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Make time-lapses, or trigger your camera with lasers, sound, or any other method you can think of - That's the magic of Triggertrap.
Created by

Haje Jan Kamps

898 backers pledged $77,262 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping date (hopefully!)

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls!

Things have been quiet from us at Triggertrap Ltd, but that doesn't mean we've taken all your money out in $1-bills and throwing it up in the air like Scrooge McDuck. Okay, so there may have been a little bit of that, but not enough to distract us from the task at hand: Building some bloody awesome photography gadgets. 

Have you moved?

If you indicated on the Triggertrap Survey that your address might change, then you should be getting an e-mail within the next few hours asking you whether you ended up moving. Please do respond to that e-mail if you have a new address; it would be sad if we ended up sending you your swag to the wrong address!


Anyway; we are polishing what will hopefully be the final prototype of the Triggertrap; then all that's left is a final round of testing before we're ready to ship. If everything goes to plan, you should be holding your shiny new Triggertrap in your hands before the end of November!

As always, keep an eye on to stay on the pulse of developments.

Stay awesome!

~ Haje Jan Kamps and the rest of Team Triggertrap.

PS: Oh, while I have you all here: Do you use a gray card when you are taking photos? If not, you really ought to consider it. Here's why and how it works. As an extra special bonus, there's a photo of a stuffed bunny (?!) and a Triggertrap Shield device (!!) in the bottom of that article. Awesome.


    1. Creator evillagran on October 24, 2011

      I received the cameracable too!. I'm waiting for triggertrap!

    2. Creator Daniel Björklund on October 17, 2011

      I received the cameracable today, i guess the triggertrap is coming soon?

    3. Creator avi thomas on October 10, 2011