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Make time-lapses, or trigger your camera with lasers, sound, or any other method you can think of - That's the magic of Triggertrap.
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Haje Jan Kamps

898 backers pledged $77,262 to help bring this project to life.

Triggertrap launches 2nd Kickstarter. Over and out! :)


So, it's here: The very last backer update ever for this Triggertrap Kickstarter project.

I know you're all busy, so I'll keep it as short as possible:

1) We're doing another Kickstarter

2) The project started out as Triggertrap v2, but we decided that calling it the v2 was a bit much.

3) Learn about Triggertrap Redsnap on the new Kickstarter page

Thank you for being with us from the start.

Much love,

Haje and the rest of Team Triggertrap

Triggertrap v1 - now at the KS price (again)


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Triggertrap Schematics Released & Special Kickstarter Discount


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Final Triggertrap update!


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Triggertrap v1 Shipping today!

Let's not beat about the bush, we have some mighty fine news!!

At long last, the rumours of Triggertrap v1 being vapourware can be dispelled with empirical evidence: the Triggertrap v1 is finally shipping!

We can't express how excited and happy we are; it has been a fiercely long and trecherous road from the Triggertrap Kickstarter project to today's shipping date, and... It feels amazing!

We can't wait to see what you guys come up with, and to discover the kinds of projects you'll be using the Triggertrap v1 for. Incredibly exciting.

Introducing... Bulb ramping!

I know you've all been waiting for the Triggertrap v1's for bloody ages, and so we decided to try and spring a little surprise on you as a thank you for your continued support and patience: A fifth triggering mode, in addition to the Laser, Light, Sound and Timelapse triggers.

The fifth mode is Bulb Ramping, and will be available as a firmware update for the Triggertrap v1 and Triggertrap Shield for Arduino. Full details in our Bulb Ramping Introduction article on the Triggertrap website.

What about Triggertrap Mobile?

The obvious next question is; When are we going to add Bulb Ramping to Triggertrap Mobile?

I don't have a good answer to that quite yet... We have some really exciting updates and news coming up regarding version v1.1 of Triggertrap Mobile, but the time is not quite ripe yet - but rest assured, we're working on it, and when we launch it, it's going to be awesome. Stay tuned, we'll let you know more as soon as we are ready.

In the meantime, we are still waiting for Apple to approve v1.0.3 of Triggertrap Mobile, which includes several sweet improvements; including a completely re-written triggering algorithm that gives Triggertrap Mobile a reaction time that is nearly two times faster.


Triggertrap Mobile for Android

As we promised, we've been working on an Android version of Triggertrap Mobile in the background.

In fact, it was as part of the research and prototyping we were doing for Android, that we discovered several ways of making the iOS version of Triggertrap Mobile so much faster (as discussed re: v1.0.3 above).

We've got some bad news, however, and it looks like there is an operating-system level challenge we're going to have to overcome before triggering a camera on Android will become viable.

If you are an adroit Android expert, we'd love to hear your opinions; there may be a way around this hurdle that we haven't discovered yet, ourselves.


Want to get ready for Triggertrap v1?

I appreciate that you've all been patient with us. This is absolutely monumental, and I can't express how happy all of this makes me!