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Hand silkscreened glassware featuring original designs. Help me make the coolest glasses you'll ever drink from!

Hi! My name is CheyAnna. For years I've been creating cool little things, so I decided to start Phoenix Fire Studios as a way to explore different techniques and share my stuff with others. Almost a year ago I began creating fun sandblasted glassware and mugs from my original sketches along with screen printed items like posters, journals, coasters, etc. I sell my products in my Etsy shop as well as at art and craft shows. I LOVE what I do and can't wait to share the next phase of this marvelous journey with you! The support I have received has been absolutely mind blowing! My business is growing and I want to use my love of screen printing to create some rockin' new glasses. I need Kickstarter to help with the next phase. I want to expand my product line to include pint glasses and whiskey glasses with my illustrations hand silkscreened directly on them. Who wants to have bland, mass produced drink ware in their kitchens? NOT THIS GIRL! Each and everything I make is made with the love, one at a time. These glasses are like little affordable pieces of artwork that you can give as gifts or keep all to yourself! I have many art shows scheduled for this fall and I am going to introduce these new glasses just in time for Christmas! 

In order to start creating these fun little guys, I need some specialized equipment. It will allow me to screenprint by hand onto the glass with a unique ink that bonds with the glass surface making it scratch resistant and dishwasher safe. Super cool right? I am asking for funding to purchase this equipment and other screen printing necessities (ink, screens, emulsion, etc.). Any funding that remains, after creating your rewards, will also go towards purchasing a cargo trailer to haul my goodies to arts and craft shows, adequate storage for all my new glasses and updated packaging for my products. 

If you've never pledged on Kickstarter before, don't worry! It's really easy. When you pledge and choose your reward, you will be directed to Amazon to enter your card information. YOUR CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL THE PROJECT DEADLINE! Thanks for being so freakin' awesome!

Everyone gets my undying gratitude and love, plus that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from doing something right. Yes, dear friends, there are also many rewards to be had. Here is the lowdown on the goodies you'll get:

PENCILS: A hilarious 6 piece pencil set engraved with various funny quotes. A must have for anyone who likes to smile, loves life or just needs something awesome to write with.

SCREEN PRINT: These will be designed and silkscreened by me in 2 colors. The design isn't finalized yet, but I will post updates so I can get your feedback. Check the updates section for, well, updates.

PINT GLASSES: These are high quality american glass, silkscreened by yours truly in four rad designs. I'll post design options in the updates section and every backer will get a vote towards the final four designs. Very cool stuff here people!

PAINTING: I paint too! Pledging $500 will get you all the treasures listed above plus an original, one-of-a-kind painting on a 12x12 stretched canvas. Choose your own color scheme or let me create a very special surprise for you. Each piece is signed by me, the artist, and includes the Certificate of Authenticity.

 (sample pint glasses - kickstarter designs are coming soon)


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  • The rewards that don't include the pint glasses will go out as soon as possible after the funds are released to me. YAY!

    For $50 and $100 level pledges: After my campaign is successful, I will order all of the supplies I need to screen print the new glasses. The equipment will take a few weeks to arrive and i'll need a little time to work the kinks out. You should receive your rewards by the end of October.

    Custom Rewards: These will take a little longer, depending on the design you choose. I'll get to work on these as soon as I receive the equipment, about 3 weeks after the end of my Kickstarter campaign.

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  • Shipping to the US is included for all pledge levels. Each pledge level description to the right includes the requested additional funds for shipping to Canada and Internationally. Glass is heavy and it is expensive to ship out of the US. Any additional help in covering these extra shipping costs would be awesome!

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  • Why yes I will! Phoenix Fire Studios is a one woman gig and I will personally hand screen print my designs onto each and every one of your glasses. Thanks for supporting hand made!

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  • Pledge $5 or more
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    My heart felt "THANK YOU", blog & Facebook mention, PLUS unlimited mental high fives.

  • Pledge $15 or more
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    A hilarious 6 piece pencil set engraved with some of my favorite quotes. Some quotes are from movies, some from my own head, all are delightful. [US & Canada shipping included; International: please add $5]

  • Pledge $25 or more
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    6 backers

    All of the "THANK YOU"s from above, the pencil set, PLUS a limited edition 8x10 screen print signed by yours truly. This design will only be available to my Kickstarter supporters. [US shipping included; Canada: please add $5; International: please add $9]

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    The pencil set, signed screen print, PLUS one of the new screen printed pint glasses to call your very own. Choose one of the four special designs created just for this Kickstarter project. [US shipping included; Canada: please add $7; International: please add $15]

  • Pledge $100 or more
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    pencil set (x2), signed screen print, PLUS a full set of four hand screen printed pint glasses. That's right- you will receive one of each of the unique designs created specifically for my awesome Kickstarter supporters. And you get your choice from the available colors. Mix and match the colors or let me surprise you! [US shipping included; Canada: please add $12; International: please add $20]

  • Pledge $250 or more
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    pencil sets (x5), signed screen print, set of 12 custom designed pint glasses in your color choice. Want your business logo hand printed on some fun glassware? Do you have a vibrant unicorn collection and want to add to it with the coolest unicorn drinkware ever? The possibilities are [almost] endless. [US shipping included; Canada: please add $20; International: please add $30]

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  • Pledge $500 or more
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    WOW! YOU ARE PHENOMINAL!!!! You'll get the pencil sets (x10), signed screen print (x2), 24 custom designed pint glasses in your color choice, PLUS an original, signed 12x12 acrylic painting in your color scheme choice. Your painting will be an original created with love, shipped complete with the Certificate of Authenticity. [US shipping included; Canada: please add $30; International: please add $50]

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