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Master the frantic physics-based combat, lure enemies into traps or make them fight each other for dominance in this procedurally generated dungeon escape game.
Master the frantic physics-based combat, lure enemies into traps or make them fight each other for dominance in this procedurally generated dungeon escape game.
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A Pre-emptive Thank You!

Posted by Phi Dinh (Creator)

I was going to do an official thank you update after the funding period has ended, but I couldn't resist. So...


Everyone! I want to say a massive thank you to all our backers - you have been amazing! Everyone I've spoken to has been incredibly supportive and encouraging, and I've received so much constructive feedback and suggestions it feels very much like we're all in it together. This is what I love about Kickstarter and Indie game development!

I will be posting an official wrap up update after the funding has completed - but for now this is my personal thanks to you all. If you had asked me a week ago about about how our campaign was going, I would have said... well, it's OK...

However, in the past 3 days we witnessed a miracle, a huge boost in pledges - it was truly unexpected and I will remember this event for the rest of my life.

The TinyKeep team will be working extremely hard over the next year - we will try not to disappoint and hopefully bring you guys the dungeon crawling experience that this game deserves to be!

Stretch Goals

At time of writing we have hit the first 2 stretch goals! James Cobb, our composer is absolutely over the moon and is frantically trying out new melodies and themes for the game. Personally I'm very excited - I have a big soft spot for good game music!

There's only a few hours left to go but we would absolutely love for the next few goals to be fulfilled:

  • 5 Extra Monsters - As you can already tell, TinyKeep features bitter rivalry between Orcs and Skeletons. This stretch goal will allow us to expand on the theme further - not only will we get a full set of Orcs and Skeletons but we plan on including much more sophisticated behaviour than we have shown so far. Expect epic battles between these 2 warring races!
  • 3 Extra Playable Characters - Wizard, Ranger and Thief - plus a whole host of additional weapons and skills! With these extra characters you can play TinyKeep they way you want to - with magic, with ranged attacks or with stealth and cunning. This variety of classes leads very nicely to the next Stretch Goal...
  • Co-operative Multiplayer - A long shot for sure, but this is the holy grail of a Stretch Goal. Clear dungeons with friends, trade loot, and formulate team strategies against those tricky monsters... We think this will make TinyKeep into something REALLY special!

Don't Forget the Live Countdown and Ask Me Anything on Webcam!

As I mentioned on the previous update, I'll be doing a 1 hour Live Countdown and Ask me Anything on Friday 31 May 4:44AM UTC. Please see that update regarding other time zones.


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    1. Phi Dinh Creator on

      Thank you Mark, it all helps towards the stretch goals :)

    2. Mark Henning

      Well done, cant wait for the finished game :)

      I just doubled my pledge to celebrate :D

    3. Missing avatar

      Konitama on

      Congrats, you earned it. :) Now give us an awesome game!

    4. Lars Simkins on

      Awesome! Congrats guys!

    5. Shane Celis on