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      Andrey Zakharchenko about 16 hours ago

      Be indulgent to Alexey! It's pretty common situation in Russia, when people are afraid of all, that may be connected with fascism. And they have reasons for it, it's not a propaganda, c'mon. I mean, everybody in Europe and all over the world have such reasons, but in Russia it is a basis of mentality. For someone, like Alexey, it just hate on edge of fear. Anyone here who downplays the sacrifice of the people of the Soviet Union and downplays USSR role in WW2 is incredible stupid person and knows nothing about history. As well as anyone who downplays USSR crimes. As well as almost anyone who think that his country has no such crimes hidden between pages of history books. It was era of crimes against of humanity.
      But games like Race to Moscow are beautiful, because they let us to learn history, and to achieve better understanding of horrible past century. I really hope, that someday Russians become less afraid and more tolerant to such games/arts/movies etc. Because of it's food for thought, not propaganda of nazis or any other shit. Thanks to Phalanx for their work!

    2. Jakob Lassen

      I will never understand people who think: “I don´t like or agree with this game/book/movie/art piece/idea/et cetera, so therefore it should not be allowed to exist”.

      I am neither a fan of Star Wars, beer, abortion or celery, but that does not mean I want to ban or hinder other people from enjoying it.

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      Rich Shipley on

      I've heard good things about Race to the Rhine and I'll consider supporting this. It is a game about war and logistics and won't appeal to everyone. As a wargamer for decades, I'm used to distancing myself from the motivations of the protagonists and focusing on the aspects presented in the game. I understand that other gamers might not have the same experience or desire to play such games. Of course some sensitivity about the subject should be expected, but I see no reason that the game should not be made.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      Yup, This is not like fighting with soldiers and thanks...this is somewhat more disturbing, Planning an invasion from Nazi perspective does not feel right, it's not like fighting a skirmish. I am conflicted about this.

    5. Missing avatar

      Алексей Сергеев on

      Guys, who say 'this is only a game'. Nazism actually started as a game, some club meetings, some cool uniforms, some racist jokes. Please PHALANX, don't start this again. Do not poison the innocent! Do not foster tolerance to mass murder, and do not ignore millions dead. Nazism is not abstract evil, it killed millions, and it's still alive. Don't play with it! Nazis planned to exterminate Poles as well, leaving only a few millions alive. If Moscow fell in 1941, you may have no chance to exist today. For your own ancestors, this was not a racing game.

    6. Wolff Designa on

      @Sven Folkesson
      I have relatives who have been killed on eastern front and others who were sent to force labor camps in Germany. You can go to hell with your comment about virtue signalling.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Burgess on

      Really interesting concept and I hope that the early promise is delivered on with a decent in-depth game - if so then I will definitely back.

      I read with interest the debate on making a game out of war but the thing that bothers me in the description is the casual sexism implied by the back-handed compliment to say that "children, and maybe even women can play this game" and "some women are actually quite good at this type of game" ... come on Phalanx you can do better than that. I think you are at risk of alienating 50% of the potential players of the game unless you change that bit!

    8. Sven Folkesson on

      @Arty The Germans push for Moscow in 1941 is often described as a race. Unfortunately for all of us, war and Its horrors will not end because of your sensibilities and virtue signaling.

    9. Blackadder on

      I missed the original...can you add as an option to this?

    10. Arty on

      I find the theming of this product extremely questionable.
      I think the "Race" in the title is what rubs me in the wrong way the most, given the context.

      Personally, I will not support this project, nor any future project by Phalanx.

    11. Missing avatar

      Steven Marshall

      saw the prototype at UK games expo and was talked through it. Really looking forward to it, but I hope it is friendly shipping to the UK?

    12. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Paladin on

      The game looks fascinating and I look forward to adding it to my collection. I have read some of the myopic moralistic rants, and say: Please make this game. Thanks

    13. Missing avatar

      Roge on

      Looks like to be a great game...Will it be only in english version? if not, which langage are expected? if yes, is it a no-dependance langage and does the rules will be translate in ohter langage?

      BTW, please if you want that Aleksey does not gives his opinion, please don't "feed" him...if you want a steam train to stop, so you don't give coal to the engine ;)

    14. Hauke S.

      Count me in!

    15. Antonio Soto Patiño

      I would love to see about this game more in detail, and specially about a convincing solo mode.
      @Aleksei Sergeev, for your information, in case you missed it, this is A GAME!!! Focus!

    16. PHALANX 7-time creator on

      @Alexandre - There will be three Army Groups: Nord, Mitte and Sud. :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Limoges on

      Hi! What are the 3 generals in this game?

    18. Missing avatar

      ridgeley on

      Aleksey. you claim that 100 000 Poles served in Germany. Can you point how many of them were volunteeres? None. There were no singe volunteer Polish troop in Wehrmacht or SS. All Poles joined Werhmacht by force, as Silesians or Kashubians, former citizens of Prussia. On the other hand, there was MASSIVE soviet people collaboration with Germans. Soviet people hated Stalin and his camerades. They treated Germans as liberators. In fact Hitler = Stalin in terms of what they did

    19. Missing avatar

      ridgeley on

      The cover is horrible. It looks like ticket to ride or train race to Moscow :D There should be WWII military, not train design!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Probe9 on

      So killing milions is not a problem as long as you dont create deatchmaps in order to achieve that ? :) My point was that during almost every war terrible things happens. With your point of view there shouldn`t be any war games, becase ALWAYS there will be someone who will find theme to be offending for him. Please just stop politicizing a boardgame.

      Noone here glorified Barbarossa campaign, we have only noticed that Russia participation and role in WW2 also deserves condemnation (really just start with some basic facts about Katyń, and it`s just a small % of their crimes). They were on a wrong side, they attacked Poland and were german`s ally. The fact that they were later betrayed by the Germans does not explain their shameful behavior in any way.

    21. Øivind Karlsrud on

      Aleksey, your Soviet-era propaganda is a joke. Tell someone who wants to listen to it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Probe9 on

      Aleksey, could u just stop that Soviet propaganda and let us focus on game itself ? Game developers already ensured that it will have proper entry or comment section. Every war is associated with terrible things. According to you, there should be no game about american activity in WW2 because it ended up with a genocide against people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

      We all know what kind of history Russia, and your bleaching attempt is realy funny. Stalin and USRR are responsible for millions of victims and will be remembered as one of the darkest card of history. But still, that fact is not related with this game in any way :) So please stop using it to disseminate false and historically harmful theses.

    23. Øivind Karlsrud on

      Aleksey: Your original point was a good one, and I think it has been noted, but no one is interested in your effort to whitewash Soviet history. Not that anything justifies what the nazis did. But the rest of us is finished with this discussion. This is a wargame, focusing on logistics, nothing more. Don't buy it, if you don't like it. Me, I'm going to buy it.

    24. PHALANX 7-time creator on

      Aleksey, my family lived through Soviet occupation, and their stories are real, more real than any movie ever made. Also, you are in clear denial of the crimes and atrocities committed by the Soviet armies and political representatives. Which of course are not justifying those committed by the Axis but should not be removed from the picture. Also, you are accusing the game designer of modelling things he is not doing, while there is hundreds games already published on the subject and we are not breaking the ground here.

    25. Missing avatar

      Dag K on

      Looking forward to this one. I have really enjoyed Race to the Rhine.

    26. PHALANX 7-time creator on

      Apart from that, we also have Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Estonian friends, whom we love. Let's not however mix Soviet Union with Russia or Russians.

    27. PHALANX 7-time creator on

      Aleksey, the Holocaust wasn't a result of Barbarossa, get your facts right. Also, the genocide (Holodomor), war crimes (Katyn), pure military aggression (Poland, Finland, Romania), occupation of conquered territories and enforcement of the political system (whole Central Europe), cleansing of political adversaries (Trial of the Sixteen and others) and moving whole nations at a horrendous loss of life (Tatars, Poles, others) were not just the Nazi/German invention and actions. Soviet Union was active there, only viewed as a lesser evil. In fact that's black death vs cholera, with both horrible and deadly. Also, the game is NOT proposing the players to enact any of what is disturbing you. Judging by the fact, how the Germans were welcomed in the Soviet occupied territories and how many ethnic Russians joined the German war effort as volunteers, the claim that two brutal dictatorships engaged in an all out war, without concern for their populations (either own, or enemy) is actually quite reasonable.


    28. MadScientist

      Looks great! Looking forward to its launch!

    29. Missing avatar

      Chaak on

      If you don't like the game, theme, etc, just don't support it, noone will force you to play after it will be released. But don't dictate other people your opinion and let everyone decide if they want to buy it.

    30. Missing avatar

      Алексей Сергеев on

      Since logistics is a backbone of any war, as you imply, there are enough wars to make a good game. Even if the Polish creators of the game are so moved against Russia, they are free to create 1612: Race to Moscow, or 1812: Race to Moscow, or 1920: Race to Kiev etc., depicting successful Polish invasions to Russia. But not a cost of re-enacting Holocaust. In this game as we already learn, player would have to strip peasants off their food supply, so making people to starve and die. Player would have to prepare kerosene, and we all know it would be used to burn people alive. Player would have to store ammo, and we all have seen pictures of Nazi servicemen shooting infants with that bullets. There is not a manipulation, this is a just a kind request to reconsider. Please, do not make this mortal sin, don't put a stain on Phalanx, yourselves and modern Poles.

    31. PHALANX 7-time creator on

      We will be happy to add extensive notes and invite backers from various view points to publish their articles on the conflict in the booklet. We however won't bend to manipulation as in the latest post. The game is NOT about logistics for the Lebensraum as you are trying to imply but about logistics of war. Those are presented via the view on the largest campaign in human history, The more you are trying to manipulate and propagandise, the more we a point in publication.

    32. Missing avatar

      Bernhard on

      I would kindly ask the game creators to reconsider and stop this. Playing for Nazis commiting planned ethnic cleansing, building logistics for Lebensraum and Mein Kampf, is immoral. If you Listen to the voices here and do an emergency retheme that is morally acceptable, I pledge now to pay double for the game.

    33. David M. on

      This looks great. I will be backing it on day one.

    34. Peregrine Nicholls on

      Please, please, please can we have grey German pieces (not red)! Looking forward to adding this to my shelf next to Race to the Rhine!

    35. Tony Nygren on

      No! Looking foward to this game!

      Поторопись и приготовься! Я не могу ждать!

    36. Randy Woods

      Wish the upcoming game went all the way to the winter of 42
      Then another game could cover the spring of 44 to the fall of Berlin, maybe you could turn it into a east/west race to finish off the Nazis.

    37. Mikademus

      This seems like a beautifully produced game with an interesting theme and setting. I liked Race to the Rhine and an looking forward to a deeper take on the concept. Also feels fresh to take a logistical perspective on one of the most interesting parts of the Wehrmachts blitzkrieg strategy. Good match between theme and mechanics! Looking forward to it and will recommend to fellow hammers that enjoy both board games and wargames.

    38. Øivind Karlsrud on

      No one here is denying what the nazi regime did. And they certainly were the aggressors, not USSR. And what they did was worse than Stalin's purges etc. There's nothing quite as ugly as killing people just because they have a different ethniticity or religion. I also hold the generals accountable, and suspect they knew what was going on. We're certainly not playing the good guys in this game.

      Aleksey's point has been raised on Boardgamegeek too. I guess some people will feel differently about a game in which everyone is playing a german general, than about regular wargames on the Eastern Front. I hope this doesn't turn into a shitstorm as with the Scramble for Africa game which GMT decided to pull. I will certainly back it, because I have wanted a game focusing solely on logistics.

    39. Missing avatar

      Алексей Сергеев on

      Portraying a carefully planned genocide and ethnic cleansing as a 'conflict of dictatorships' seems as awful and illegal, as denying Holocaust and results of the Nuremberg trial that condemned German invasion of USSR as a war crime and a crime against humanity. To end the discussion, I would like to invite all possible players of '1941' to watch TV movie 'Come and See' about what logistics actually happened in Barbarossa, and how that barrels of fuel were used by Germans. It is available on Youtube with English captions. I personally own many Phalanx games, including Magnates, I love Polish history, understand Poland's point of view, have many friends in Poland. That's why I urge PHALANX to keep high standards of humanity and not to make such mistake as 'Race to Moscow'.

    40. Øivind Karlsrud on

      Aleksey, I'll just say this: In Oslo, there's a monument depicting a hammer smashing a swastika, as a thanks to communists fighting the germans occupying our country.

    41. PHALANX 7-time creator on


      The game is focusing on purely logistical side of waging war. This is a logistical and historical game, set in historical setting by a well versed author. The game will have a proper entry or comment section where the complexities of that war and operation will be summarised in an informed, and not infested with propaganda way without whitewashing neither side of this terrible conflict of dictatorships. Having said this, I must stress, this is an adult product, for sophisticated customer. If, for some reasons, you don't find yourself fit to support its publication, please refrain from doing it.

      Thank you,


    42. Øivind Karlsrud on

      As for the game, I understand if people feel a bit uncomfortable with a game in which everyone plays a german general. But in the end it's just a wargame, and I want to play it. Those of us who play eastern front games don't need to be reminded of the atrocities, do we? I certainly hope not. Holocaust deniers exist, but are they the ones who will play this game?

    43. Øivind Karlsrud on

      I don't believe for a second what Aleksey says about Soviet atrocities being propaganda myths. I wasn't there, of course, we all just know what we read. But I have grown up in an open society without censorship, so I tend to believe what our historians tell us about atrocities (on both sides). I remember when the russians were happy to get rid of the totalitarian regime lying to them (remember Chernobyl, anyone?), now some of them seems to want to go back to being lied to. Go figure.

    44. Missing avatar

      Алексей Сергеев on

      Mat, most that you say about 'Soviet' crimes is anti-Soviet or nationalist propaganda myths. You may prefer your own nationalist version of history, and consider the brain-washing narrative as true and best possible education. You may forget 3000 children, that were killed by SS blood drainges in Salaspils, Latvia. Or deathcamps created by Finnish invaders in USSR, or how Romanians burned Jews alive in Odessa, or just Hungarians tortured children in occupied villages. You may as well forget Holocaust, Hiroshima, colonialism, and Vietnam, and blame all bad things of XX century on Stalin. But that cannot make anyone accuse USSR citizens of comparable crimes, such as invading other country with a main purpose of ethnical cleansing of most of that country population, with only children death toll exceeding 1,3 mln people. That also cannot make USSR an acceptable target to re-enact ethnical cleansing and planned genocide, or such a game to be enjoyed.

    45. McKayla Roundy

      You know I have to say, this game looks really really interesting, a strategy war game that is focused on logistics sounds fascinating and something that would be right up my alley. Military Logistics is really interesting, and the tasks of feeding and supplying an army to make sure it can fight is really cool and can lead to some really interesting decisions.

      However, I have to agree with Алексей and a lot of their points. The theming is really grossing me out of having to play as the Nazis as they invade the USSR and all that implies and entails. I don't think this game shouldn't be made, but I also definitely don't think it should whitewash what the nazis were doing either. ESPECIALLY considering the current political climate in Western Europe and North America. I think that Алексей's suggestions for additional mechanics should be considered and taken into account. The players should see and recognize the horrors that the Nazis committed during Barbarosa, the "Holocaust by Bullets" basically.

      If done well the game could have this interesting build-up and slow "mini radicalization" of the players, as they try to win. The game could be a fantastic way to educate and show how the "just following orders" mindset can lead to genocide and destruction, how actions get slightly more horrific. Teach players how these small steps in radicalization eventually get worse and worse until the society and players turn cruel. In short, if we're basically taking the role of Adolf Eichmann (I know he didn't lead the Army Groups ofc, but he did run a lot of logistics for the Holocaust), then flat out show the Banality of Evil.

      Some inspiration from Brenda Romero's "Train" could be a very welcome addition to this game. I'm sure it's already been mostly designed, playtested, and what not, and I understand that it would be difficult to change at the last minute like this, but I earnestly feel that this game could be so much better and do so much more than just being a board game if some of these suggestions and thoughts were taken to heart.

    46. Missing avatar

      Mat on

      No wonder Russians don't want to admit some of events of WWII if they are so undereducated. I don't blame them, I blame a system of education.
      @Aleksiej: 1) Try to think logical. Non agression pact between countries that have no common border? Seriously you think that is the only point of this agreement? 2) Munich was no alliance. It was terrible agreement and it's worth daming but it was no alliance in contrast of Ribbentrop-Molotov pact. 3) Did Poles served in Werhmacht? Yes. Same as French, Dutch, Norwegians, Belgians etc. But did you hear about Vlasov army? 4) Latvian and Finland part of Nazi system? Seriously? Latvians, who helped Polish soldiers after 1939 campaign get to France? Finnish who after Soviet agression asked for help Great Britain and France (no Germany)? 5) I'm not sure what crimes againts humanity Roosevelt and Churchill did (except bombardments of cities I can't think nothing) but Stalin not only ordered to murder more people than this two, he also ordered to murder more people than Hitler. Much more (of course he had much more people under his command so it was easier for him). 6) You want some Soviets crime? Here you have: Holodomor 1932-1933, Great Purge 1936-1938, Katyn massacre 1940, using people to work in horrible conditions like mines around Magadan, NKVD prisoner massacres after German invasion 1941 (Chervyen, Hlybokaye, Hrodna, Vileyka, Vilnius, Berezhany, Lviv etc.). Want some more? Or maybe that's not a crimes? 7) At the end I can agree with you about German crimes but please don't act like Soviets didn't do anything wrong.

    47. Missing avatar

      Grzegorz Dabrowiecki on

      Looking forward to read rules. Race to Rhine is very well accepted in my gaming group.

    48. Gif gi on

      A suivre avec un grand intérêt. Je ne me lasse pas du premier donc j’attend Celui avec envie.

    49. Missing avatar

      Szymon on

      Stalin=Hitler. Evetybody was happy that one dictator fought with another. 17.09.1939 ussr ataked Poland and Then Stalin killed 17000 Polish officers just bcs he wants.
      Send hudred tousend to Siberia, my grand father was killed bcs worked in railway by animals from NKWD. Russian is famous from producing weapons soldiers crimes and wars... thats Russia last 300 years.

    50. Missing avatar

      Boogie de Cubalibre on

      @Алексей Сергеев. I was going to write a long comment to prove you are completely wrong, I was going to bring your lies to the light of truth, but I have no time waste on you. You are as fake as entire soviet propaganda, you are the soviet propaganda.

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We are sure you’ve not only heard of the Barbarossa campaign but also may agree, that logistics were the key to its failure or success. This take on the subject has been quite recently made accessible to a wider public in the book Operation Barbarossa and Germany's Defeat in the East by David Stahel. And this is where our inspiration came from.

In 1941: Race to Moscow, which by some is considered to be war-themed pick up and delivery and by others a very simple but not simplistic approach to large scale military logistics, the players take the roles of chiefs of staff (or quartermasters) of three massive Army Groups, formed together from close to 200 divisions, which aim at the centers of Soviet Union - Moscow, Leningrad and Rostov. The campaign itself was planned to be swift and daring, with a goal to reach the objectives before the winter comes. In reality, after the final push - Operation Typhoon - the invading troops reached vicinity of Moscow and looked through binoculars at the Kremlin spires on one frosty December morning . And then, Soviet counteroffensive started.

Your job will be to keep the logistics chain working, to make sure the speed of Blitzkrieg is kept at the highest level and the goals are reached on time. That means you will have to supply fuel to the tanks, ammo to the guns,  food to the troops and fodder to the horses (yeah, you know most of the German divisions used horse driven wagons, right?).

There is yet no such Eastern Front game out there. This is entirely unique game perspective and experience drawing from the  award-winning 1944: Race to the Rhine, just much deeper. Now you will be in command of mechanized panzer groups and non-motorised armies, there will be two types of transport columns: trains and trucks, there will be air-support and Kriegsmarine operations and plenty of random, yet historically accurate events.

There are no combat rolls in the game, no CRTs, no LIMs or chits nor initiative rolls. In a very elegant, yet accurate system, whole Operation Barbarossa is playable in 90 minutes with 1 to 3 and half a player. Yep, half. That means if you have 3 seasoned player and one novice (or someone you want to convert to wargames, or maybe an offspring?), you may still find for him/her a place at the table.

Or let Stalin, errrr...automa do its trick. For we have automa for every of the four players - that means you have 4 different solitaire games in the box and quite a number of 2, 3 and 4 (or 3.5) player games too. 

Game prototype at UK Games Expo 2019.

1941: Race to Moscow contains huge, 84 x 56 cm mounted mapboard, 110 playing cards, 180 plastic miniatures of troops, transport units and munitions and 100+ cardboard counters. 

Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics. Nobody knows to whom attribute this worn-out phase but most people agree it is actually true. Play 1941: Race to Moscow to see how we’ve implemented this claim into a fast playing, exciting and very competitive game of the largest military operation in the history of mankind.

Find out 18.11.2019 at Kickstarter.

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