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Final Add-On Revealed: GUILDED BAGS!

Posted by Guilded Age (Creator)

This is our final of our three add-on offerings for the Guilded Age Volume 2 FRIGGSTARTER. Add just $20 for your very own hand-made Guilded Bag™!

An essential accessory for the Guildie on the go! With a flat knit base and vertical knit ribbing, these tiny Gilded Bags™ of Holding are capable of storing much more cargo than appearances suggest. Perfect for dice, coins, marbles, or any other bits of pretty from your latest quest, diplomatic venture, or visit to your local game shop.

Due to the insane awesomeness of Guilded Age and YOU, dear reader, all Guilded Bags™ are uniquely hand made by Samantha Kyle of Queen Tangerine, the very same creator of the Frigg Charms! Each bag sports golden cord with jeweled pulls, a hand painted golden GA tag, and care instructions. (The bag is photographed holding approximately 70 dice)

The Guilded Bags™, like the Frigg Charm and Byron Poster, are available only through the FRIGGSTARTER. Add just $20 to your pledge, and we'll send you one of these limited edition Guilded Bags™! Backers of $250 or more will automatically receive a guilded bag™ of their own!

Get yours before time runs out!

FRIGGSTARTER Exclusive #2: Byron the Berserker Print!

Posted by Guilded Age (Creator)

So, despite the modest amount of observable evidence, Byron is a berserker. I remember back in Chapter 8 when we finally had him, well... y'know, there was an instant divide between people who thought it was a good thing, and those who did not. That was kind of our intent. But ultimately, as we have demonstrated, we are not in the business of writing stories where Byron just kirks out and vivisects a bunch of enemies.

We are, however, in the business of immortalizing the admittedly complete badassitude of Byron in Berserking form. To that end, we unveil our second FRIGGSTARTER Exlcusive: an 11"x17" Byron the Berserker Print!

This is original work from John Waltrip from waaaaaay long ago that we haven't been able to use until now. For just $10 added to your pledge, you will receive a Byron the Berserker Print of your very own. This, like the charm will automatically be included for all backers that have pledged at $125 or above, as if you needed further incentive to splurge on original Waltrip Brothers art!

FRIGGSTARTER Exclusive: Frigg Charms!

Posted by Guilded Age (Creator)

HAWM, Guildies. I hope our American readers had as baller a Independence Day as possible. I'm not dead, by the way, in case the temporary break in spamming trade worried you, just taking advantage of the only quiet time I'll find before ConnectiCon this weekend and the conclusion of the FRIGGSTARTER.

Speaking of which... the FRIGGSTARTER has made it to $12k, which is nothing short of a feat. This has earned everyone that has a pair of eyeballs the chance to see nearly nine whole minutes of animated Guilded Age, as well as earned y'all a signed thank-you card from all of us, AS WELL AS a pack of desktop wallpapers unique to this KS offering!

We're two-fifths of the way to funding the full 22 minutes of animation, so we've got a little ways to go, still! We are, of course, fully aware that we've been teasing towards some mysterious KS-Exclusive add-ons, and have left many of you wondering. Well wonder no more, and feast your eyes on This Shit Right Here:

Finally, "Frigg" and "Charm" can be used in the same sentence without causing confusion.

These limited edition Frigg Charms, by none other than GA's resident web & graphic designer, Samantha Kyle of Queen Tangerine and Ladytimes! These charms are 1.5" long and will be printed on wood, with the GA logo emblazoned on the back. You can receive a Frigg Charm of your very own by just adding $5 to your pledge! That's right, add just $5 to your pledge and we'll include one of these charms with your shipment! Backers at $125 or above will automatically receive one of these charms for absolutely free!

If charms don't float your boat, then don't worry: We've got two more piece of exclusive KS merch for you to enjoy tomorrow and the next day. Stay tuned!

Kicking it Forward

Posted by Guilded Age (Creator)

I want to take a minute here, in between our stretches, to do something that may well be a touch counter-productive to our own project, but I don't care. Kickstarter works because of the community, and I'm a big believer in the strength of that community. After all, 33% of our early funds and 25% of our funding to date came straight from Kickstarter itself, users and browsers alike, boosted by the graces of the Staff for highlighting us and so on.

It would be criminal, I think, to acquire such wealth and attention and not use it for some altruistic good. To that end, here's some other people's Kickstarters that we here at Guilded Age deem worthy of you giving them your money, even over ourselves. They are in order from projects that will expire soon to those that won't:

Trial of the Clone 2 (3 Days Remain) - Trial of the Clone is now a series of thrilling, intelligent, and gut-busting "Game Books" created by Zach Weiner of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal that works incredibly well in both dead tree and digital forms. Trial of the Clone 1 featured book-on-tape narration talents of Wil Wheaton, and I got to help edit those tracks for the final product. So I will selfishly say, "Pledge to this Kickstarter because it means I could get more freelance work," but I will also unselfishly say "Trial of the Clone 1 hands-down rescued Choose Your Own Adventuring from the depths of obscuirty for me, and to this day I start a new game once or twice every month." It's good stuff, go get it.

AwesomeCon (4 Days Remain) - Last year, T and I got through the artist alley wait list at the last minute and gave this first-year DC con a chance. We were completely blown away by how great a show it wound up being! Ben Penrod, according to legend, spent three or four years just traveling the con circuit and learning everything he could. This legend is completely believable, because not since Intervention have I seen a first year show run so well, have such a great crowd, and do so well for us on the bottom line. Even the Super Art Fight show we put on was one of the most memorable in SAF history. For next year, it will require funding, hence the Kickstarter. Please boost up this project so that T and I can have one more completely Awesome Con in the DC area (the area that is equidistant between our long-distance collabo). 

Sleep of Reason (7 Days Remain) - Guys, it's a new comic anthology assembled by Spike, one of the hardest working, most dedicated, consistently high-quality producing, unsung fucking heroes in Webcomics. If you like comics, and you like horror, consider backing this project for a copy of what promises to be yet another yearly anthology of complete badassery from Iron Circus.

BAAKO - BOOK 1 (9 Days Remain) - Look at the art. LOOK AT THE ART. This shit is fantastic-looking. We are eternally sympathetic to the "Help us make a book" Kickstarter, and I don't even know what this one's gonna be about but I know I can't wait to read the crap out of it.

The Webcomics Handbook (15 Days Remain) - Brad Guigar is the most likely dude in webcomics to earn a Lifetime Achievement Award decades before he retires. Between Greystone Inn, Evil Inc, and, the man produces comics and comics-content like I produce sweat: constantly and with little to no provocation. One of the most frequent questions we ever get at panels is "How do I make a webcomic?" Well, now you can stop asking us, because this book will undoubtedly be more helpful than we ever could. For all you budding webcomics creators, PLEDGE TO THIS KICKSTARTER. The information you receive will be worth the expenditure a thousand fold.

SPAGHETTI KISS: Unique Apparel Design for Kids (35 Days Remain) - Fellow Super Art Fighter Michael Bracco has decided to combine his fashion design with his newfound responsibilities to start a line of sweet-looking monsters and adorable animals for the whole tru punk family! I'm a huge fan of his design work, and I know first hand the quality of product he delivers. This man deserves your pledge, and your rugrat deserves to wear something so baller.

That's all we've got for now! We'll probably do one or two more of these before our own KS is over. So those of you with extra generosity in their hearts, consider these other Kickstarters for your empowering pledges!

We're still waiting on photos of the prototype for our own Kickstarter's coolest exclusive item, but it'll be ready soon! Stay tuned!

Achievement Unlocked! $10k Goal Reached!

Posted by Guilded Age (Creator)

HAWM, Guildies. We needed to take a break in updates today in order to get stupid drunk down at the tavern in celebration. But that’s for something completely unrelated, I assure you. Certainly nothing that involves secret illegal hermit crab racing circuits.

So this achievement is for you guys.

So when I say “You did it,” I want you to understand:

You did it.

Getting the funding together for printing Volume 2 is something that, realistically, we probably would not have been able to accomplish without all of you, right here, right now. I know I’m talking as if the book’s already printed, but I am not counting my chickens before they’re hatched. I merely wish to assure you: Our work is not done yet. We’ve got lots more we want to do, things we can do with the continued help of all of you, and as luck would have it… most of that stuff is centered entirely the fuck around giving you more rewards!

To that end, I will offer some deeper explanation of the stretch goals and associated rewards. BEHOLD:

$11,000 – This tier will fund the first animated short, roughly 4 minutes and change in running time. Now we sat there and looked at this animation production, free to the viewing public and HD-downloadable to backers… and we thought, “Gosh. We’re just not giving enough away.” So if we get to $11k, we will send every backer an autographed thank-you postcard, signed by me, T, John and Jason.

$12,000 – Getting the pledge level to this point will net 8+ minutes of animation, a pack of exclusive desktop wallpapers will be sent to all backers, which will of course include one made of the celebratory image you see above!

$13,000 – Bestowing upon us the power of $13,000 American Dollars will not only get everyone 15 minutes of animation, but also T Campbell, the Crossword Puzzle Master Himself, will create a set of 5 crossword puzzles for all backers download and print out at home!

$14,000 – Lifting us up to the 14th Kilometer (work with me here) will accumulate 19 action-packed minutes of animation, and all backers who are getting books will receive a Guilded Age Bookmark to use with the very book they have funded! It’ll look something like this:

$15,000 – This is the level at which we will be able to produce a full 24-minute animated pilot, or 5 shorts depending on your favor. In addition, all backers will receive the Sketchies eBook Collection!

Did you know that Guilded Age is not the first collaboration between T and I? Back in 2008, we tried our hand at a comic about sequential arts students at university, titled “Sketchies.” We are, eternally, men of metafascinations and criticism, and so we combined our powers to create this comic with artists Ryan Estrada, Edward J Grug III, and Jason Sigala, telling stories of a bunch of social idiots forced to co-habitate the same creative space and not kill eachother doing so. Obviously our interest in group dynamics started here, with a party of art students. So if we get all the animation allotment out of this Kickstarter, then we’ll celebrate by giving you all the complete run of this probably-never-to-be-completed series, eight chapters, in eBook form.
The comic resumes tomorrow, thanks for indulging us this day of promotion and thank yous, and we hope that by now we have given new incentive to those of you who were on the fence about getting in on the action.

To everyone reading this, thank you for reading. Thank you for pledging. Thank you for supporting Guilded Age. You make it happen.