Boisvert on

      I assume that the Pico C brewing keg will come with an adapter I'll be able to use it with my Pico S ? Just asking since I was told by a staff member not to get the keg add-on at 100$ because it would not be compatible with my Pico

    7. Missing avatar

      Jon Rhoades on

      The people at Pico are awesome!!! The kickstarter just keeps getting better an better!!

    8. Saloni Parikh Collaborator on

      @Keegan. We'll send you a survey at the end of the campaign to confirm your add-ons!

      @Ken. @David is correct! Just update your total pledge amount to account for add-ons.

    9. James Gerber on

      Added $100 for 2-month subscription.

    10. Missing avatar

      David Huizen on

      @Ken D. I am new to this as well. The folks at Picobrew will send a survey out to you confirming your purchase. Delivery isn't scheduled until August. If you want to add the Brew Unlimited package just update your pledge amount by $100 or $500 over your initial pledge depending on your choice. You may have to add additional shipping costs if not in the continental US. There is a pledge calculator on the additional info page if you are unsure.

    11. Ken Dehon on

      I'm not very mobile app savvy. How do I get the month brew unlimited thing. Also I purchased the KS pico brew but can't figure out how to track it or validate

    12. Missing avatar

      Keegan Decker on

      I upped my pledge 100 bucks (including the shipping costs from the initial pledge). Do we confirm in the backer survey which extra we wanted?

    13. Mige on

      What about european-backers?!

    14. Missing avatar

      David Huizen on

      I think I have this kickstarter thing figured out and added $100 dollars to my pledge to take advantage of the two month brew unlimited. Fantastic perk