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Gentrieve 2 is a 3D first-person metroidvania action game. All levels, enemies, puzzles, textures & weapons are procedurally generated!

Gentrieve 2 is a 3D first-person metroidvania action game. All levels, enemies, puzzles, textures & weapons are procedurally generated! Read More
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Make sure to check my updates!

What is Gentrieve 2?

Gentrieve 2 is an upcoming, individually developed computer game. It will be a 3D first-person action game, based heavily on the Metroidvania genre. Gentrieve 2 will require you to explore a non-linear world for items, defeating enemies and solving puzzles along the way. These items will grant your player new abilities which will allow you to access new areas and get more items, which will eventually lead to the final boss.

New Update #2 Development Video:

OK, what makes Gentrieve 2 special?

Gentrieve 2 is going to push the limits of procedural generation. Just about every gameplay element will be procedurally (in other words, randomly) generated: textures, levels, enemies, puzzles, weapons, secret rooms & bosses. Not only will this provide a truly unique experience with great replayability, it will also allow for game customization. You want to play a Metroid Prime-like game with just a double jump, missiles and a grappling hook? You can. You want to play a complete game, with all items, and 5 rooms leading to each boss? Go for it. Do you want all the enemies to have explosive weapons? Done.

As I add new items to the game and new room generation features, I plan to make them customizable - so you can play the game you want to play.

Check out my Update #1 to read more!

I want more from Gentrieve 2!

OK, fine. I loved watching "Speed Run" videos of different Metroid games. Many people would compete to complete a level in the shortest amount of time, or get the least (or most) amount of items. Gentrieve 2 will be made with these players in mind. Games can be started in a "challenge" mode that will keep track of playing time, items collected & other statistics. Gameplay videos can be easily recorded and shared using software like CamStudio.

To make it easy for players to play the same worlds, you will just need to enter the "world name", or select from a pre-determined list of popular world names -- and the world will be automatically generated. Even enemies will spawn and act the same to make sure you are playing on an even playing field.

Why Gentrieve 2?

I loved playing Super Metroid & Metroid Prime. A few years ago, I made the original Gentrieve, using procedural generation. I really liked making that game, and it was one of my favorite 2D games. Unfortunately, it was limited in graphics and world generation. I moved on to developing 3079, my first commercial-quality 3D game. I learned a ton about 3D development while making 3079, and I learned a ton about Metroidvania-style procedural generation with the original Gentrieve.

Now it is time to put all that knowledge together to make a truly new, exciting game!

How will you use some of that new knowledge?

Gentrieve 2 will be a more focused and tightly knit game. I plan on polishing the visuals and making sure the more focused gameplay is amazing.

Also, in the original Gentrieve, I had "fixed" room types. This meant that each room had a certain design that allowed for some flexibility. Unfortunately, this ended up heavily limiting the uniqueness of each room. Gentrieve 2 does away with such limitations. There is no fixed room types -- rooms are truly generated in a very free-form fashion. You can read my blog to learn more about Gentrieve 2's room generation, but basically it creates just about anything possible while making sure the player can traverse it (depending on what items the player should have at that point in the game).

What do you need this money for?

Really good artists generally don't work for free. Same goes for thorough game testers & translators. I hope to have enough to pay them for good content & consultation. If I get enough money, I may also consider conducting "Speed Run" contests complete with prizes!

I want to learn more!

Great! Head over to my official blog @


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    Complete game, including the final version, DRM free! It will be compatible with Mac, Linux & Windows. Alpha should be available in August! You will also get your name listed as a Contributor in the credits!

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    Everything above, plus you will get to name a pre-listed world in which players will be able to play & compete in "Speed Run" trials for. Want a game world generated based off the name of your choice for everyone to play? You got it!

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