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A bag that charges all your devices, communicates with your smartphone, and transforms from a messenger, to a backpack, or briefcase.
A bag that charges all your devices, communicates with your smartphone, and transforms from a messenger, to a backpack, or briefcase.
A bag that charges all your devices, communicates with your smartphone, and transforms from a messenger, to a backpack, or briefcase.
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    1. Missing avatar

      anthony on

      i can no longer email, it gets rejected, does anyone know the address?

    2. Daren Han on

      My battery also can't charge.

    3. Missing avatar

      Pat Copeman on

      Phorce has emailed me back and are sending a replacement battery. Yay Phorce.

    4. Missing avatar

      Pat Copeman on

      So I emailed phorce. They sent instructions. I tried them but the didn't work. So I emailed them back and have heard nothing.

    5. Missing avatar

      Pat Copeman on

      My battery won't charge. I plug it in and the usbs light up a blue light flashes for a bit. Then it goes dead. It won't even charge my phone when it is plugged in. Nothing. I sent an email but have heard nothing. I am very disappointed.

    6. Phorce 2-time creator on

      Hey guys, sorry to hear some of you are experiencing issues. We try to help out with instructions first to make sure resetting it doesn't fix the issue. If the product is unfixable that way we'll take care of it of course. I believe you've received new batteries by now? If not please let us know and feel free to contact us at any time ( Thanks!


      Same thing happened ! Battery dead ! Wrote an email, replied with instructions but does not work at all ! That's it.
      Seems that you are sending fake / rubbish quality battery !
      Come on backers, let's report who had dead battery ? Phorce have to replace all dead battery according your warranty !
      Be fair in business, not run away.
      Thank you and wait for your feedback

    8. Konstantin Chaus on

      Battery died several month after I got my bag. Works only when plugged to the socket. Contacted support several times - no feedback, no battery replacement as per the warranty.

      Not serious. Do not recommend.

    9. Missing avatar

      karleen gill on

      Unit appears to be dead upon arrival. When plugged in to a wall socket, the blue Buetooth light blinks, and the USB ports light up for a little while, but none of the battery LEDs ever light up. After charging via a wall socket for several hours, the battery still has no charge at all. It cannot even be powered on. I've contacted Phorce via their wbe site, but have not received a reply.

    10. Koen Driessen on

      BTW, I hope more phones will be added (Xperia Z2)

    11. Koen Driessen on

      That was actually the reason I went to the page here. I love my green phorce but I sometimes get surprised that it appears to drain fast. I usually have 2 unconnected usb cables plugged in for easy charge. (that's no problem right?)
      Maybe a DM back? I'll charge it tonight so ill watch it.

    12. Missing avatar

      Hoydi on

      Rami - you still need to use the phorce laptop adapter. That will make the pins work!

    13. Phorce 2-time creator on

      Hey guys, please contact us at for any questions. We're always happy to help. We've shipped out all bags however some were returned to us for a variety of reasons (no one home, wrong address, in russia fedex can only deliver to business addresses, etc.). Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Luis Fernando Camargo Benvenga on

      Only for the record: i was only asking you if the supposed package that you clame to have sent hás a tracking number.

    15. Missing avatar

      Luis Fernando Camargo Benvenga on

      Where is my bag ? I send you two messages and no answer. After all the delays you have the nerve to not respond a simple question. Who do you think you are ? I want my money back.

    16. Rami Nasra on

      So i ordered the macbook air magsafe adapter from mikegyver, and it arrived yesterday. However, the adapter has 4 pins while the phorce battery only takes 3 pins. Am i supposed to use another adapter?

    17. Missing avatar

      GUERARD Cyril on

      I am a buyer of phorce by kickstarter ,
      I still have not received my bag.
      Can you speak ill when I would receive ?
      Best regards

    18. Missing avatar

      Hoydi on

      Anyone else having issues with the battery draining to 2% over a few days with nothing being plugged in?

    19. Jimmy Selix on

      Btw.. that adapter i posted worked PERFECTLY w/the #9 power plug and my HP tablet can totally charge from it at the proper 19.5v too! :)

    20. Haberjr on

      Found my bag waiting for me after a business trip. It looks great, it feels great and it works great. I am leaving Monday on a business trip and this bag is now coming with me. I love that it can be transformed from backpack to over the shoulder, or just using the handles. I also like that it can expand. The zippers really feel like top quality as does the fabric. It was a long wait, but worth it. Congratulations to the Phorce team. May the Phorce be with you!

    21. Missing avatar

      aaron Churchill on

      Freaking love it. seriously.

    22. Charlie Shay on

      Just got my bag today, loving the look and veils quality so far!

      I did notice something in the companion app. If I recall, the battery is stated to be 26,000 may, which should be able to recharge a Nexus 7 (3950 mAh) 6.5 times, and a OnePlus One 8 times. The application, however, indicates only 4x for Nexus 7 and 5x for OnePlus One (Phorce core is charged to 100%). Is this just a display error in the App, or is the battery only 15500 mAh?

    23. Jimmy Selix on

      btw, i'm ordering this from Amazon to see if it will let me use one of the HP adapters to fit my newer HP x2 11-h110nr tablet/convertible. This may work for other laptops too. :)…

    24. Jimmy Selix on

      SILVER Phorce Pro in the HOUSE!!!! got my bag today and wow!! i am super impressed w/the quality and just overall finish and loving the fact that i know the silver is not available for retail either!

      Phorce team: It's been a long and windy project but damn i'm glad i stuck w/you till the end. I hope your team has some great retail success and i'll def be spreading the word of Phorce. This weekend i get to test it out as i do two trips to the east coast for work :)

    25. Scott Williams on

      Got my bag last night and it's fantastic - great looking and well thought out. Also, really nice job on the packaging. Did the full charge and am now in the process of depleting the battery. The app is nice - and I know it's just a start - but I haven't been able to get the notifications to work, although it's probably something on my end. Overall an A+, congrats!

    26. Rami Nasra on

      Hi. Got my bag a few weeks ago and absolutely loving it! Was really worth the wait.
      Quick question though, my bag only has one handle from one side for carrying it as a briefcase. Bag gets lopsided. Any ideas?

    27. Missing avatar

      Hoydi on

      Do we have to go to mcgyver for cables? Can you share the cabling / resistor values with us as well please?

    28. Phorce 2-time creator on

      Hey guys, we've shipped out the last orders today. Should you not have received your bag by this Friday please send us a message at Enjoy!

      Hey Andrew, interesting (and yes, always RTFM;). Can you please send us an email with your laptop model plus a picture of the connector ( We'll then look into this for you. Thanks!

      Hey Jimmy, there's currently no car charger for Phorce Pro. Maybe something for the future. And yes, inverters are terrible (loud, hot, inefficient, dangerous, etc.)!

      Hey Shiou, glad you like the motion controller! That way you don't have to press buttons all the time :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Tatiana Erdni-Araeva on

      Hi team, any ETA on London deliveries? I still haven't got my bag or a notification letter.
      Many thanks,

    30. Andrew Croftcheck on

      Just received my bag today, and I'm located in Ohio.

      I do have a question, though: I'm looking through the small manual that came with it (always RTFM, always), and I'm noticing a difference in the laptop chargers. The manual says that I should have one numbered 13, for Samsung laptops. Instead, I have one numbered 7 (which isn't in the manual). Is this a misprint in the manual, or a mistake, or something else? If there isn't a 13/Samsung available, would there be somewhere I could buy one online or something?


    31. Missing avatar

      CS on

      It sounds like a few others like me received an email saying our bag would be shipped by the end of last week.
      I never heard any more and my bag did not arrive
      When will you be shipping bags to the US?
      When will you be shipping my bag to me?
      Thanks again,

    32. Jimmy Selix on

      one last question, is there a car charger for phorce itself? that would be really nice since i could recharge in car or via my other dc battery sources. inverters work but you lose efficiency. hope bag makes it this week!

    33. Adil on


      When are you expecting to ship my bag?

    34. Jimmy Selix on

      Same here!! WOOT!! so pumped and it's a silver one too!

    35. Andrew Croftcheck on

      Just got my shipping confirmation, can't wait! Congrats again on making it through, y'all!

    36. Guillaume Tremblay Beaumont on

      Any info on when new tips for laptops will be available? The included tips don't work with either my old Thinkpad T410 (large barrel plug) or my work X240 (new rectangular plug).

    37. Missing avatar

      Shiou Song Pang on

      Hi guys, regarding the part where the battery is motion controlled, you guys simply rocks!! How come I don't see you guys mentioning it in your description? Man this is a real bonus feature!

    38. Phorce 2-time creator on

      Hey Ron, we've just sent you a message. We've tested the app on Samsung devices. Please note that it is motion controlled: if the bag has been stationary for a while it may be in sleep mode. Moving the bag will wake it up and restore the connection.

      Hey Anthony, Darren, we're working hard to get the last batch ready for shipment. We'll update when production is ready and will send you a message as soon as yours ships.

      Hey Konstantin, we've sent you a message to figure this out.


    39. Konstantin Chaus on

      Hi guys. Did anyone of you experienced the problem with the battery "overheating"? When I plug it to the socket to charge in less than 3 minutes it turns off and phorce app says "Warning you battery is overheating". The battery itself has normal temperature and no indications of overheating.... So far cannot use the bag as it was designed, battery does not work....

    40. Daren Han on

      When can I get the phorce bag ?

    41. Missing avatar

      anthony on

      Any possible way I can get my bag by wednesday? i'm going on a trip next weekend and I was REALLY looking forward to using it

    42. Ron Katzir on

      Got the bag today and I'm very impressed with its quality :-) The attention to details is formidable and I can hardly wait to actually start using it daily.

      Has anyone experienced connection problems with Android phones to the bag? I wonder if it's just my Samsung or a more general problem ..

    43. Phorce 2-time creator on

      Hey Mary, we just sent you a message - let's figure out the details and resolve it.
      Hey Jimmy, we're working hard to get the final shipments out the door asap. Quality above all though. Thanks for your patience!
      Hey Shiou, great to hear! Yes, you can leave your usb-devices plugged in while recharging your bag with the wall charger.
      Hey Corey, we're doing a ton of tests and are doing everything we can to get yours in your hands asap. Appreciate your excitement and patience.
      Hey Chris, that sounds about right: Phorce Pro charges at 90W max, meaning it will charge your laptop as fast as a wall charger. 1hr = a lot of power.
      Hey Eico, thanks for checking up on this. We've shared our cable design with MikeGyver so he should be able to make a Surface cable. All he'd need to change is the value of the resistor.
      Hey Lynn, no worries. Quite impressive that your iphone 4 is still alive and kicking - please share your secrets! ;)
      Hey Lindon, most US orders have yet to ship. You'll receive an email with shipping confirmation as soon as it ships.
      Hey Adam, thanks - glad to hear you appreciate the quality :) Regarding the issue - we've sent you an email to inquire further.

    44. Missing avatar

      Mary Mi on

      anyone else having problem with the battery charging? I drained and charted it twice ok, though it seemed to drain pretty quickly. Now it won't fully charge at all - down two lights. Going on a trip and will just use the bag, not the battery. Also, sometimes I have success in holding the five seconds and turning the battery on and off, but other times I just cannot turn it off.

    45. Jimmy Selix on

      So far seems like us in USA haven't gotten ours yet. I also chose the backer color so not sure if that is also delaying shipment along w/possible bug? Figure I've waited this long, what's a few more weeks.

      Getting harder though hearing the others talking about theirs. :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Shiou Song Pang on

      Hey guys, the bag is awesome and even my boss was envious! now my friends are coming to me for help when their own powerbank is drained! The best part that I like about this powerbank is that it can recharge fully in just 4 hours, considering its 26000mah size! I bought a Just Mobile 11000mah powerbank last year because I couldn't wait for Phorce to come and man it needs 13 hours to recharge full! So I really love this bag, and kudos to your team for being able to make this powerbank so efficient in recharging and the reversible USB is really a bonus that sets your product apart from the other powerbank competitors in the market. Actually I have a qns : Can I continue to leave my devices plugged in while the powerbank is recharging from the wall charger?

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