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The PhoneJoy Play is a compact gamepad that turns your phone into a portable console. Works with iPhone, iPad, Android and also PC!
The PhoneJoy Play is a compact gamepad that turns your phone into a portable console. Works with iPhone, iPad, Android and also PC!
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Good news! We started a small test production run and assembled the first 20 Phonejoys at the factory site in China. This is a very exciting milestone for us (and perhaps even for mankind!). We have finally reached a point where we are confident to say that the product has reached our own expectations and we are almost ready to start with the mass production.

Alex and Dale at the assembly floor
Alex and Dale at the assembly floor

You can find more photos on our website’s Kickstarter cross post.

As usual, however, there are still couple of small problems to address. The EEPROM (storage) that the assembly factory sourced uses a different addressing implementation than the once we have been using. Dale pulled a few all nighters to rewrite his firmware and its working properly now. The second problem involved Phonejoy's glorious steel plates. It turns out our steel plate supplier changed the design during a (pre-approved) revision of one of the steel plates, which Dale didn’t notice because it wasn’t mentioned in the provided change log. This caused one of the five steel plates not to fit with the other plates. They found a temporary solution for our test run and the manufacturer will start adjusting the stamping tools as soon as possible so that it will be fixed before the mass production. There are also still problems with our buttons’ silicone membranes, our mold manufacturer had outsourced the rubber production to another supplier and this setup turns out to keep giving us trouble, because the quality never remains quite the same. We have worked out a solution with them now, and things should go smoothly for the mass-production in late January. Also we understand that we are late, and we have decided to throw in a little surprise for every Phonejoy backer. More later!

You can find more photos on our website’s Kickstarter cross post.

Website Login

With our new website we also wanted to address some user experience issues, with the new websites all your accounts will be merged so you have easy access to your pledges, pre-orders, account, shipping address and shipping tracking. At the moment we are still working hard on the website so there might be some bugs and bad graphics here and there, so please bear with us a little longer. We have also added a Google and Facebook button for easy login. If you used your gmail address you can just login with Google. Your account will be automaically linked. We will send out an e-mail soon for those who backed us and don’t have an account yet, so they can request a password. The forum will be integrated with our new website in the coming two weeks as well.

Social Media

With the start of the test batch and production we will have a whole lot of more exciting things to share over the coming weeks. We want to keep you guys up to date first, but as these kind of media are mostly shot with our phone its much easier to share it through social media. We promise we will keep you guys up to date with important news etc first, but if you don’t want to miss any awesome GIFs you should follow us on Google+ , want to see some moving pictures? Check out our Vine & YouTube. For the latest selfies and behind-the-scenes photos check out our Instagram, we filtered the hell out of them. ;-)

Don’t want to follow us on all the different networks? We got a combined stream! Just check out Twitter for that. And of course you can also find us on Facebook.

The Phonejoy team wants to wish your and your family a very merry christmas and a happy new year! We hope that 2014 will be a prosperous year. One where you will all receive your Phonejoy you have been waiting for.

- Jordi, Martin & The Phonejoy Team


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    1. An Tran on December 24, 2013

      Merry Christmas guys! It's been one hell of a ride.

    2. Rand Chua TL on December 24, 2013

      Wishing all a Merry Xmas!

    3. Juan Felipe Alvarez Saldarriaga on December 24, 2013

      Also, when you try to edit something in the new website account page you got an error, a 404 error.

    4. PhoneJoy Solutions America, Inc. Creator on December 24, 2013

      Thanks guys. It's been a very emotional year for us from the rush of the Kickstarter beginning to the failures in between. It's not been a perfect year with all the delays but we are so glad that we can finally go into production with a product that has reached the quality we desired. We still believe that Phonejoy is unmatched by our competition. So trust us the wait has been worth it! Thank you all for believing in us all this time.


    5. Missing avatar

      Timoteo Barbosa on December 24, 2013

      Even though you guys are late, you kept the updates coming, and I can only imagine how frustrating must be to have things go wrong.

      Merry Christmas guys.

    6. Harry Campbell on December 24, 2013

      A little surprise?! ARGH I MUST KNOW WHAT IT IS!

    7. Missing avatar

      daniel orridge on December 24, 2013

      Merry Christmas guys