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The official sequel to multiplayer real-time strategy (RTS) game Galcon. Launch swarms of ships at enemy planets to conquer the galaxy!
The official sequel to multiplayer real-time strategy (RTS) game Galcon. Launch swarms of ships at enemy planets to conquer the galaxy!
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Hey everyone, get ready for an INTERGALACTIC PARTY!

We've got 3 new trophies, new ships and new planets!

To fill in you in the galaxy map updates, I've added support for alliances so you can help other clans do battle on the map. You can now also see the heroes on either side of a war, as well as see who the allies are.

Using alts in game is now discouraged, players using alts will not be able to be a hero in the galaxy map wars. A "?" appears next to alting user's names.

Coming soon is going to be a proximity feature, where clans can only attack nearby planets. So, in order to prepare for this change, you may want to build your planets into a cluster so they are better defended. This is going to add a whole new level of strategy to conquering the map.

Have fun! -Phil

Galcon 2 – The Galaxy Map is here!

The Galaxy Map is now available to everyone! I hope all the clans have fun battling it out over stars! To conquer, use skill, strategy, and diplomacy! Read the help for an overview of the map rules, and be sure to drop by the forums if you have questions or feedback.


Galcon 2 - Year of the Goat Update

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Welcome to Year of the Goat! There are new trophies, new ships, and TWO new sectors! There's a Dojo sector for training new players, and a King of the Hill sector! Have fun playing :)

Also, Nubbin just had her babies! 

Have fun playing! -Phil

Galcon 2 – Easter update!

Ahoy there, a new update is in the game! This time with Easter ships and an Easter ship type. Also a new game mode called "Vortex" that involved all the planets being drawn into a black hole!

Have fun!!

Galcon 2 - St. Patrick's day mega-update!

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Ahoy there! A lot of new things in this update! There's some new ship shapes, a new trophy, AND new ship classes! The ship classes are Fighter which makes ships battle in mid-air and a St.Patty class which makes all players be one of a dozen shades of green!

I hope you have a great time playing with the new features! 

P.S. I've been working on the Galaxy Map feature lately. Check it out: