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The 4th year of the world’s first sincere-and-ironic comedy festival needs your help to make an ice cream limo, get a petting zoo, etc.
The 4th year of the world’s first sincere-and-ironic comedy festival needs your help to make an ice cream limo, get a petting zoo, etc.
232 backers pledged $18,122 to help bring this project to life.

Our Festival Glass is Almost Half Full

Hello friends, donators and loved ones,

I wanted to thank you all very much for donating to this silly, but important cause. With your proud support we are now over one-third of our way there, with 15 days left to raise the rest and make this the best half-sincere half-ironic comedy festival ever.

To this end, we've added several new incentives, each one special in it's own way, like a newborn baby, but cleaner. Here are a few below:

1) For just $5 you can be listed in the program as a Cheapy-Cheap Face.

2) We’ve added a $400 Saturday day pass (in the form of a robe) that gets you into a 4pm meet and greet, our Archer panel, featuring the stars and creator of the show, and Talent Show Presents: The Drunk Show, featuring John Hodgman, Ira Glass and much more.

3) We've also added a $750 rooftop BBQ at my home on August 19th for you and two guests, which includes tickets to our Pretty Good Friends 5 year anniversary show on August 21st at Bell House.

4) Plus, for companies and organizations, we've added a $1000 Corporate Plaque of Thanks, which your company can use to be thanked, and also, impress clients and the media with. Here is how the plaque will read:

"This plaque is to certify that YOUR COMPANY’S NAME has donated graciously to the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival. That means YOUR COMPANY’S NAME is cool and 'gets it.' It means YOUR COMPANY’S NAME is attractive, possibly environmentally friendly, and a generous lover. This plaque certifies that YOUR COMPANY’S NAME is a brand that can be trusted, even in a blizzard or during war-time. YOUR COMPANY’S NAME is number one and we love you. Sincerely, The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival"

Please pass these new (and old) incentives and this Kickstarter project on to anyone you think would be interested in owning a small part of our festival. The road to financing victory is through word-of-mouth and the way to that is mouths/ social media.

This last Friday we did an outdoor show at the Williamsburg Waterfront with They Might Be Giants, Kristen Schaal, Patton Oswalt, Todd Barry, Jim Gaffigan, Jonathan Coulton, and famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (we'll be recording a live version of his Star Talk radio show for the opening night of the festival). Here’s few write ups and some photos from the show which was met with torrential rain and the enduring will of fans:

Thank you all for reading update, I hope you found it encouraging, even romantic (I don't know what those words mean, sorry). You're all wonderful people whether we hit our goal or not, and when I run into you at the festival I will buy you a drink (I get free drinks, so it's not a big deal). Thank you, have a wonderful summer, and pass this on to businessmen, wealthy actors, or college kids with access to $15.


Eugene, Julie, and Caroline


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