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A real-time, app-driven board game of WW2 submarine warfare. This underwater war thriller will put your skills to the ultimate test.
A real-time, app-driven board game of WW2 submarine warfare. This underwater war thriller will put your skills to the ultimate test.
A real-time, app-driven board game of WW2 submarine warfare. This underwater war thriller will put your skills to the ultimate test.
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    1. Michael just now

      we are using enigma simulators. The issue seems to be that when he encoded the message he did the first group of characters as well. Regardless of what sim you use if you use the settings in the key both sender and receiver use same key, you should be able to decode the messages, but in a very sort example say XXXA XXXB XXXC three of the letters in group XXXA are going to be authentication that the message is real they will match one of 4 agreed letter groupings on the key. the extra character in the first group is just to confuse people who dont know the key. so the actual message is only XXXB XXXC if you fed that through a machine you would get the real message assuming you had set up the machine correctly. | 24 | II III VIII | 07 16 08 | AU BX DG EV HK IR JO MT NZ PW | PWB YNZ ENM LIT | Here, 24 is the day of the month we were using. II III VIII are the rotors used 07 16 08 are the ring settings on those rotors AU-PW are the plug board pairings. additionally you need two three letter groups that are unique to each message that when run through the machine give you the initial settings for each rotor letter value prior to the start of the message assume that KXB is the first of these I would dial that into the rotors after I had set everything else up. then I would type the second one say... YYX and i would right down the result that was displayed and use that result as the initial rotor values prior to decoding the message. You have to have an enigma sim to do it though,

    2. Allan Meeks about 3 hours ago

      I'm looking at this "Code" thing and all I see is word spaghetti. Is there a breakdown that explains what each of this means or how they work together?

    3. Missing avatar

      Dave Save about 16 hours ago

      Hey all, we have a Discord setup for KS games and there is a channel for UBOOT. Feel free to join and chat more about UBOOT and other games too.

    4. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 1 day ago

      K fixing tomorrow if I find the time

    5. Michael 1 day ago

      no one of the three groups of 4 listed on the key is inserted as part of the first code group say NVI was one of the 4 listed ok the key a possible message might be XNVI for a 4 letter format or NVIBK for a 5 letter format. the placement of the kengruppen is in really important so long as it is in the first group and the letters from from the kenngruppen are continuous XNVI or NVIX, but not NXVI. However the first group is not actually encoded as part of the message. it is just there to tell the receiver that the message is genuine. in XNVI BKMM only BKMM would be encoded.

    6. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 1 day ago

      The kenngrupen are supposed to be encrypted right

    7. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 1 day ago

      The krnngrupen id supponera to be encrypted rigt?

    8. Michael 1 day ago

      I am not getting anything. start position generated by KDH and HOS comes out to be IJV there is no Buchstabenkenngruppe in front of your message that match the kenngruppen for that date, so I am assuming that the message proper starts with the first group TIBL. With the rotors in an initial displayed position of IJV the generated value arrived at by KDH and HOS no message can be discerned.

    9. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago

      Enigma m3 kreigsmarine ukw B

      | 24 | II III VIII | 07 16 08 | AU BX DG EV HK IR JO MT NZ PW | PWB YNZ ENM LIT |

      Kdh hos


      Hopfully I haven’t messed anything else up

    10. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago

      Encrypting a message now with a new code (sorry) gonna do it right this time thought

    11. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago

      Did it encode the first group rip
      Well have an 9hour train journey so I will fix that in an hour or two

    12. Michael 2 days ago

      as a proof against myself here is message encoded with the same key and with WLS as the rotor start positions. all the plugboards ring positions etc are the same as in your prompt.

    13. Michael 2 days ago

      the first two groups on both the app and program came out as MFYQ TWOG, I was able to get wls and dialed it in as the start positions on both along with all the ring and plug board values. I suspect that an error in typing was made and that you did not reset the rotors to WLS when you started again. either that , or you started encoding after Kenngruppen value NWT rather than adding two buffer characters . Every input has the potential to change rotor position so you might have inadvertently changed your start values. I would suggest retyping your message once to see if you get the same results with these settings.

    14. Michael 2 days ago

      I'll give it a go on both when I get a chance. I like the phone app because It allows me to use my pc screen for all the other bits I need. ..... and it's hard to go between multiple tabs and apps on the phone or pc because of all the info you need.

    15. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago


      Decipher all that with the code word you found own is wls

    16. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago

      Well i rekommend deciphering the message

      Jokes aside

    17. Missing avatar

      Adam Gastonguay 2 days ago

      I got WLS! I didn't have the Reflector set to 'B'. Because I'm a genius. Of course, now I'm not sure what to do with this information.

    18. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago

      ps your looking for WLS so the word SID and then typing in LFG will give WLS

    19. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago

      UKW: B
      Walzen: VIII III II
      Ringstellung: X-24 V-22 Q-17
      Stecker: AZ BR CD EJ GT HW IN KL PY SU
      this is the settings thou

    20. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago

      if not i will give you the key and then you give me the message you get

    21. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago

      check all your settings again and make sure its the right one

    22. Missing avatar

      Adam Gastonguay 2 days ago


      Okay, is NZH what I'm looking for?

    23. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago

      you set the rings to 24 22 7 not 24 22 17 good luck deciphering the rest of it

    24. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago

      i spotted the problem the rings are 24 22 17

    25. Missing avatar

      Adam Gastonguay 2 days ago

      Yeah, there's "Plug Board Pairs" and I typed in all the letters from the key.

    26. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago

      did you set the plugboard? or cant you do that in the app??

    27. Missing avatar

      Adam Gastonguay 2 days ago

      Dang. Was not able to decode anything, Domino_cool. So I got the enigma App. I set my rotors to 8 3 & 2, the rings to 24, 22 and 7 and typed in the letter pairs for the setup. Then I set the rotors to SID and typed in your other header and this is what I got: RBQ. Was I right up to this point?

    28. PHALANX 3-time creator 2 days ago

      @Gabriel - yes, please check the recent update.

    29. Gabriel Merin Cubero 2 days ago

      Hi everyone. I was not able to change my pledge to the all-in during the campaign. Will it be possible to do so during the pledge manager? thx!

    30. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago

      I was using Kreigsmarine M3
      Sorry didint write that

    31. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago

      Give my message a shotmichael hopefully i did it acording to the instructions given by you :D

    32. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago

      date 23 of febraur 2018

      SID LFG


    33. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 2 days ago

      Heres a code sheet i made specificly for this comunity please use this for any further coding pls


      |Tag | Walzenlage |Ringstellung| Steckerverbindungen | Kenngruppen |
      | 29 | V III I | 15 19 25 | AE BD CT FJ GY HS IP NO UV XZ | EYN AAW GHW SXZ |
      | 28 | II VI III | 21 02 10 | AJ BE CM DK FY HZ LP NQ OR TU | MDZ STH CDI DDJ |
      | 27 | I III IV | 25 11 02 | BJ CR DO FY HU IP KX LV MT NQ | GXO AGT WZR LZK |
      | 26 | VI VII IV | 07 20 02 | AI CZ GR HW JP KS LY MU NQ TX | MXA IIN WVW IMH |
      | 25 | VIII VI V | 09 20 09 | AR BX CG DP ET HQ JO KM LS WY | XEA BVR TEW XPJ |
      | 24 | II III VIII | 07 16 08 | AU BX DG EV HK IR JO MT NZ PW | PWB YNZ ENM LIT |
      | 23 | VIII III II | 24 22 17 | AZ BR CD EJ GT HW IN KL PY SU | TQJ NWT XQW WFZ |
      | 22 | III VI VIII | 08 05 22 | AX BC DI ET FS JQ KZ LO PW RV | GAH KVC XYD UIM |
      | 21 | III VIII II | 02 01 01 | AI BT DM EK FS GX NV OW QR YZ | GKU ZIP LLV VSY |
      | 20 | V VI VII | 14 03 02 | BM CK DI ET FW GN JP LU OX QZ | UAK AIS SMK OLX |
      | 19 | IV VI III | 11 01 01 | CO DU ET FY GX IW JZ KP LN MR | SGL DHH HXB WFP |
      | 18 | I VII VI | 04 22 20 | AV DK ES FW GM HJ IL OU PY QT | YIP FXL JQR FDP |
      | 17 | V VII I | 05 12 12 | CS DO EW FG HX JR LN MP QZ TY | GHW HZR HMK TLI |
      | 16 | I III VIII | 06 16 08 | AL BP CS DT FV GW HM IN KR QZ | ESI XKW JLA LOE |
      | 15 | I VI V | 10 13 19 | BY DP EQ FT HS JR LM NX OZ UV | XOO QAB URW VQV |
      | 14 | V VII I | 19 10 01 | AF BQ CE IT JY KL MW PR SZ UX | WCN NMV SDK GIX |
      | 13 | VI II III | 25 14 03 | CS DQ EF GW IM JY KV LZ NX OP | IHY RBF CXO LOK |
      | 12 | I VI IV | 14 20 07 | AJ CL FU HQ IM KO NZ PX RV TW | NAE JAT TOP MLH |
      | 11 | V II VIII | 21 11 03 | AY CT DE FK GI HM LR NX OU SW | OGR BHF WUQ TLO |
      | 10 | II VII I | 07 26 03 | AZ CN DE GP HJ IT KV LQ SX WY | WMO WOI NMH NSS |
      | 09 | V IV III | 04 07 18 | AF BG DI HY LT MV NR OZ PX QW | VGY FTU XXB TER |
      | 08 | IV I VI | 17 06 24 | DX ES GV HI JL KO NP QU RZ WY | EBR ANT UJU JSH |
      | 07 | I V II | 04 14 20 | AL BQ CH DV EZ FO GY NX PU RT | XRX JTT BXG ZJL |
      | 06 | IV I II | 05 23 11 | AB DU GY HL IS JV KP NQ OW TX | PAC UKK TSD PAQ |
      | 05 | VI VII V | 11 24 12 | AN BS CH FG IZ JT KQ LR OW PX | GEF SWY CRL JXL |
      | 04 | VII I VIII | 26 04 22 | AL BJ CP FK GQ IW MZ NY OX SV | LCN HHG HLT KQJ |
      | 03 | IV III VI | 17 10 06 | AJ BW CH DO FU GQ KY LZ RT SV | QDE RDV TFC SDK |
      | 02 | VI IV II | 22 24 10 | AJ BZ CO DL ET FX GV IM NR UW | NLU ACG VKP IJU |
      | 01 | V III IV | 25 09 16 | AI BV CJ EZ FY GU HK NS OQ RW | BYF GIH VLU DBW |

    34. Mary Death backs Days of Fire 4 days ago

      I really like those kind of historical correct games like U boot is. I'brings something exra to the table. Backing a other one right now.

    35. Michael 4 days ago

      the generated initial values should be MAI not PUP

    36. Michael 4 days ago

      In order to decrypt the following I need the message, the key , and the machine type for this note. In this case army ukw-b was used. This equates to model 1939 m3 in the android app. The key was identified as December 31 1944 from the u571 code sheets on the enigma group website. Once I have set up the enigma machine rotors, the rotor sub setting( forget the proper name off the top of my head.. but it is different from the value displayed in the window) and the plug board pairings that are all listed on the key, I can turn the rotors to the first trigram in this case KOF I then enter the second KMK on the keyboard and write down the resulting three letters. They should be PUP. Once you have created this value (which will be different for every message set) you can start with the decryption. KVVZX is not part of the message! KVV is a check that matches one of the four 3 letter groups on the key for the given day. It's use is for authentication only. ZX is just to confuse anyone listening. The message proper begins with the second group. Assuming everything is set up right on the machine you should get the output in my earlier post. If you mess up you have to start all over again. Each action you taje may or may not move a rotor so even one error will effect the following keyboard entries.
      (the other stuff aside from the trigrams in the header are only really used in multipart messages. In effect they tell you the number of characters, how many parts there are to the message, and which part you are decrypting.

      0139 1tle 1tle 193 KOF KMK


    37. Michael 4 days ago

      Your output will vary based on what you have the group number set to as well. Here it was set to have . The first group of five letters is a check against the 4 sets of three letters on the key
      The first 5 letter group will have one of the four sets of three letters plus two random ones. This is just an authentication measure and the these 5 letters are not fed through the machine. They are always the first 5 letter group in the text of a message. The output of one I decrypted last night came out of machine like this. So even after you decode, you still have to unscramble the result. In this case he was directing me to a post on the enigma code groups forum. GOTOE NIGMA WORLD CODEG ROUPX FREEF ORUMS XNETF ORMYR ESPON SEXHT TPCOL ONSLA SHSLA SHENI GMAWO RLDCO DEGRO UPXFR EEFOR UMSXN ETSLA SHTHR EADSL ASHNU MBERT WOSEV ENSLA SHDEC EMBER DASHN UMBER TWOZE ROONE FOURD ASHNE WSLET TER

    38. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 4 days ago

      is there a translater (or non translated) Enigma kreigs marine m3 manual out there?

    39. Michael 4 days ago

      By code word do you mean the trigrams? Those are part of the message header and are used to determine after the rest of the machine is set up to determine the proper start position of each rotor. I messed around with some old messages that were sent to me as part of that group , but using the app I posted up and it worked. I was inaccurate earlier all of what I said earlier has to do with machine set up rather than the decryption process. The first trigram is used to set the displayed value of each rotor. The second trigram is then entered the resulting three letters are then used as the values to decipher the actual message. The trigrams are usually created on the sending end. I'll try to do a step by step later it's very confusing at first. Had not done it in a while.

    40. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 4 days ago

      also for those willing to mess around whit th enigma whit me use this code sheet

      state the day used in your message thank you

    41. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 4 days ago


      heres the day used and settings
      | 21 | III IV II | 11 25 15 | BT CM DF EY IP KL NS OW RV UZ | AWZ TSV GVC XUI |

      Ps i wont be stating wich of the code words used just follow the manual good luck

    42. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 4 days ago

      also the plugboard wasint messed whit but im gonna do it now when i recode it all

    43. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 4 days ago

      ok gonna rewrite the message using todays februar 21 sheet from 1945 it will be provided shortly

    44. Michael 5 days ago

      the plug settings are separate from the ring settings and are set by the key. what you are describing is a check to ensure that the settings are correct not a key. the key provides which rotors are to be used(they are interchangeable) it then provides the initial settings for the selected rings. It then provides the plug board sets . What you provided will tell me that I have the right settings or the wrong settings but not how to get the right settings if they wrong. you need to cite a key and the day used so we can have the same settings. that is a step on that website too. the key is necessary regardless of what emulator is used. I have been a part of that group for several years. There is more under the hood that those initial settings you provided. I posted the u571 feb 45 key below. by configuring all emulators to the key we should be able to get the same result. Earlier me and Andy were able to converse because we both used the same app and were working with the same default settings. that program allows you to change the same variables but I have no idea what they start out as. it seems like you are using rotors 1,2, and 3 and you have provided their initial position. You have provided the reflector setting. The plug board settings cannot be gleaned from what you have provided and they are just as important. they are provided as part of the key.

    45. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 5 days ago

      @phalanx will there be a full fledged enigma emulator for the codesheets on the app???

      that is we will be able to change the rotors settings plugboard etc? (hopfully we get that)

    46. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 5 days ago

      @rob WEll i will pay the full amount for the stuff anyways i have money specificly for the shipping no need for me to save moneyzxD

    47. Missing avatar

      Domino_cool 5 days ago

      also @michael if your using the emulator on the phone its not gonna work whit my code i suggest we standarise on the emulator for the PC that igave the link too

      atleast i will be using it

    48. Rob 5 days ago

      At the same cost as all-in pledge level backers. You can put what you have left over (£6) toward your shipping cost. :)

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