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20th Anniversary Edition of award-winning 2-player game by legendary Mark Simonitch. Two games on epic struggle of Rome and Carthage.
20th Anniversary Edition of award-winning 2-player game by legendary Mark Simonitch. Two games on epic struggle of Rome and Carthage.
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We won’t win the War before Christmas

Posted by PHALANX (Creator)


We hope you this update finds you fine.

Production Update

Game boards, game boxes and cards have been printed and are ready for packaging. That goes for all language versions.

Rulebook, Scenario book, Playbook, Player aid - will be printed in next couple of weeks. That’s a massive job, we need to print over 1 million pages. All language version will be printed at the same time, no language has a priority here.

Price of Failure and Sun of Macedon expansions: the boxes are now in final DTP and will be printed once we are done with the above task. The cards for both are ready and the minis too.

All add-ons have been produced and are lining up for your inspection at the BGG Con (see below). We had a very good reaction to the quality at Essen Spiel.


That’s it for the components produced in Poland. The Chinese seem to be experiencing a bit of a long march here but it seems it is also coming to an end.

The dice production was dragging 2 weeks behind the schedule and yet some of them did not pass our quality control so the production had to be re-started.

The minis are all ready (as you’ve seen on the pictures already) and so are the trays.

Those components will be leaving China on Nov 24. They are expected in the assembly house on Dec 15th. And this is where we experience a delay. First we were delayed by Chinese autumn celebrations, now we are a victim of the Christmas gap.

The assembly, packaging and transport to the warehouse will only be possible in the first three weeks of January. We expect the delivery to start on Jan 22nd in Europe and one month later in the USA and Rest of the World.

So, not before Christmas, Ladies and Gentlemen...

So, we need to face the fact Hannibal & Hamilcar will be effectively a 2018 release. However, looking at the bright side of life - that will give you plenty of time to find out if this is the game of the year. :)


Essen Spiel

Thanks to your great support shown during the campaign, we were able to bring Mark Simonitch to Essen to have his dream fulfilled. Mark always wanted to visit the fairs but it was only possible thanks to the stretch goal of the Hannibal & Hamilcar campaign.

Mark has been at our booth daily, had conversations with gamers and presented his next design: Caesar: Rome vs Gaul.


Here is a few words from Mark. He refused to put it in 500 words, he apparently doesn’t believe in power of modern communication. ;)

I'd like to thank everybody who made my trip to Essen possible. That was my first time there and it was very interesting -- the fair is huge! Got to meet a lot of nice people and the folks at Phalanx Games were wonderful host. The best part was getting to meet gamers from all over the world. It appears our hobby is healthy and growing fast in Europe.

Mark Simonitch

Hannibal & Hamilcar video presentation

Here is a video presentation of the game prototype from BGG booth made during the Essen Spiel 2017 (starting at 3:55:00).



As I write these words, Hannibal & Hamilcar are visiting Dallas, hosted by our US distributor Ares Games. Those who are attending BGG Con may have a look at the final minis and dice and the add-ons: the giant playing mat, the standees and card holders.

Jeremy, who joined the team during the Kickstarter campaign has volunteered to present the game to the visitors. He will be at the 503 booth on:

Thursday 10:00-3:00

Friday 10:00-3:00


Thank you and happy gaming,

Jaro & Phalanx


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    1. Anthony Davis on

      I know we’re getting a quality product and I also have really appreciated the regular updates. Can’t say I’m not a little sad I won’t be getting this until after my winter vacation.

    2. Missing avatar

      Caldebraun on

      Thanks for the update. Disappointing news, naturally; but since it's being driven by a commitment to quality, I can live with a couple of months' delay. It will all be worth it once I've got the game in my hands early next year.

    3. Missing avatar

      Fontana di Valsalina Alessandro on

      Mmm ... I see ... too much "Chickens in YOUR Sea" ... there's no problem ... we are all Carthaginians !!! ... and we can wait ...
      Alex ;)

    4. PHALANX 4-time creator on

      @Des - we will send the parcels / palletes / containers at the same time, but overseas delivery takes more time.

    5. Missing avatar

      Des on

      So earliest i can get the game is mid Feb 2018? Cos i am not living in EU. Wow....