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    1. PHALANX 6-time creator about 4 hours ago

      @Gilles94 - we have offices both in UK and in EU (Poland), so we are quite firm that Brexit won't cause difficulties in delivery.
      @Poindexter - good hint, we will consider this.
      @Rodolphe - we plan to include standees as a stretch goal.

    2. Rodolphe about 15 hours ago

      A rulebook in a proper format, thanks! Can't stand the square format, not practical to use.
      Please provide the leaders as MDF standees, compatible with the color rings, and the funeral cart too!
      Glad to see this glorious reprint for one of the best games.

    3. Poindexter about 19 hours ago

      Distinct cards and minis for Antipater and Polyperchon would be nice!

    4. Missing avatar

      Gilles94 about 22 hours ago

      What about Brexit ?
      Is there any Risk ?

    5. PHALANX 6-time creator 1 day ago

      @Agustí - still working on this.

    6. Missing avatar

      Agustí Palà Planell
      1 day ago

      In Spanish?

    7. PHALANX 6-time creator 1 day ago

      @Stepan - surely! :)

    8. Stepan Papez 1 day ago

      Any chance of getting a mini of the Alexander's funeral cart? Possibly a stretch goal? :)

    9. PHALANX 6-time creator 1 day ago

      Thank you for the feedback! Please be sure that we are hearing your comments about the map orientation, and we are open to change if most of the community expect it. Kickstarter is a great platform to share opinions and work together on a product that will fit your expectations.

    10. Abdul Fatah.B.Alwee 2 days ago

      Keep the minis. But for those who prefer cardboard tokens or standee, let it be an option for them. For me, I rather prefer the awesome minis.

    11. Missing avatar

      Justin Vorhis 2 days ago

      Overall, the game and components look absolutely stunning! Well done!

      That said, I am disappointed by a few of your artistic decisions

      First, like Paul and Colin, I, too, continue to think that the map should be reoriented back to a north-south orientation as it was in the previous editions. Changing the orientation seems to have little real payoff, and may, as Paul rightly says, lead to unnecessary confusion.

      Second, I am sorry to see that you haven't changed the illustration on the back of the Tyche cards. Again, this illustration strikes me as a far cry from how the Greeks and Macedonians would have depicted the goddess. Indeed, the illustration looks much more like something you would find in a fantasy game than a historical game. Why not revert to the classy look of the GMT Tyche cards?

      Third, given that Phalanx is clearly aiming to produce the definitive edition of "Successors", why not include a separate Polyperchon miniature/card? It has always struck me as strange that the Antipater card/general counter has to do double duty as both Antipater and Polyperchon. This seems like a simple thing for Phalanx to remedy.

      Finally, I find the province colors to be rather off-putting. Why are some provinces so bright and others so dull? For all your talk of making it so much easier to distinguish province boundaries, the Asia Minor provinces still look like they will be hard to pick out. I wonder whether the "Hannibal" map could serve as a useful guide here. There, each region (Italia, Iberia, Africa, etc.) had a sort of theme color, and then all of the provinces within that region were given subtle, but distinguishable, variations on that theme color. Could you do something similar here perhaps?

      Again, these minor criticisms aside, I remain so excited to back this game! Thank you, Phalanx, for bringing this fabulous game back and best of luck with the Kickstarter!


    12. Missing avatar

      Colin Hunter 2 days ago

      Love successors, but I'd strongly encourage you to Re-orient the map and dump the miniatures. The previous GMT edition seems far preferable. Also is it possible to post the rule changes. This will make a big difference as to whether I'd want to order.

    13. Missing avatar

      Paul Daniels 2 days ago

      Hi Team:
      You've said nothing is set yet: Please consider changing the map back to the original north-south orientation.

      This sort of change would be fine if there was a reason for it, if the gameplay required it. Having played Successors a bunch, I can't see such a reason.

      The way the map has been rotated 90 so that east (instead of south) is a problem. It's a problem because it makes it harder to learn the game. It makes it harder to learn the game because players now have to also mentally reorientation the map to find locations or grasp where things are happening relative to the regions their familiar with.

      For instance, if I want to find something in Egypt here I can't just think "I know Egypt is in the bottom right corner of the Mediterranean, so I'll use that knowledge to help me find what I'm looking for"... that would work for a map that has the standard orientation. But in this weird map Egypt is instead in the left side of the Mediterranean. My pre-existing knowledge of maps of the region aren't as helpful as they usually are.

      So I have to do more mental work to play the game. Again, that's fine if the game requires it. But the game doesn't require it here. The aesthetic direction chosen does. And that's a bad reason to make things harder for gamers.

      It's like choosing colorblind un-friendly colors for no reason -- or just because you think doing so is "innovative" -- despite knowing that choosing them make life harder for people who'll play the game.

    14. PHALANX 6-time creator 3 days ago

      @Crimson - the Helepolis miniature will be available after the first 48h as an add-on.
      @Alexander, Dave - we hear your feedback. We plan to add leader standees as a stretch goal! :)

    15. Poindexter 5 days ago

      I want the minis though I do like the suggestion that backers can select which they'd prefer, standees or minis.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dave Kohr 6 days ago

      I've been playing Hannibal and many other card-driven wargames since the late 90s. I think the fancy plastic miniatures don't work at all for this kind of game. Standup cardboard leaders are best. I backed Hannibal and got the standup generals add-on for it. The plastic minis for Hannibal are packed away in storage and I expect never to use them. I would not even consider backing Successors if there isn't at least an option to get standup leaders. Even better, let backers choose which kind of leader markers they want.

    17. Missing avatar

      martinkaizer 7 days ago

      Nice project. I hope the gameplay/rules will also be upgraded to a more 'elegant' level, without losing any depth of game. Could also catch some new players then. I really like the minifigures, given the fact that I would paint them anyhow. Infact, what i really don't like is the very 'steril' artwork (with mono-coloured backgrounds) of the old successors-editions or even of Hannibal. The pictures somehow look too much old-school cgi for me. I just don't like this kind of artwork, that seems to live on in the new edition. What I really would love: 1. a very 'ancient' Greek map design; 2. ancient Greek and Cuneiform dice. 3. A German version

    18. Dongkyu Uh on

      Alexander : Well, I do love the minis!!

    19. Missing avatar


      I dont understand the wisdom in including miniatures in a wargame like this. You should have nice MDF color standees instead. Few wargamers use large miniatures in games like this and even fewer actually paint them. The miniatures i got with H&H have just sat in the box unused and not painted (not a part of the hobby i take part in). The MDF miniatures would have gotten use had they been included in H&H instead of the miniatures. Something to consider.

    20. Missing avatar

      Crimson on

      Not happy with having time based exclusives like the siege tower, feels like a cheap money grab and is a massive turn off for me personally. You launch your campaign during the holiday season, what happens to the loyal wargamers who are on holidays and might not have an internet connection.

    21. Missing avatar

      Antonio Colella on

      Grazie Phalanx, splendida iniziativa!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ed on

      Thanks for making this available again.

      Hoping counters for all game functions will be included as an option for gameplay. I find minis distracting and unnecessary.

    23. Vault-Tec-Harry on

      Great Game, looks very Good. Iam very interested . I hope German Version would be possible.

    24. Missing avatar

      Justin Vorhis on

      Hi Jaro,

      Thanks for the thoughtful response about the map. I am sure you have play tested the reoriented map and that it works just fine that way.

      You are of course right that the normal north-south orientation of any map is an arbitrary convention. At the same time, however, it seems needlessly contrary to buck this convention for something like a game map, something that is clearly not meant to cause people to reevaluate their conceptions of geography.

      While the seating arrangements you described would certainly be conducive to giving everyone a good view of the board, wouldn't the following seating arrangement with a north-south map orientation give much the same result: 1 player on the western side, 2-3 players on the southern side, and 1 player on the eastern side?

      Ultimately, I guess I see the original map as fundamentally *not* broken and, as such, in no need of the kind of major reorientation you are contemplating.


    25. PHALANX 6-time creator on

      @Enrico - nothing is set yet. We will mark the language editions before the campaign starts.

    26. Missing avatar

      Enrico Fraviga on

      Hi, did you made agreement with Italy (Cranio ?) for an italian version like for Hannibal ?

    27. PHALANX 6-time creator on

      @Adam - similar to Hannibal&Hamilcar - MSRP around $99.
      @Anthony Davis - yes, the books will be color-printed. Miniatures - they will be in a single color, with color rings for better recognition between players. Alexander's Tomb miniature? We will see what the SGs will bring. ;)

    28. PHALANX 6-time creator on

      Justin - not really. We have been designing game maps for quite a time and the most natural way to play with such rectangular map is to have players sitting as follows:

      2 - North + South
      3 - NS + East or West
      4 - 2 each on N and S
      5 - 2 each on N and S and one on E or W

      So, this is not just making things 'more difficult' but rather 'equal' to all/most players. We had it well tested. And besides, I personally hate looking at the map upside down and prefer to turn my head 90 degrees :)

      Apart from that, the fact we are today used to the N-S presentation is nothing but a habit. Historically maps were offering varied presentation, which by the way helps to see things in different perspective (remember famous map of Soviet Union by Brzezinski? Or Europe as seen from Moscow? Check them out).

      Last but not least, the location names are totally not important in the actual game. You will use them during the setup and forget.

      Finally, if you want to frame the map and hang it on the wall, it would look as good in the NS as in WE orientation, the names would be hardly visible from more than 1 meter away.

      Anyway, there is still time to flip them back to where they were, this however won't be my preference - as you see I did my thinking and testing of this while curating the project.

      Best regards,


    29. Missing avatar

      Justin Vorhis on

      @Waldemar: While this could just be poor choice of words, I was taken aback by your admission that the new board would have the effect of "making it *more difficult* for all the players" (emphasis mine). To me, this gets at the heart of why I find this map reorientation so baffling: it seems purposefully designed to frustrate potential backers, and all for no real gain. No matter which way you orient the labels, there is going to be *someone* who cannot easily read the space/province names. If the labels face east, then the person sitting on the western side of the board will have a hard time reading them; if the labels face west (as Jaro seems now to prefer), then the person sitting on the eastern side of the board will have a hard time reading them. Therefore, since there is no net gain in functionality, why not just keep the label orientation as it was, i.e., facing south? This seems to be the preference of almost everyone who has commented on the map so far, and also keeps the map in line with earlier editions of the game--something that seems to be a priority with other aspects of the game (e.g., general artwork).


    30. Marco Herreras

      I’m fine with the new board orientation, but I’m surprised because to me the single illustration feels very functional but that’s it.
      A fan with decent knowledge of illustration programs and the former editions’ boards could produce that board. It is not imho state-of-art by any count, even considering that wargames are usually perceived as ugly by both euro and ameritrashy players.

      So please improve the *art*, after gameplay and readability and functionality are assured; especially considering phalanx’ latest ks have had very high price points.

    31. Poindexter on

      I much prefer a North-South orientation for the map labels. Reading upside-down is inherent to such games. Regardless of which way the labels are oriented, someone will be at a reading disadvantage.

    32. Missing avatar

      Corto on

      The best multiplayer card-driven :-)

    33. Waldemar Gumienny Collaborator on

      @Justin and Adam: The board is (re)designed to work not only for the guys sitting near the souther edge. The others having to look "upside down" had no chance to read any name.
      Now it is equally difficult for all the players ;)

    34. Anthony Davis on

      Beautiful map, but I have to agree with Justin that I prefer a more traditional map orientation. Just looks weird to have eastern-oriented labels. I'd like a map that I can not only play on but suitable for framing :) Will there be a colorful playbook? Will Alexander's tomb also be a miniature? What color will the miniatures be? They look gorgeous as marble-hued--just, please, no garish, candy-color heroes

    35. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      @PHALANX - what is estimated cost? I do not expect precise price, only range :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Justin Vorhis on

      Like others here, I am *so* excited for this Kickstarter campaign! Your recent edition of "Hannibal" was phenomenal, and I have no doubt this one will be, too.

      I could be alone in this, but I was disappointed to see that the map has been reoriented so that the space and province names face east rather than south. While I understand that this reorientation allows players on both sides of the map to read the names of the spaces and provinces more easily, I can't get over how strange this looks. I would far prefer to see the map reoriented so that the space and province names face south, as they did in the earlier editions. That way, when someone is looking at the map from what I would call the "normal" perspective (with Greece on the far left of the board and Persia and Media on the far right of the board), they don't have to turn their heads to read the names of the spaces and provinces they are looking at. Anyway, just my two cents.


    37. Pietro Flaminio on

      Please dont do as done with Hannibal: game arrived later than on the market, sold on amazon after 1 month on amazon

    38. Missing avatar

      Alexis Wong on

      Highlight where the fleets are gotten and where they may sail would be helpful. 2 player mad dash to bring the body home is something that’s difficult to re-adjust.

    39. PHALANX 6-time creator on

      @Panzerpod - yes, we are planning 24h starting bonus, so please click 'notify me on launch button'. All-in pledge is planned too! :) And Spanish edition - we talk with MQO about this.
      @DELERCE - French edition - we are talking about this with FR publishers.

    40. Missing avatar


      Set an all-in pledge for the “I want it all” like me, with a substantial discount, if possible (Remember that for this product of yours, and for the chance to succeed Alexander, we will take the bread from the mouth of our children (and if you translate it, probably twice) so take pity on these hungry kids and discount generously ;-P )

    41. Missing avatar


      I am drooling just with the idea of this reprint... and, if there is a Spanish version, I will buy both!
      OMG, OMG Successors reprint!! I’m in tears with joy!!
      If you make an early bird email us the date or send a reminder... OMG, OMG, OMGOOOOOOD!

    42. PHALANX 6-time creator on

      @Paul, Cédric - thanks for the feedback. It is just a first glimpse, soon the preview page will be updated with tons of additional info and images.
      @Rich - yes, we are using the ruleset you mention. The game works now from 2 to 5 players.

    43. Missing avatar

      Rich Shipley on

      Nice to see this one getting a reprint. I assume the "2 and 5 players game" still includes the 3 and 4 player versions, might want to make that clear. Nice to see the 5-player version supported, I still use my AH edition with the extras from the General (with the last rules and cards). I hope this is based on the updated Simonitch-Firer rules and not the original ones.

    44. Cédric

      Well what's the point of this game? who against who exactly? some Macedonian generals against each other? In order to ?please Alexander?
      some fluff, obectivesetc,would be welcome...

    45. Paul

      2 parts of feedback:
      1) Age range, number of players and expected playtime should go higher up than the very bottom of the campaign page. Don't make backers search for that information.
      2) What makes the map board state of the art? Is it a revolutionary game board incorporating the latest technology? If so, you've got to say how. If not, saying that you're including a state of the art game board comes off as hollow marketing speak and an oversell (overselling is something I watch for when considering which games I do or do not want to back).

    46. Missing avatar


      A french version ?

    47. Missing avatar

      Josue Garcia Vazquez on

      Thanks i am awaiting the spanish version

    48. PHALANX 6-time creator on

      Thanks JeeWee, we will update this!

    49. JeeWee

      It is a good habit using articles, especially in title text. 'It now returns in full glory in a brand new exclusive edition (add 'a' between 'in' and 'brand')

    50. PHALANX 6-time creator on

      @Josue - we are speaking with our partners for different language editions. :)

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Successors is one of the best multiplayer strategy games ever published (previous editions by Avalon Hill in 1997 and GMT Games in 2008). Designed by the legendary Richard H. Berg, Mark Simonitch, and John B. Firer, Successors brings you the  best of this kind of game: tense and ruthless gameplay in a world of ever-changing alliances. 

The development team at PHALANX has given this game a careful, meticulous update. It is now more accessible and easier to play. It contains gorgeous miniatures. It has received new, stunning art. It is even better than it used to be.

Join us to publish the Fourth Edition of this splendid game together!

What do the players say?

What’s in the box?


You are standing in a dimly lit alcove in one of the inner chambers of Nebuchadnezzar II’s palace. Babylon is scorching under the late spring sun, but the events that are taking place before your very eyes chill you to the bone. A 13-year reign of unmatched courage, splendorous victories, and relentless conquests comes to an end not with a glorious battle but a death rattle. Alexander the Great, surrounded by his most loyal generals, is breathing his last breath. You are not quite sure if you have heard the raspy whisper coming from within the circle correctly – “for the strongest”. What does it mean? The broad shoulders of the generals assembled there part a little and allow you to see Alexander’s lifeless, mask-like countenance and his ring – a symbol of his astounding power – lying forlorn on the floor. You take a bow to pay respect to your beloved king with whom you have battled arm in arm for the past 10 years since Issoss. When you look up, fighting to clear the lump in your throat, you can’t believe what you are seeing. Some of the generals have focused their stares upon the ring, stares you have witnessed many times before, in other circumstances of course, but nevertheless. Stares of self-restricted greed – the greed of power – breaking loose. You momentarily tense up, glaring furiously while clenching your fists. This can only mean one thing – the war of  succession is soon to come…

Best of the Best

Immerse yourself in one of the best multiplayer strategy games ever published. Take part in the conflict between the titular diadochi – Successors – to the legacy and empire of Alexander the Great. Clash with your former brothers in arms turned enemies to gain control of provinces in order to increase the number of your Victory Points or pull appropriate strings to secure the Legitimacy Points (e.g., by providing Alexander’s tomb with a suitable resting place). But beware, too many Victory Points with respect to other players and you will end up having the esteem of a Usurper who could be attacked freely by everyone. Therefore, choose your strategy wisely. It sometimes is more profitable to bide your time because every aspect of the game is intertwined and the sudden turn of events may surprise you with the most unfortunate outcome. For instance, you might be forced to take sides with someone who stabbed you in the back a couple of rounds earlier. However, as they must have said even in 4th Century B.C., the end justifies the means. Especially, when succession is at stake. 

The Fourth Edition

The fourth edition of this card-driven, point-to-point movement strategy is undergoing  a plethora of upgrades that will make it stand out among similarly themed games. It also pays homage to its past editions released by Avalon Hill and GMT Games, respectively. A new, improved layout of the board, charts, and cards, a rewritten and updated rulebook, an introduction to historical scenarios that streamline the gameplay and shorten game sessions, etc. The icing on the cake is its graphic design – a state-of-the-art map board based on an original art by Mark Simonitch, over 60 outstanding illustrations inspired by historical sources, and 12 large 40 mm plastic leader miniatures. All of these make the game a pleasure to watch and even more pleasurable to play. 

So prepare your armies to buckle down, sharpen the blade of your tactical sixth sense, and whet your appetite for claiming your right to Alexander’s throne, for Heaven cannot brook two Suns, nor Earth two masters. There can only be one true Successor! 

Want to Know More?

Please follow this thread, to receive daily updates about the new edition of Successors. Please click the 'Notify me on launch' button at the top of this page, to get a reminder when the campaign starts!

Production and Delivery

Please note that the graphic materials presented here are not yet final and may be changed. The photos are of handmade prototypes of the game. The final production quality will be much, much higher.

The games are produced in the EU, in keeping with the proven high standards of PHALANX. If you back us on Kickstarter, you will receive your copy several weeks before the game reaches any retail outlets! Our goal is to produce Successors within 300 days of reaching our funding goal. Kickstarter backers will have their copies delivered no later than October 2020.


You will be asked to pay the shipping cost in the Pledge Manager after the campaign. At that time, you will be able to add extra copies of the game and items from our add-on list. Additional items may increase shipping costs. PHALANX is responsible for shipping the English edition of the game. The games will be shipped from the EU using FedEx air freight, so the delivery date will be close to the production date. The estimated shipping cost is: USA £15 to most states, £30 to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Canada £20. EU £12 to most countries (Poland - free). Other European countries £15 - £30. Asia £30, Australia £25, New Zealand £25, Oceania £35, Latin America £35, Africa £35.

You can multiply the chosen Pledge to get significant savings on shipping costs. For example: the cost of shipping to most EU countries will be £12 for a single game and £16-18 for 2-4 games, if shipped to the same address. Call your friends and save around £25 on shipping!

International Distribution

If you're a retailer, please contact us at sales[at] to receive an offer.


Backing the game is a great way to support the project, but the next best thing you could do is to help us create awareness for the game by following us and sharing our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and elsewhere.

Please subscribe to our newsletter ( to be the first to know about our future releases.

Refund Policy

Please read the information on this page carefully and back the game only if you are sure that you want to receive it. We are sure that you won’t regret it, as our previous projects have received great feedback from the community. Nevertheless, sometimes life is not as good as it should be and you will need a refund. In such cases we will refund your pledge, but reduced by 15% fees that we are obliged to pay (Kickstarter, Stripe, PayPal and BackerKit fees).

Who we are

PHALANX is an international publisher, known for great quality products and customer-focused service. We work with renowned designers and help publish great classics (Mark Simonitch’s Hannibal & Hamilcar, Martin Wallace’s Nanty Narking). At the same time, we strive to identify and promote new names behind the games and help people live their dreams via publishing their labour of love projects. We at PHALANX just love games.

ASYNCRON games is a French board game publisher. Its most famous boardgames are Mare Nostrum and FIEF. PHALANX and ASYNCRON games are partners since several years with 1944 RttR, Mare Nostrum, Hannibal & Hamilcar, and U-BOOT The Boardgame. ASYNCRON games has already managed 8 successful crowdfunding campaign and is now looking forward to handling the French version of Successors.

Fox in the Box is a small publishing company which specializes in publishing of heavy games and wargames for Czech and Slovak market. Published games are for example ROOT from Leder Games and Pax Renaissance, John Company, Greenland, and BIOS series from Sierra Madre Games. Also with well known designer of 18XX games Leonhard Orgler they ran together succesfull Kickstarter campaings for 18CZ, 1824 and 18Lilliput which are published worldwide.

Game designers

Risks and challenges

PHALANX has been publishing board games since 2009.
Our products are known for great quality, just like our customer service. We publish games with the largest companies on the market, like Academy Games, Asyncron Games, Cranio Creations, Crowd Games, Ediciones MasQueOca, Feuerland Spiele, Galapagos Jogos, KOSMOS, Mayfair Games, and Stonemaier Games.

This is our seventh Kickstarter campaign: in 2016 we successfully fulfilled the Germania Magna campaign, and Mark Simonitch’s Hannibal & Hamilcar in 2018. U-BOOT was fulfilled in early 2019, Nanty Narking is being prepared for delivery. Freedom! and Europe Divided are currently in production.

We do not expect delays in production, but unforeseen issues may arise during manufacturing and shipping. We estimate that in the worst case scenario, the production might suffer delays of at most 30-60 days, and shipping & customs may add an extra 15-45 days. We are experienced with large production runs, and we are preparing back-up plans for each step of the project, from production to shipping and final delivery.

By backing this project you agree that our primary responsibility to you is to ship your order as entered into the pledge management system. You are responsible for import or other duties that may be payable to relevant tax authorities. You also accept that you are fully liable for incorrect shipping details and will risk your pledge being undeliverable or lost in transit. We are unable to ship to PO Boxes. We allow a maximum of one delivery location per backer, regardless of the number of pledges /copies ordered.

Please note that geopolitical events not under our control, such as Brexit and the imposition of new tariffs on the access of goods to a country, may change the terms we offer to residents of such countries, even if we guarantee we will do our best to avoid such issues.
If you do not accept the proposed terms, then please do not back this project; wait for the retail release.

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