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A real-time, app-driven board game of WW2 submarine warfare. This underwater war thriller will put your skills to the ultimate test.
A real-time, app-driven board game of WW2 submarine warfare. This underwater war thriller will put your skills to the ultimate test.
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End of production, beginning of delivery

Posted by PHALANX (Creator)

Hello everyone!

We can finally give you an estimated delivery schedule, as production is drawing to a close!

Production and delivery

All the language editions are currently in print and confection. We will be picking them up from the factory in the following order:

The English and French editions - the 17th and 18th of December; Then, the printing house has its Christmas break until the 6th of January; After that, all the remaining editions (i.e. German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian-Portuguese, Italian, and Polish) will have been produced and assembled by the end of January.

Production is close to be finished, but it is still to early for a cigarette break...
Production is close to be finished, but it is still to early for a cigarette break...

Knowing this, we can arrange the shipping. Our language partners will pick up their copies in December and January, so they should be able to deliver you the games in January and February. The Polish edition should be delivered in February as well. The English edition will be delivered throughout January, February, and March, depending on the country that you live in. Europe will be receiving their games first, followed by the USA, Asia, and Australia.

The above means that shipping will be delayed by 1-3 months from our initial delivery estimates, and we would like to sincerely apologize to everyone for that happening. It is something that we wanted to avoid at all cost, but we ultimately decided that sacrificing quality was not the right way to go, as staying 100% on schedule would not allow us to fix the small issues that we found in the first pre-production copies that were delivered to Essen.

On the plus side, the delay in shipping will give us one additional month to work on the app, and let us assure you that it will be a time well spent. Truth be told, the app already has many more functionalities than we promised during the campaign, and this extra month of attention will allow the guys at Iron Wolf Studio to do even more testing and tweaking before the premiere, and the IT team at InImages to iron out all the creases code-wise. Therefore, with the app being postponed till the end of January, everything should be even more impressive once the boxes finally arrive to your door. And there you have it: the decision to delay production was a very tough one, but as we have mentioned many times before, sacrificing quality is something that we never take lightly (even more so, since the delay is admittedly not a terrible one). We do realize that many of you will feel disappointed not being able to enjoy the game at Christmas time, but we sincerely hope you will understand that our disappointment is even bigger, as everything until the very last moment made us believe that a timely dispatch would be guaranteed. Unfortunately, it has turned out otherwise.

New rules videos

As you already know, we are doing everything we can to make your introduction to the game as smooth as possible. To that end, Bartosz has already started shooting new instructional videos that explain both the core rules, as well as all the role-specific responsibilities. The first one is already up and running, so you can quickly review core rules without the need of even opening the rulebook. Please click on the link below if you would like to see how they are coming along:

The Captain is up next! After we finish all the role videos, there will be even more stuff coming up, as we already have plans for further videos showing new gameplay features that the public hasn’t seen yet.


In the previous update, you could see how painted components looked like, and today we’ve got just a couple of shots from the countless tests that we conducted throughout November. We have a couple of regular groups, but we also test the game in solo and 2-player modes to make sure that these game variants are on par with the full 4-player experience. Overall, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! Although people’s first reactions after reading the rulebook are that the game will be very hard and complicated, then, once they play a mission or two, everybody agrees that the system is very streamlined and intuitive.

Sadly, we sometimes forget to take photos, because we are always very eager to hear new feedback, and once we focus on noting down all the important issues, we sometimes forget to gather everyone for a photoshoot (unless Artur suddenly remembers and yells ‘photos, don’t forget the photos while we are still here!’).

Either way, the tests will intensify even further once the text part of the app is 100% ready, which should happen soon.


You might have forgotten about the sticker sheet that we promised you during the campaign, but we do remember about it! And, as always, it is much more impressive than what you saw back in February ;) To ensure the best quality possible, we reached out to a member of the community to help us provide a really impressive set of emblem stickers. Therefore, BIG thanks go out to Erik Theberge from Canada for helping us out on this one! What is more, you can see that our infamous mutated chicken from the campaign has also made it here, so we are confident that everyone will be able to choose an emblem of their own to adorn the conning tower of their brand new U-boat:

The most anticipated game vote

Before we finish, there is just one thing we would like to ask for. We do know that you are waiting eagerly to lay your hands on the game, and it might even be one of your most anticipated games of (regretfully!) 2019. Therefore, if you are still excited about our game in spite of the delay, then please vote for U-Boot in the yearly fun BGG ‘Most anticipated games’ contest:

Every vote counts, and we really appreciate any and all contribution to the BGG community that you may wish to make. Once again, please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in production, and wish us good luck with finishing the project! The tubes are already flooded, the targets are in our sights, and the torpedo crew is sitting on pins and needles, waiting for the Captain to say the word…

And I’m sure you know what that word is ;)

Happy gaming!

Iron Wolf Studio & PHALANX

PS. Please note the new 'Das Boot' TV series. Not as thrilling as the original, but still good enough to get deeper into the game's theme. :)

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    1. ijonesfr on

      @Phalanx : do you confirm the containers for France are on the road ?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jim Johnson on

      @Robin Lundin - I found a captain's hat at Atlanta Cutlery. They have a nice selection of WWII helmets; but, I think the captain's hat is on clearance. I was very impressed with mine and can't wait to wear it on the bridge of my new shiny submarine!!

    3. PHALANX 5-time creator on

      @Bryan Pope - done, thanks!
      @Meghan - games will be shipped in container and dispatched from the USA. Please send your son our warmest regards! :)

    4. Meghan

      My son also wants to know if he can pay extra for air mail. 😁 He’s seriously been wearing a captain hat every day since October.

    5. Meghan

      So will the US shipments arrive to backers’ homes directly from Europe? Or will pallets be shipped to the US then a company (like Quartermaster Logistics) ship them to the backers? My son is sooooo anxious to play this game.

    6. Bryan Pope

      I would very much like to upgrade my pledge to the all-in-level. I have been waiting for a survey to do that, and requesting this since May of this year. Please help! My email is Thanks!

    7. PHALANX 5-time creator on

      @Brandon Gilbert - you are right, sorry! Yes, we mean North america and will use this term in the future.

    8. PHALANX 5-time creator on

      @Rules - we will upload EN and PL rules at BGG this week. We will ask other publishers to do this as well.

    9. Dan on

      Hooray! U-69 sticker! :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Janzen on

      I chose the german Edition for thematic reasons and now i have to wait longer D:

    11. ijonesfr on

      @Phalanx : existing somewhere the final UK or FR rules, technical and other documents we could read please ?

    12. ijonesfr on

      @cgenvo : je croise les doigts que ton analyse ne soit pas bonne :( j’aurais dut prendre la UK :(

    13. Missing avatar

      Robin Lundin on

      Where can you buy these nice hats/caps you are wearing on the picture above? A nice little feature to have when you play. Looking forward to play the game :)

    14. cgenov on

      Merci mais 'ask Asyncron" ça ne sert à rien ! Asyncron ne réponds pas ou plus aux demandes, communique trés trés peu et il vraiment difficile d'avoir une réponse sur nos demandes concernant la version française....dommage.
      Donc wait and see! VF est récupéré en milieu du mois de décembre puis elle sera distribué par la suite, donc avec un mois de retard, puisque je pense qu'il faut dispatcher tout ça, emballer, trouver l'envoyeur, et ça c'est Asyncron qui doit s'en occuper je pense (pas sur) et comme Asyncron il est tout seul dans ses bottes, le pôvre il bosse comme un fou et ce ne sera pas facile ni pour lui, ni pour nous....

    15. Jaume Mora on

      Thanks for the info.
      Although I feel sad because I would like to have the game right now in my hands, I can understand the delay. It's a short one and you would have some more time to test everything and get sure the game get the quality it deserves.
      It's just a couple of months!!!!!

    16. David Hladky on

      Thank you. There is never too much testing in the software development.

    17. Missing avatar

      Vlad Pakhomoff on

      Vous récupérez la vF mi décembre mais l envoyez vous directement ou faudra t il attendre janvier ce n était pas clair pour moi

    18. Missing avatar

      Brandon Gilbert on

      Im assuming when you say USA, u mean NORTH AMERICA because us canadians dont seem to be mentioned anywhere. (Just a tip, us canadians HATE being considered the same as americans, we re not hated by the rest of the world)

    19. Hans von Z on

      i have no problems waiting a few extra months to get everything right . you're still ahead of most Kickstarters anyway !

      i'd like to ask what the shipping plans for Canada are ?
      just to let you know we're currently in a bit of a messy place , the Canadian Post Office workers are doing rotating strikes and might not even be accepting foreign shipments from time to time , our other problem is the large courier companies (Fedex , UPS) charge a custom broker fee to all shipments into Canada , adding $50 to every package . this is in addition to a customs fees our government decides to add . (but note that they rarely add custom fees to games , so the couriers are charging us an unnecessary fee!)

      so in general we prefer shipments by mail .

    20. ijonesfr on

      @Phalanx : hoo, if we can also have more pictures and video about the APP please, it could be really nice too


    21. Missing avatar

      Casper Neistrup

      It's a no-brainer! Quality over quickness! Thank you for making that decision. I will play something else for Christmas and await the new year... The year of the U-Boot!

    22. Missing avatar


      Compared to the vast majority of kickstarters a mere 3 month delay is nothing.

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      @Phalanx that's great, thanks! The new rules video looks great, super excited to get this!

    24. Rob

      @Mmag, we could not have gone into battle without that chicken! (I'm thinking about getting a tattoo) ;))

    25. Mmag on

      I was hoping for playing the game during Christmas, so it's definitively sad news... But I totally understand it. It's better to wait a little bit longer and have top quality product. And last but not least - Wooowster! My three headed mutated chicken emblem will be in the final box! Wow! :)

    26. ijonesfr on

      Je rêve de jouer à ce jeu et je relis tout dessus depuis 1mois. Aurait on les vraies documents finaux en français ?

      @Phalanx. Probably not so Assyrians to make a so complicated game. Promise, if you give us many photos on final material and many video before receive the game, I can wait a bit :)
      Where we can read about how have a good stratégie to sink the boats ?


    27. PHALANX 5-time creator on

      @Mdsbat - this shouldn't affect your shippment.
      @Matt - for English edition we will send US/Asia/Australia shippments first, and EU later. This will shorten the arrival gap between these markets. For other languages it depends - DE/SP/FR/IT editions should arrive earlier than BR. But their shippment isn't connected to shipping of the EN edition. We are going to use tracked delivery methods, couriers mostly.
      @cgenov - please ask Asyncron about that. :)
      @Marek Janusz Łepecki - oh yes you were! :)

    28. cgenov on

      Ha, au fait....à quand une vidéo des règles en français ? ^^

    29. Missing avatar

      Marek Janusz Łepecki on

      I prefer top quality. If that means a delay, I can wait. That gives me more time to finish reading "Das Boot". And maybe "Der Abschied" too. And Santa have to think quickly what to put under Christmas tree for me. I was a nice kid this year, wasn't I?

    30. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      @PHALANX With the English version copies being picked up from the factory on 17th December, is there any chance that your language partner will be posting them right away to Europe or will it take time to prepare all the delivery logistics? Can you tell us what delivery methods are planned (regular post, courier?) as this will obviously have implications on how long this process may take. Thanks!

    31. cgenov on

      Bon, notez qu'on s'en doutait un peu qu'il y aurait un retard, mais savoir que la version Française est en première intention avant livraison, c'est bon ça.....Rââââ Lovely!

    32. Missing avatar

      Mdsbat on

      hey. I am travelling from the 13th of this month to mid January. Is that within the arrival window?

    33. Rob

      Getting a game of this scope and magnitude to us in this timeframe is really an amazing achievement I think. It has been a phenomenal project, right from the very beginning.
      Thanks Phalanx and Iron Wolf. ;))

    34. PHALANX 5-time creator on

      @Michael Romano - yes, every backer will.

    35. Randy Dickens II on

      I'd rather the App be finished before receiving the game, so the delay works out perfect imo.

    36. Michael Romano on

      Will US backers get a shipping notification?

    37. PHALANX 5-time creator on

      @Chris - if you need to change your shipping address just please contact us directly.

    38. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      I appreciate that delays happen on KS, I think this is doing well to be only a few months behind. In hindsight, it might have been helpful to have let us know a few days ago, prior to finalising our shipping address. I and perhaps others have it shipping elsewhere with the expectation that it was on time. I know the pledge manager said that we finalised the shipping address, but is there now an option to change that again?

    39. Samael on

      Also doch Schleichfahrt! ;)
      Just kidding! To go for quality instead of pushing a faster shedule is the right way! Thanks for that!

    40. Missing avatar

      Martin Pring on

      There is only 1 emblem to use... The bull of Scapa flow