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A feature film about a musician in Chicago who goes searching for his ex-girlfriend and his hometown, both of which are missing.
A feature film about a musician in Chicago who goes searching for his ex-girlfriend and his hometown, both of which are missing.
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165 backers pledged $15,053 to help bring this project to life.

We Grew Up Here - Storyboard Teaser Trailer

Hello backers of We Grew Up Here!

The first half of our Kickstarter run has come and gone and we are down to our final two weeks of campaigning. We cannot say enough just how much we appreciate your support! Each dollar we get brings us closer to our goal of $15,000 and the reality of making this movie! 

We are more than a third of the way to our goal with almost 75 backers, but we need each of you to help drive us further. Share our project with your sisters, mothers, brothers, cousins, or anyone else you think might like the project. With your help We Grew Up Here can reach its mark. 

 In the last few weeks, we have made tremendous progress on pre-production of the film, securing locations and finalizing some casting details (we’ll be announcing more soon). We’ve also received an awesome amount of encouragement and support, and a lot of exciting things are happening:   

  • The Kickstarter team chose We Grew Up Here as a Staff Pick for Film/Video projects.
  • We Grew Up Here received coverage from a Chicago podcast, an Indiana newspaper, and a number of blogs just in the past week.
  • Paper Thick Walls has officially been added to Pandora! Check out their new station.

In honor of your support and the growing exciting on this project we are releasing this quick storyboard teaser trailer for We Grew Up Here that was sketched by Steven Stevens and scored by Luke Ramus, who are both awesome and generous people. 

If you're on the edge of your seat, scoot back and don't worry, this is only the first installment in a three-part series. The other segments will be released during the next two weeks of our Kickstarter campaign. 

 We would also like to give a big shout out and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has backed our project since the first update. Thank you to:

  • Ben P.
  • Braden
  • Danny B.
  • Joseph E.
  • Daniel
  • Christopher B
  • Jared S.
  • Matt T.
  • Laura R.
  • Caitlin B.
  • Andrew N.
  • Gregor C.
  • Andrea S.
  • Zach H.
  • Michael F.
  • Joel
  • Jesse D.
  • Jim P.
  • Chris C.
  • David K.
  • Mike H.
  • Dan M.
  • Diane S.
  • Meg B.
  • Becky P.
  • Andrew L.
  • Will A.
  • Akvavit
  • David C.
  • Douglas B.
  • Andy T.
  • Brandon H.
Thanks again for your fantastic support!

-Kevin, Stefeni, & Andrew 

 P.S. Remember, if this project doesn't reach the goal of $15,000 by May 3, we get $0. Every $1 gets us closer. We know with your support we can do this. Also, here's another poster to check out!

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