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The PhoneJoy Play is a compact gamepad that turns your phone into a portable console. Works with iPhone, iPad, Android and also PC!
The PhoneJoy Play is a compact gamepad that turns your phone into a portable console. Works with iPhone, iPad, Android and also PC!
1,108 backers pledged $69,859 to help bring this project to life.

First week!

Hey everyone

We thought it was time for an update. We had a great first week and we are step by step nearing our goal. Hopefully we can break our target soon. Watching the campaign surely feels like an eBay auction sometimes ... just a whole lot bigger!

Airbrush Update

Antonio has been doing some mockups for some potential designs for the airbrush Level #9 limited edition. We still haven't decided on anything and would love to hear your thoughts (even if you are not considering backing/upgrading the level #9 reward.

Just to give you an idea what sort of airbrush we have in mind have a look at this xbox360 airbrushed controller on YouTube. Basically a lot of you may have wondered why the pricing of level #9 may seem a little steep. In order to achieve a quality finish the controller will need to be sanded to achieve a nice and smooth finish, then a base coat will need to be applied and only then our airbrush artist will be able to airbrush the controller with the design. Finally the controller will need to be clear coated for a shiny surface. All in all it is a lot of hard work that can take hours. But the result is an unforgettable and unique controller that will be a total eye-catcher.

Nevertheless, we thought it may be the right thing to do to add the goodies of the Kickstarter Limited Edition ($20 add-on) and the carry bag with tablet kickstand ($15 add-on) to the reward level #9 and #10. 

Audio & Charging Update

Last week a few of you raised that they will want to use their audio devices and charges while they use their PLAY. This is a good point and some of you have provided us with some great feedback. We still stand firm, however, that we do not want to make any deep changes to the design to avoid delays and unexpected issues and cost rises. 

Instead we think it will be best to provide two add-on solutions. For one L-shaped audio adapters and L-shaped microUSB, 30-pin, possibly Lightning connector cables. And for another a little Bluetooth adapter that can be carried alongside the controller. The adapter would allow your phone transmit its audio via Bluetooth and you'd only need to plug in your headphones into the adapter. We have received a few of these during the past few days and we should be able to provide update on these two possibilities soon.

BlackBerry 10 Support

We have been contacted by RIM, and there may be a possibility for them to allow native support of the PhoneJoy PLAY requiring no extra software. This would be fantastic, but further details need to be worked out with them beforehand.

More Videos

Yes, we got that planned. But we got our hands full at the moment, and will likely need to shoot a gaming video over the weekend for you.

More Prototypes

We got more coming, but it will likely take another two weeks from the way it looks at the moment.

Press Roundup (Dec 4 - Dec 11)


As always, please give it your best shot and spread the news to your friends, family, communities you are engaged in and tip your favourite blogs and magazines if possible!

- The PhoneJoy Team


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    1. PhoneJoy Solutions America, Inc. Creator on

      Thank you guys for your valuable feedback, we'll go back to the drawing table and hope to come up with something better. Stay tuned for more! :-)

    2. Warren Bennett on

      My favorite is the blue one (#3), but I am honestly not to keen on any of the styles. However, I am not paying the money for the airbrushed one so hopefully those of that tier will like 'em :)

    3. Carrie Mah on

      Very interesting designs, but it kind of looks a bit cluttered to me. #1 has way too many circles; though #3 is a bit better, the design doesn't seem to flatter the controller as much. The color is great, though!

      #3 has a really interesting design. I don't know if a full zig zag is necessary; have you considered designs on the side of the controller, leaving the front with a more clean look?

      For example, #4 has way too much going on--great design, but it doesn't compliment the controls and the location of all the buttons and everything.

      Thanks for the update guys, I'm really excited for this product! Good luck with everything, and if RIM is able to support Play, then here's hoping their market will expand with even more games :)

    4. Heri Sim

      Blackberry 10 would be a nice platform for games!