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      Alex Fabbro on

      Just one word:WOW!!!! Merry Christmas to you all.

    2. Philippe PETIT

      Great news 🎄🎅Merry Christmas!

    3. Robert Nelson

      That is freaking hawt! What a beautiful thing to wake up to!

    4. Brian Uhrig

      Happy Times are fast approaching! Thanks for the awesome post. Merry Christmas to you all for the hard work you guys have done.

    5. David Hladky on

      Beautiful! Happy Merry Christmass!

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      Cervantez on

      This looks amazing, thank you! Really appreciate to finally get a closer look at the app.

      Although I think the green TDC triangle is a bit too flamboyant :)

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      Sven Felix Oberquelle on

      Can somebody please turn the 2 games on that palette in the second picture?

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      Keith Hall

      Looks awesome.

    9. Normand D'Amour on

      En espérant que la version française pour le Canada sera du lot!

    10. Simeon Sheytanov

      Looks amazing, I hope it plays like that too. Merry Christmas!

    11. cgenov on

      Enfin! kommt er an!

    12. PHALANX 5-time creator on

      @Normand D'Amour - it will be sent along the EN games.

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      Konstantin Wetter on

      Great news! Thank you for the love and huge effort you put into this project.

      A question, that just popped up in my mind, seeing the TDC: (unfortunately all I know about u-boat-warfare comes from the rulebook and tactical guide of this game)
      Why had they to flood the tubes before firing? Why couldn't they always be flooded? I assume because this would harm the torpedoes...
      And secondly: will it be possible in the game to flood all the tubes available, so that after a first attack, if tubes are still loaded, I can skip the "flood tubes" order? I know that some players in my group will ask, why they cannot flood all the tubes right ahead to save an order later on...

      And of course, Merry Christmas!

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      Chris on

      Looks excellent, and well done on keeping this fairly close to schedule! +1 for Konstantin's excellent questions, (diectly below) and I agree that the green triangle might be just a bit too big

    15. Adrian S on

      @Konstantin Wetter: I would assume it's because you can't change the type of torpedo (or load a new one), while the tubes are flooded, or all that water would get into the sub.

      So, you have to decide which type of torpedo to fire, load it into a tube, flood the tube, and then fire it. But I assume you could make sure to load and flood one or more tubes in advance, if you knew you might soon need them on short notice…

    16. Missing avatar

      Artur Salwarowski Collaborator on

      @Konstantin Wetter & Andrian S:

      Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can say some more on the subject, but the way I remember it is that they had to open the tubes, thus flooding them, simply to allow the torpedoes to release into the water. Another thing is that yes, I would assume that sea water would damage the torpedoes if they were constantly flooded - they were pretty damn expensive, quite faulty, and regular maintenance + lubrication had to be done frequently to keep them in working order. Especially the electric torpedoes required checking their propulsion system regularly, and were much more prone to faults (as it is depicted in the game).

      Another thing against having flooded tubes all the time is that it would most probably harm the trim (balance) of the boat. While this aspect is not depicted in our game, then again the Chief Engineer would need to take a lot of things into consideration to trim the boat properly, such as how people are distributed around the boat, where food is being taken from, how many torpedoes have been fired, and so on and so forth. Therefore, flooding the tubes also affected the trim of the boat, and the loss of weight after firing had to be compensated (hence the compensating tanks that you can actually find on our hull breach puzzle, if I remember correctly).

      This is what I can say off the top of my head, but, I'm sure there are people here that could provide you with more in-depth answers on the subject :)

    17. Eric Engstrom

      Yaaaaay! Looking so good.

      @Artur That seems a pretty good explanation.

    18. BryTheBeav

      Haha, that was a short update? A lot of great screenshots. The app is looking great! Really excited to get this unique game to the table.

    19. Hans von Z on

      what a wonderful update ! i love seeing the boxes stacked and ready to be shipped :)
      i hope everyone had a happy Christmas and has an enjoyable New Year.

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      Sean on

      @Konstantin Wetter @Artur

      I hope links are allowed : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torpedo_tube

      If not, you can Wikipedia "Torpedo Tube", but it seems it was to avoid slime building up in the tubes ( reason for not keeping them flooded ). Flooding the tube was used to eliminate all air bubbles that could cause damage upon firing.

      Looking forward to this.

    21. Death To Sprues

      Re: flooding tubes early
      What you have here is people thinking like a game player, and not a submariner.

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      Keith Duffy on

      Any updates on delivery?

    23. Gurney on

      I got my French version today. Many thanks to Asynchron and Philibert for a fast and secure shipment!

    24. MARC F

      happy new year!!
      any news from the app? thx

    25. Missing avatar

      Stephen Stanyon on

      Hi there! Is there any updates on shipping? It's been nearly a month since we last heard from you guys. Thanks.

    26. Peter Proniewicz-Brooks on

      @Stephen Stanyon The main comments thread there's a reply from Phalanx suggesting a shipping update is coming today/tomorrow. (French language copies have appeared in the wild).