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SCREW GRABBER - Holds Non-Magnetic Screws Tight's video poster

This innovative new tool partnership solves the non-magnetic screw problem. Never drop a screw again. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 22, 2014.

This innovative new tool partnership solves the non-magnetic screw problem. Never drop a screw again.

About this project

The Screw Grabber is a transparent rubber sleeve that slides onto screwdrivers to hold a variety of screw sizes to the end of a screwdriver. You will never drop a screw again!

Photos of Prototype

The ribbed head interior keeps screws straight while the interior taper adjusts for a wide variety of screw head sizes.

The ribbed shaft interior was designed to have constant contact with the drivers shank, the 4 points of contact allow for a wider range of shank diameters. It also reduces friction while sliding the grabber up or down the shank.

The solution to always having your Screw Grabber handy is to easily store one on every screwdriver in your set and simply slide it into position when you need to use it.

How it works

Usage is simple. Take your screwdriver and slide the sleeve onto the end of the shank. The interior is tapered, so simply adjust the depth to fit the screw head size. Next, insert the screw head into the grabber.

Due to the interior taper, it is an easy adjustment for larger screws too.  Slide the sleeve back on the shank of the screwdriver and insert the larger screw.  Slide the Grabber about three-fourths of the way onto the shank.  The slits in the Grabber accommodate a wide variety of screw head sizes. You will note that there are ridges in the material of the grabber to keep the screws from shaking out.

We will be producing the Screw Grabber in two sizes. We have measured every screwdriver that we could find and I even purchased a 64 driver set from Craftsman and we found that with these two sizes of Screw Grabbers we were able to fit the widest range of common screwdrivers and screws. 

The above diagram details out which shank diameters will work with which size Screw Grabber. The four internal linear ribs were designed to make contact with different shank shapes so it easily works with hex and slot drivers.

These are the sizes and shapes that we can confidently say work the best when we tested the Screw Grabber. This range covers nearly all standard size screws found in the household or construction site.

Testing our Screw Grabber on a Class 10 off-road buggy with our custom made dashboard hula girl. 


(Left) Hex Driver (Right) Slot Driver
(Left) Hex Driver (Right) Slot Driver
(Left) #0 Phillips Driver (Right) #1 Phillips Driver
(Left) #0 Phillips Driver (Right) #1 Phillips Driver

With the Screw Grabber the versatility is a great feature whether you are working with stainless steel screws on your boat, assembling inexpensive furniture with non-magnetic screws, or working on your computer.  The Screw Grabber is your partner to make these processes run as smoothly as possible.

We are very proud to be producing the Screw Grabber in the USA using recycled materials. The manufacturer we have chosen to work with produces high quality products for companies like Snap-on Tools. They are local which was important to me so I can work closely with them to ensure that we produced the best tool possible. 

For our domestic buyers shipping is included. After lengthy research and discussions with our fulfillment center we have determined that we are only able to offer international shipping for our $22 & $40 reward tiers. Thank you for your understanding and we appreciate your interest in our project.

$250 Reward Framed Technical Drawing
$250 Reward Framed Technical Drawing

The above production schedule is something we have worked very hard to put together. We have read the Kickstarter horror stories with production and fulfillment and we believe we have partnered with the correct people and companies to make this project run as smoothly as possible.

These guys are great! We will be using Fulfillrite for all our packing and fulfillment. We wanted to make sure that our rewards ship on time to our backers. 

Much thanks to these sites for featuring us!
Much thanks to these sites for featuring us!

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About Me 

Hi, I'm Phillip Kauffman, an LA based designer and innovator. I grew up working with my dad in his custom cabinet shop where I developed my love for working with my hands. Then, during college, I started my own business airbrushing custom cars, motorcycles, and sailboats. I did that for six years while finishing my degree. By a chance meeting in an airport, I fell into designing movie posters and television campaigns.

Enough about me, let's talk about my product.  I designed the SCREW GRABBER to eliminate my frustration with screws falling off the end of my screwdriver when I'm assembling something new or fixing something that has broken. My ultimate goal is to always streamline my process. With the SCREW GRABBER I have made my life easier and now hopefully it can help you too.

About the Team

Brett Kauffman - Brett is working on finishing his Mechanical Engineering degree at Cal Poly Pomona. He has refined my design and developed all 7 of our prototypes with his expert lathe work. Could not have gotten this far without him!

Dan Ucko - Dan is a social media guru, his in-depth knowledge of all things trending will help lead our campaign's Twitter and Facebook pages.

Daniela Kauffman - My wonderful wife, Daniela, is extremely detail oriented and will be running our accounting and fielding customer service inquiries when we reach that point.

Eddie Chai - Eddie is an extremely talented videographer and designer working with him on our video was an absolute pleasure.  I would highly recommend him! His website is

Jason Gearlds - My lawyer extraordinaire. Jason is a huge part of my team advising me on all things legal pertaining to business and trademarks. Wouldn't have been able to do it without him.

Where do pledge funds go?

Our $18K goal will go directly to manufacturing the first production mold it also includes the cost of order fulfillment. If we exceed our funding goal we will be able to purchase a mold with more cavities. Any additional funds will be used to scale the business and hopefully get our product into retail markets.

Risks and challenges

We have sourced a local manufacturer here in Southern California so we are able to meticulously watch over every step of the manufacturing. After successful funding we will be able to pay for the full production mold which will take 8-10 weeks to machine. Once the mold is completed, manufacturing and packaging the parts will take another week. Then we will then deliver them to our fulfillment center and the first 2500 units will be shipped within approximately two weeks. Any orders above that will be shipped in order of when they were received the project.

I have an amazing network of people who run their own businesses manufacturing and shipping products all over the world and I have every confidence that with their continued help we will be able to make this product a success!

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  • Yes! Just pledge the amount for the number of packs as the pledge level of the reward you want to receive.

    For example, if you want to order 3 packs of 20 for friends and family:

    1. Select the $22 pledge level for the Contractors Pack.
    2. Multiply by the number of packs that you want (e.g. 3 x $22 = $66) when you enter your pledge.
    3. If you want combinations of packs, say 3-4packs and 3-20packs, just add up the total (3 x $7) + (3 x $22) = $87.

    4. For international orders, add $15 shipping for each multiple order.

    You can also mix and match packs of Screw Grabbers -- just pledge the correct amount and we’ll make sure you get your order right during the fulfillment process!

    If you have already pledged you can click the blue "Manage my pledge" button on the righthand side and adjust the total pledge amount.

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  • It does work with power drivers but only to get the screw started. After it is started you will need to pull the grabber back on the shank so that the driver bit is fully exposed. The grabber doesn't like hitting a hard surface at high speeds. Also it is limited to a max shank diameter and will not fit over some of the bigger bit holders. In short yes it will work for power drivers but it was really designed for hand tools.

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  • Yes I have heard about Shark Tank, It is a great way to get the product some good exposure but first I need to have a product to sell. Lets make this Kickstarter campaign a reality and then we can maybe so seek some Shark Tank exposure.

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    Our eternal gratitude for helping eliminate frustration!

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    The DIY pack:
    Set of 4 Screw Grabbers, 3 large and 1 small.
    The essentials sizes you need to never drop a screw again.

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    The Super Contractors pack!: Set of 40 Screw Grabbers, 30 large and 10 small. Store one on every screw driver in your set.

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    Signed, framed technical drawing of the Screw Grabber printed on archival paper. Framed in a dark brown frame. Overall size 22.75"x19". Commemorate our launch with a cool piece of art!

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    Home cooked meal with my wife and I at our place in Los Angeles. We are really good cooks! Also includes a 20pack of Screw Grabbers.

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