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The official sequel to multiplayer real-time strategy (RTS) game Galcon. Launch swarms of ships at enemy planets to conquer the galaxy!
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Phil Hassey

823 backers pledged $25,741 to help bring this project to life.

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Galcon 2 - Year of the Goat Update

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Welcome to Year of the Goat! There are new trophies, new ships, and TWO new sectors! There's a Dojo sector for training new players, and a King of the Hill sector! Have fun playing :)

Also, Nubbin just had her babies! 

Have fun playing! -Phil

Galcon 2 – Easter update!

Ahoy there, a new update is in the game! This time with Easter ships and an Easter ship type. Also a new game mode called "Vortex" that involved all the planets being drawn into a black hole!

Have fun!!

Galcon 2 - St. Patrick's day mega-update!

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Ahoy there! A lot of new things in this update! There's some new ship shapes, a new trophy, AND new ship classes! The ship classes are Fighter which makes ships battle in mid-air and a St.Patty class which makes all players be one of a dozen shades of green!

I hope you have a great time playing with the new features! 

P.S. I've been working on the Galaxy Map feature lately. Check it out:

Galcon 2 - Valentine's week and new Eliminator sector!

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Hey y'all! Some new Galcon 2 stuff to check out :) There's a whole new sector called "Eliminator" that structures 1v1 games into a bracket with many people playing at the same time. There's also a bunch of Valentine's goodies and some sweet new ships!

Have fun! -Phil

Galcon 2 - DISCO MONTH (1.1.0)

Hey everyone! It's been a great launch month, and I hope you've had a ton of fun playing Galcon 2! Here's what's new since launch:

- DISCO MONTH! We've got some great new trophies, cosmetics, AND a sweet new game mode: Billiards!

- Major update of the Comm section to support clan chat, news items, and replies. /r to reply and /c for clan chat.

- Major update of the Clans to give Leaders the ability to limit their Chiefs. You can even give members custom titles.

- Major update of Custom servers and Tournaments. You can now /ban and /kick players. And in tournaments you can /send players to other tournament rooms for multi-room tournaments.

- Players can now rate tournaments, and see a detailed log of past tournaments hosted by a player.

Have fun! -Phil