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Food Protectors: preserve your fruits and vegetables for three times longer using organic technologies. Environmental and innovative.
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We wanted to let everyone know that if you still want to get the Food Protectors, you can get them on Indiegogo InDemand!

New Trials at Home

As we continue our preparation with the manufacturer, our founder Amit has been testing the powder in his home! Here are the results after 9 days of exposure in room temperature out in the open:

Treated fruits and vegetables (right) vs. untreated fruits and vegetables (left)
Treated fruits and vegetables (right) vs. untreated fruits and vegetables (left)

 Noteworthy differences:

  • Untreated cucumbers began to mold but more significantly began soggy, while the treated cucumbers remained hard and fully edible
  • Treated tomato was fully healthy
  • Peppers did not grow any molds or fungi, but it did absorb humidity as it was kept outside. This only occurred due to the unnatural environment the peppers were kept it, and does not occur in refrigerators
  • Clementines remained perfectly ripe when treated
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