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Galcon 2: Galactic Conquest's video poster

The official sequel to multiplayer real-time strategy (RTS) game Galcon. Launch swarms of ships at enemy planets to conquer the galaxy! Read more

Rye, CO Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on January 7, 2013.

The official sequel to multiplayer real-time strategy (RTS) game Galcon. Launch swarms of ships at enemy planets to conquer the galaxy!

Rye, CO Video Games
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Galcon 2 - Valentine's week and new Eliminator sector!

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Hey y'all! Some new Galcon 2 stuff to check out :) There's a whole new sector called "Eliminator" that structures 1v1 games into a bracket with many people playing at the same time. There's also a bunch of Valentine's goodies and some sweet new ships!

Have fun! -Phil

Galcon 2 - DISCO MONTH (1.1.0)

Hey everyone! It's been a great launch month, and I hope you've had a ton of fun playing Galcon 2! Here's what's new since launch:

- DISCO MONTH! We've got some great new trophies, cosmetics, AND a sweet new game mode: Billiards!

- Major update of the Comm section to support clan chat, news items, and replies. /r to reply and /c for clan chat.

- Major update of the Clans to give Leaders the ability to limit their Chiefs. You can even give members custom titles.

- Major update of Custom servers and Tournaments. You can now /ban and /kick players. And in tournaments you can /send players to other tournament rooms for multi-room tournaments.

- Players can now rate tournaments, and see a detailed log of past tournaments hosted by a player.

Have fun! -Phil

Galcon 2 - Launched on iOS!


Ahoy there! Galcon 2 has finally launched on the iOS App Store!

Epic launch video:

Thanks again for all your support! I hope you have fun! 

Galcon 2 - Desktop / Steam Launch!


Ahoy there, after almost TWO years, we've finally made it! Galcon 2 is launching on Desktop / Steam today! Galcon 2 is Free-to-play with In-App-Purchases. You can get it for Steam here, or directly here for PC/Mac/Linux/Android.


It has been a great couple of years, and I really really appreciate all the help the community gave towards making this game possible. I want to give a special thanks to the benefactors: Synozeer, Evan Rattner, Starkonja, Milagre, Strom, Mark Green, newpoweR,Eric "Guitee" Guite, Tom "Tomatzo" Andreae, Chris Paras, Gareth Jenkins, Mafl, Bas Hendrickx, Pittsburgh - Go Steelers!, dsent, tav, Mom and Dad, Langoulant, tinny, MARKUSON, Logan C. Espey.

And a special thanks to the community regulars: esparano, marky1991, chi-ro, tycho2, zamrai, KlR4, medeman, KylerCA, dart, tim_saxton, melek, sidekick, neverwins, guitee, black5535, hollander, sky_lark, LjuboM, terces, mafl, xStatiCa, tinny, cj64, concretewave, coolhwip, nse_monsta.

To go along with this launch I've updated the game with a new co-op campaign mode as well as a bunch of fun holiday goodies, like these sweet Santa trophies!

Hope to see you online!!


P.S. The iOS version has been submitted to Apple! I can't promise anything, but I sure hope to see it released before Christmas!

Galcon 2 - Thanksgiving Update - 1.0.5

Hey there! Just a quick update before the holiday, ready for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. iOS Testflight will be mailed out shortly.

A few things fixed in this build:

- Improvements to tournament and clan features
- Steam beta launch
- Fixed server sync issues
 Fixed other misc bugs

The main reason for this update was to tell you about the special Thanksgiving features this week! You can buy drumstick shaped ships and host turkey tournaments all week! Be sure to check 'em out!

Have fun!