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An iconic, revolutionary, and contemporary new design for a dog leash that can protect you and your dog from being attacked.
An iconic, revolutionary, and contemporary new design for a dog leash that can protect you and your dog from being attacked.
61 backers pledged $5,505 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Philip Byrne Creator on

      Thank you, Ross!
      I really like this one:…
      is our Instagram account, we will start posting there soon!

      @puppywand is our twitter
      and @pipcotoys is me

    2. Ross Currie on

      Just received mine here in Australia - pretty well made, I'm very impressed! Great job on getting the project over the line guys.

      We'll do a shout-out on Instagram soon through @Yahtzeedog - do you guys have an account we can tag in the photo/video?

    3. John Bennett on

      Exciting progress, Philip!!! Hope your vacation is a great one!

    4. Philip Byrne Creator on

      Thank you Marc! I will do a better job of updates and will post more photos next Tuesday.

    5. Missing avatar

      Marc Rumaner on

      Thank you for the update. Unfortunately the previous link I had for your blog did not show all the updates that I am now seeing posted. It ended with you washing the tubes. Not sure why. So you can understand my comments. Now seeing your progress I am excited to receive and use the Puppy Wand. You've obviously been putting in a lot of work. Again, not sure why the previous link did not work for me so I'm glad it shows all your hard work.

    6. Philip Byrne Creator on

      Hi Marc,
      Ross was sent his Puppy Wand and you will get yours next week.
      I have posted updates at
      I haven't been good about that, or letting people know.
      Anyone who writes to me, I write back right away.
      There are pages and pages of pictures of making the Puppy Wand and of the T-shirts and other things.

    7. Missing avatar

      Marc Rumaner on

      Ross, I agree. It's starting to get a little frustrating at this point. I was giving them a little leeway due to Phillip being in school and I liked that I was supporting a young entrepreneur's dream but it's time to fulfill the commitments and trust we made when we pledged our money. At the very least we deserve an update as to what has been going on.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ross Lowry

      Last update was SIX months ago.

      In January, you said my (leash, tee shirt, whatever) would be the next one mailed. That was close to TWO months ago.

      So, where is my leash?

    9. Missing avatar

      Marc Rumaner on

      Hey Philip, how goes the manufacturing and/or shipping? Hopefully soon?!?

    10. Missing avatar

      Ross Lowry

      Have puppy. Do not have puppy wand.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ross Lowry

      Yay! Thank you.

    12. Philip Byrne Creator on

      Hi Ross, We have actually started shipping!
      Yay! The t-shirts are due to arrive on Jan 25th.
      We will make sure yours is the next one that goes out.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ross Lowry

      What's the latest on shipping? I have yet to receive my puppy wand, nor has there been a recent update. Thanks.

    14. Missing avatar

      Marc Rumaner on

      Hey Philip, how goes the production? Would like to get an update if possible as well as the product. Looking very much forward to using it.

    15. Missing avatar

      Mary Kay Cavanaugh on

      I am looking forward to walking my dog Hannah on the Puppy Wand. SH\he is 6 years old, but not as well socialized on the leash as she should be (my fault). I also look forward to showing the leash to my fellow volunteers and the staff at the Pennsylvania SPCA!

    16. Missing avatar

      Seth Miller on

      Congrats, Philip!! Good luck with the fabrication. And remember, it's all about QA! :-)

    17. Aaron Treble on

      Proud to be one of the backers making this happen. Looking forward to having the best dog leash in the neighborhood. "Houston, we have main ignition". Awesome job, Philip!

    18. Janine Gove on

      Congratulations even!

    19. Janine Gove on

      It's one of those inventions that ostensibly seems simple, but then, why has no-one thought of it before? It's a brilliant bit of rethinking.
      Philip, congratutions. With your clear perspective of problems and their solutions, I think you'll do very well in life.
      Ailsa, my Tamaskan, thanks you too.

    20. Ross Currie on

      What a great young entrepreneur, kudos to your parents for encouraging you and helping you with this. We (myself and office dog Hannibal) just gave you a shout out on CrowdLoot and Twitter

      Your story also hits right in the feels (so extra kudos for eliciting an emotional reaction). I thought I'd share a story that sort of comes from the other side.

      I picked up my pup about 4 weeks ago, he's an 18 month old German Shepherd male. A beautiful dog, really well behaved and really well trained, amazing with people... BUT he's never been very well socialised with bigger dogs. In fact, we think he might have been bullied by another dog he lived with when he was a puppy.

      I'm working with a local dog club on socialisation, but in the meantime when I take him on walks sometimes other dogs (which irresponsible owners have off-leash but are unable to control) run up to him. He barks to warn them off, but this generally causes them to attack him.

      He's a big dog and can take care of himself, but every time he gets in a fight I feel like his socialisation training gets set back. I can heel him in, but I can't hold him and fend off another dog.

      There are a couple of times I can think of that a Puppy Wand would have really come in handy!

    21. Missing avatar

      Amy on

      10-years-old and already a great entrepreneur! Bravo Philip!

    22. Missing avatar

      Anna Byrne on

      Nice job Philip & Michael!