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A real-time, app-driven board game of WW2 submarine warfare. This underwater war thriller will put your skills to the ultimate test.
A real-time, app-driven board game of WW2 submarine warfare. This underwater war thriller will put your skills to the ultimate test.
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Posted by PHALANX (Creator)

Hello everyone!

It’s been a month since the last update, and plenty of things have happened in the meantime, so please take a break from your ongoing activities and dive with us for a while :)

Board game delivery

We have already started shipping the games and the delivery schedule is as follows:

EN - worldwide shipping starts next week. There are thousands of parcels, so this will be a process lasting for a few weeks, and not a single wave shipment. Parcels destined for the Europe will arrive sooner (estimated delivery in February), and parcels destined for America / Asia / Australia will arrive later (estimated delivery in March). Here is a short unboxing of the EN edition:

FR - European shipping is in progress. Worldwide shipping will be done along the EN edition. The first games have arrived to the backers, and here is Deena Pilgrim’s photo of unboxed and assembled game (click here for a bigger version).  

As you can see, the assembled submarine and playmat will fit into the game box along with all the other game components. :)  

DE, IT, PL, RU, SP - games will be picked up from the factory before the end of January. European delivery has been estimated for February, and worldwide for March.

BR - games will be picked up from the factory before the end of January. Worldwide delivery has been estimated for March.

For any shipping issues and complaints please contact directly your language edition’s publisher:


DE - Pegasus Spiele

FR - Asyncron Games

SP - MasQueOca

IT - Cranio Creations

BR - Galapagos Jogos

RU - Crowd Games

Please note that PHALANX is no longer holding the shipping info for other editions than EN and PL. So for any shipping issues please contact the publisher of your language edition, the same for any production complaints - this will make the whole process faster.

The parcels will be firmly packed, to keep your U-boats and add-ons safe. Here are some photos from our shipping partners:

Shipping will be tracked. You will receive shipping notification on your email or phone, depending on the direction of shipment. Please note that these delivery times are estimated, as worldwide shipping is a very difficult process. Fun fact: we will be sending out more u-boats than were launched during both World Wars, so please stay cool and be patient. They will arrive, silent and unexpected :)

App release

First of all, we would like to sincerely apologize to everybody who has received the boxed game, because the app has not been released yet. This applies mostly to our backers in France who have already started opening their boxes. We are really working around the clock to catch up, and, as promised, we intend to give you a pre-release version so that you can start playing as soon as possible. 

So here’s the plan: we will be releasing an ‘early access’ version for all those of you who have already received the game and really can’t wait to start playing. This will be an almost complete experience, although there may still be some tiny issues to fix, and not all the missions will be available to play. This version will be released mid-February and we will gladly welcome all the feedback that you can provide so that we can make the game better. 

As for the full version, we should know the approximate date once the app makes it through final external testing. We have tasked a specialized software testing company with searching the app from top to bottom for any potential issues, and as soon as we receive their feedback, we will be able to give you a more informed final release date. 

I guess it goes without saying that we are deeply sorry for this situation, but please also understand that it makes things much more difficult for us and for the project itself (mostly on the financial side of things). So please believe us that we are not delaying the app for trivial reasons, and that we are working as fast as we can, because the delay is causing issues for all the companies involved in the project. Unfortunately, things always take longer than planned…

That being said, we hope that the ‘early access’ version will alleviate the pain for those of you who have already put together their 3D U-boats and can’t wait to embark on their sea adventure. We understand that it may be frustrating, and we trust that this approach will at least partially make it up for the delay we have generated.

In the meantime, here’s what we are doing at the moment:

Artur is applying the final corrections to English app text, and translating it into Polish. The remaining language versions are also taking their final shape. The spreadsheet currently has almost 600 cells (multiplied by 8 language editions), and many of them contain lines upon lines of text, such as explanations for the campaign mode, how to handle resources between linked missions and the like. 

Bartek, on the other hand, is spending most of his time working in Unity: correcting game parameters, applying tweaks to the missions, embedding new sound effects, etc. All that while working closely with our IT team in Cracow (InImages). These guys are doing an incredible job, and without them, this game would have never come into existence! 

From left to right: Bartek, Tomek (programming), Krzysiek (graphics), and Artur. This photo was taken during one of our strategic meetings at InImages HQ in Cracow.

So, now you know who to spit in the eye in the street for delaying the game… I mean, who to thank for working so hard on your long-awaited tabletop U-boat simulator :)

Other important info

It has come to our attention that there is an issue with card size and sleeves. The cards seem to be slightly larger than planned and ordered for mass production. They fit, but need to be placed under a heavy weight to flatten them. We are currently investigating this issue, because the prototype copies were in compliance with the specifications, so it seems that something must have gone wrong in mass production. We will keep you updated.

Once again, we would like to thank you very much for your ongoing support, and your patience during the delivery. Our logistics and development teams are on their last legs, but they keep on pushing forward and will deliver the game as fast as they can. We realize that some of you may be frustrated with the delay, but we are confident that the final experience will more than make up for it.

Happy gaming!

Iron Wolf Studio and PHALANX

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    1. Missing avatar

      Owen Glen Ogden on

      Hi, I still am yet to receive my UK order. Any update on when this should come? Thanks!

    2. Stephen Kelzer on

      I have not yet received my order. In fact, I have not received a tracking number yet...

    3. Missing avatar

      Gareth Watson on


      I’m still waiting for a response on EN delivery for UK. No update from Phalanx or UPS.
      Can some one respond please?

    4. Missing avatar

      Artur Salwarowski Collaborator on

      @Frederic Padro:

      Unfortunately, as clearly stated on Google Play, the app does not work below Android 4.2.

    5. Missing avatar

      G van der Blij on

      Hi Phalanx,
      A number of backers in the Netherlands have received their copy, but unfortunately I still did not receive mine. I did not receive a shipping notification or parcel tracker, so I assume the game has not been shipped yet to me. Could you please inform me when to expect my copy?
      Thanks, Gabi

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Culling on

      Hi Phalanx,

      just wondering if you have a more accurate idea of when in March I can expect delivery in AUS? Also, who will be distributing the games in AUS?


    7. Missing avatar

      jason smyrloglou on

      Still waiting on my US shipment.. no mail or such about shipping yet.

    8. Missing avatar

      Frederic Padro on

      Ravis d'avoir enfin ma boîte française du jeu je n'arrive pas à installer l'application sur ma tablette.
      J'ai une Samsung Tab2 avec Android 4.1.2 qui est au maximum des mises à jour.
      Comment faire ?
      Merci d'avance.

    9. Missing avatar

      Gareth Watson on


      Still waiting for EN version in Uk. No word from Phalanx or UPS...

    10. Missing avatar

      Javier Dropez on

      I have just received my full pledge. The cards are definitely too big for the sleeves provided.

    11. PHALANX 5-time creator on

      Yes, UPS in EU. We are still sending the parcels, so please don't worry.

    12. Missing avatar

      Stephen Stanyon on

      Still waiting to receive mine.

      Is there a shipping notification before it ships?

    13. Dave Nattriss

      Received my EN copy in London late last week! 🌊 🛥 😁

    14. Missing avatar

      Owen Glen Ogden on

      Hi there! I am yet to receive my EN Edition in the UK, and have not received an email about shipping. How long should I wait before contacting the developer? Is it delayed because I purchased the Add-on, Hannibal and Hamilcar Rome vs. Carthage - English Edition?


    15. Anders Fredlund on

      I have not received my copy yet, should I start to be worried? Lives in Sweden...

    16. Missing avatar

      Karsten Tonnesen on

      Received my version, but I also got an empty white box marked All-in Resin Pack. Is this box left empty intentional?

    17. Chas Rust

      Just received my Uboot here in the UK and wow, what an amazing package. Unfortunately there's some crush damage along one side of the box that must have happened in transit so not your fault, but I can live with that and probably not worth the hassle of returning, but apart from that it looks fantastic. Great job!

    18. Qezlot on

      Just got my package. But I'm missing my addons; HANNIBAL and HAMILCAR: Sun of Macedon expansion - English edition, HANNIBAL and HAMILCAR: Price of Failure expansion - English edition and HANNIBAL and HAMILCAR Rome vs. Carthage - English edition!

      Also: In the image above the text "Shipping will be tracked" in this post, it seams to be two cylindric rolls, one is the Eco leather Giant Playing Mat, but what is the second? That slot was empty in my package and I did add every option,

    19. PHALANX 5-time creator on

      @Raymond Fischer - have you ordered them? If not, the box should be empty. Otherwise please make a complaint.

    20. Missing avatar

      Raymond Fischer on

      I also have received an empty box of the 'All-in Resin Pack'. Aren't there supposed to be U-boot components inside?

    21. Missing avatar

      Henrik Nilsson on

      What is supposed to be in the smaller white box, mine is empty? It is labelled “All-in resin pack”.

    22. Missing avatar

      Cervantez on

      @Alexander: did you read what I posted right before you? All EU shipment will happen until the end of February.

    23. Missing avatar

      Alexander Kristinsson on

      Have all of the european (english version) games been shipped?
      Still haven't gotten a tracking number or any shipping information.

    24. Missing avatar

      Cervantez on

      @Gareth: Phalanx has posted in the comments to the same question: "Please don't worry. We will be shipping games in EU for whole February."

      The app will be released this Friday.

    25. Missing avatar

      Gareth Watson on


      I’m waiting excitedly for my EN version delivered to a UK address.
      Is there a no later than date by which I should receive my copy?
      Do you have a further update on the app release?


    26. PHALANX 5-time creator on

      @Filip - in second half of February.

    27. Filip Loba on

      When You start shipping Polish version?

    28. Pete Thane on

      @Andreas - try this link to reports missing bits and damage

    29. Andreas Josefsson on

      Yesterday I received my copy of the game. Even though the game was in no way packaged in accordance with the images shown in the update, every thing was in good order. Except two pieces of the submarine that must've become damaged during transport. They are not completely broken, but over time they will most likely will. I have taken a photos but don't know how to forward them to you.

      Best regards,
      Andreas Josefsson

    30. Missing avatar

      Martin Aas Andersen

      Guess i'll try Mayday Games Premium Chimera USA (57,5x89mm) since they have an extra .5 mm

    31. Missing avatar

      Martin Aas Andersen

      @Danny As the update states they will release a early access version in mid-february (ie. about 2 weeks)

    32. Missing avatar

      Martin Aas Andersen

      BTW Arcane Tinmen 57x89mm sleeves are definitly too thight (the cards bow slightly). Guess i will try another brand or in worst case the heavy weight suggestion but that seems quite harsh on the cards considering the tight fit bowing.

    33. Missing avatar

      Martin Aas Andersen

      @David Check the list in the update above for who to contact for a replacement

    34. Danny van Holten on

      When is the app shipping?

    35. Missing avatar

      Mike Foy on

      @david vial. Maybe they could send you some superglue?

    36. Missing avatar

      David Vial on

      I received my U-Boot pack and it is amazing.
      However I noticed a piece of the submarine which is broken.

      Please could you indicate how to porceed to receive a piece replacement for France country ?
      Thanks in advance.

      Best regards

    37. PHALANX 5-time creator on

      @SLEEVES - the provided Gawain sleeves fit the cards well. They are tight, but not too tight. It is not a mistake, as Tristan sleeves would be too big for these cards. Please check with your own eyes:
      Thank you!

    38. McGray on

      Sleeves are just not the right ones. In the stretch goal of your project, it is well indicated that it is supposed to be 59x92 Pladins... So the ones delivered are simply not the right ones....

    39. Missing avatar

      ChrisS on

      @Pete Thane
      Thanks for the info Pete!

    40. Missing avatar

      Josh Holland on

      @Jim Johnson - You can sign up for delivery alerts with USPS as well.

    41. Missing avatar

      Dirk Diefenbach on

      I really love how you bring your backers up to speed! Well done! And compared to other kickstarters i have backed, you really don't need to worry about some small delays! I am really looking forward to experience the game at my table! Hue rgb lights for diving condition are installed and naval caps are ordered :-) greetings!

    42. Harag on

      This is great news guys... can't wait to get my uboat pack!

    43. Missing avatar

      Jim Johnson on

      USPS - good deal. Will be standing on the bridge waiting for the eagle to drop the package (hope it’s not a 500 pound bomb...)😜

    44. Missing avatar

      kirk99 on

      ok çà marche çà laisse le temps pour faire des simulations d'entraînement aux catastrophes et événements. Merci et bon courage à tous :)

    45. Pete Thane on

      @Chris Sauer - from some earlier comments I think when they got the original cards (Pre-Production Copies) the Tristan sleeves were too big and the Gawains were better and so the ones being shipped are the Gawain packs. However it now looks like the final production cards are very slightly bigger and so the Tristans may have been the right ones after all although i am not sure about this. Doh!

    46. Missing avatar

      ChrisS on

      Good work on the progress guys!
      A question regarding the card sizes and sleeves.
      If the cards are now bigger than expected, will the Paladin Tristan sleeves that were add-ons to the Kickstarter be changed to ones that fit better ie Paladin Percival?

    47. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool on

      @phalanx WHo will deliver the games in Sweden?

    48. Ikael on

      ok... well done!
      send this baby and let me shot my Ato "G7a T1"

    49. PHALANX 5-time creator on

      @RICHARD HSU - please use our contact form
      @Michael Romano/Jim Johnson - this will be USPS.

    50. Missing avatar

      RICHARD HSU on

      I need to update my shipping address. US backer. Please advise.