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Trace what you see with the larger, easier-to-use next generation camera lucida. From the team that brought you the NeoLucida.
Trace what you see with the larger, easier-to-use next generation camera lucida. From the team that brought you the NeoLucida.
Trace what you see with the larger, easier-to-use next generation camera lucida. From the team that brought you the NeoLucida.
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    1. Missing avatar

      elliot clapp on June 4, 2018

      Hello, I am backer #1,486 and I have sent you a couple messages wondering where my NeoLucida XL is. Please message me or leave a comment so I have an idea when to expect it.

    2. Raul Sanchez Jr
      on May 30, 2018

      Can you check if you shipped my NeoLucide XL still waiting for it

    3. Geoff Longman on May 24, 2018

      pls disregard my last comment.

      brain fart. sorry

    4. Geoff Longman on May 24, 2018

      I have not received my reward, the last email I received from the campaign was Nov 30

      I responded to the backer survey: "Responded on Oct 26 2017"

      can you assist?

    5. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on April 16, 2018

      @Fabian Scaunich: Sent you a message via Kickstarter. If anyone else has a "droop" issue, note that there is no manufacturing error; try avoiding overbending the gooseneck. It's best illustrated in this image:…
      If you bend the gooseneck into a "question mark" shape (a "?"), where the gooseneck is bent at the base, then bent far over at the middle, the gooseneck area at the clamp is stiffer than other parts, causing a drooping of the head. If you let the clamp area of the gooseneck go straight up, THEN bend the gooseneck over your paper, there should be no problem with the viewer holding position.

    6. Missing avatar

      Fabian Scaunich on April 16, 2018

      Hi, I received the NeoLucida some time ago, but my daughter only just now tried it out. One thing I’ve noted is that the gooseneck does not support the weight of the eyepiece. The eyepiece moves and drops - so far have not been able to use it

    7. Missing avatar

      Sergio Lora on March 29, 2018

      I am still waiting for my XL. I am one of the backers of the XL.

    8. Missing avatar

      Mark Paul Corcoran on February 18, 2018

      I've received mine and is awesome. Thanks

    9. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on February 4, 2018

      @vach chote: You have not filled out the Backer Survey to give me your delivery address. Once you fill it out I can send you your reward.

    10. Missing avatar

      vach chote on January 25, 2018

      i still did not get neo lucida
      i backer no.3754

    11. Scott Whiting
      on January 15, 2018

      Thank you, received it, set it up. Works great and love it. It was worth the wait.

    12. Missing avatar

      KcKsTrTr on January 15, 2018

      Hi Pablo,

      Can you please provide me a little update about the shipping?
      when I take a look at the track & trace you've provided me earlier, it keeps saying "In transit".

      For me this isn't a really big problem, but the holidays are over by now, I'm desperate to draw :-) but I still get this "in transit-"message since december 16th.

      I also informed at the HQ of the national post agency in my country (just in case it did have arrived), but they could tell me that they we were unable to find my parcel details; it hasn't even arrived jet in my country. Is it still in Hong Kong?

      Can you please tell me where I can find more information about the NeoLucida XL-parcel?


      The Netherlands, EU

    13. Clara Sze on January 15, 2018

      I'm backer no.4767. I have checked the Post Office that they were unable to deliver the parcel and returned to PRC because the address was INCOMPLETE. I have also sent an email to Please kindly follow-up matter.

    14. Gary Bunker on January 11, 2018

      My wife (the artist) used her new NeoLucida to transfer a couple dozen animal and plant images from her laptop to a sculpture she's working on. She's VERY happy with the product. Thank you, Pablo!

    15. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth H Kohler on January 11, 2018

      Pablo: I'd like to chat with someone about my Neo-Lucida, because I still haven't received it. When I use tracking, it tells me that it remains "en route"...since 12/13. Not sure how to move forward. Sorry about this.

    16. antimix on January 10, 2018

      I received mine.

    17. Missing avatar

      charles on January 4, 2018

      i have yet to get any email from "" with tracking number. Please email it to me. thanks

    18. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on January 4, 2018

      @Dan Alich: Make sure the gooseneck (bendy part) is straight up at the clamp base. Then it can bend over your drawing easily. If you try to bend it low at the base, it will "bounce back" and drop the eyepiece. Bend it like an "L", like it goes straight up then bend over. Don't bend it like an "S", where it snakes its way up, to the side, up, and over. I've tested a bunch of units and bending it at the base always seems to be the problem. Letting it go straight up then bend over is always strong enough to hold the eyepiece.

    19. Dan Alich on January 4, 2018

      Anyone having an issue with the metal flex bracket not able to support the weight of the eyepiece? Any suggestions on modifying to work with something else?

    20. Missing avatar

      Dieter Jordt on January 4, 2018

      NeoLucida has arrived today...Tracking knows nothing...

    21. Missing avatar

      Dieter Jordt on January 2, 2018

      Hi Pablo,
      Would You please be so kind to contact me via Email?
      I have got a tracking number ,but nothing happened since.
      Dieter, Germany

    22. Joseph Rossi on December 28, 2017

      I wanted to say that I received my NeoLucida XL on time and nothing broken. I have only been playing with it and tried to draw something on Christmas Eve. It was not working out but only because of lighting issues. That’s not a big deal. Soon as I get some time I’ll be drawing on this one and the older model more. Cool product Pablo.

    23. Wadha Ahmad on December 28, 2017

      I received mine

    24. Wadha Ahmad on December 26, 2017

      I haven’t received my tracking number?? Could you please update me?

    25. Missing avatar

      on December 26, 2017

      Hi team,

      I am backer 4264. I have pledged 3 NEOlucida . But you still send me 2 NEOlucida. How can I do?

    26. Missing avatar

      S. Bikkers on December 24, 2017

      Hi Pablo,

      I haven’t received my Neo Lucida yet (no mail with trackingnumer)

      S. Bikkers
      The Netherlands

    27. Rolts on December 23, 2017

      @Nicolas Brooks: I am surprised at your comment.
      "Anyone else make the mistake of getting the XL and the older one package? Why would I want an old one and a new one if the new one is easier to use?"
      As a 'Superbacker' surely you would be used to the Kickstarter rewards/backing process?

    28. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on December 23, 2017

      @Ibrahim Zahran: Sent you a message with tracking details.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ibrahim Zahran on December 23, 2017

      I haven’t received any tracking number

    30. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Brooks
      on December 23, 2017

      Anyone else make the mistake of getting the XL and the older one package? Why would I want an old one and a new one if the new one is easier to use?

    31. Missing avatar

      Cristel S. Djasman on December 22, 2017

      I received mine this morning. Thank you very much. Can't wait to try it out! :)

    32. Dennis on December 21, 2017

      Package landed in the Netherlands, thank you. Expected it to be a bigger box. Nicely sealed. It is a present under the tree here so need to wait another week before testing.

    33. Darius B'Alexander on December 21, 2017

      Thanks a bunch, looking forward to tracking the package…looks like it was delivered! Too bad I am at work till midnight.

    34. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on December 20, 2017

      @Darius B'Alexander: I sent you a message to your email associated with Kickstarter with details. Note that since you responded to the Backer Survey after the first-round cutoff, you will be getting your NeoLucida XL tracking email later, after the shipping agent has taken receipt of the package. The label has been generated, and will likely go out this week.

    35. Darius B'Alexander on December 20, 2017

      I haven’t received any tracking number or emails regarding shipping. Not worried about getting it before the 25th, just getting itchy.
      I’m pretty sure that I’ve sent a message regarding an address change, but I can’t find a response to that either.


    36. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on December 20, 2017

      @Cristel S. Djasman: Unfortunately, there's not much we can do. At this time of year there can be "congestion" in the shipping queues, and it's random how that affects different packages. We have a handful of packages that are like yours; seemingly stalled. But they are in transit, meaning they are not lost or undeliverable. It just means that they will arrive, eventually. Sadly, no way to predict. Most get going in a few days or up to a week. If it pushes to more than two weeks we can try to send you a replacement. Sorry I can't offer more information or a concrete solution.

    37. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on December 20, 2017

      @Chris: Thanks! Yes; while we have delivered 87% of the nearly 5000 packages, it still amazes me how a few dozen shipments inevitably take weird routes to their new homes, get lost on the way, or find their way next door to their intended address. I'm grateful for all you backers with ample patience for the postal service!

    38. Missing avatar

      Cristel S. Djasman on December 20, 2017

      I still haven't received mine :(

    39. Chris on December 20, 2017

      Received in Albuquerque. FedEx tracking was all over the place and it delivered eight days after the original delivery date they had. Not a problem you could have anticipated.

      Happy to say this campaign was as smooth as the original, thanks Pablo.

    40. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on December 19, 2017

      @Fabio Pettinati: Sent you a message with some tracking information.

    41. Fabio Pettinati on December 19, 2017

      The email I got states the package was delivered. It wasn't. Fedex says it delivered to address other than me (I assume it was USPS). USPS says it's awaiting package. Fedex mentions a delivery exception without any further details. My address is correct. I'm traveling abroad on Dec 27 for an extended time and won't be able to resolve this issue until February.

      Can you please help? The tracking number is 9261299991206465921345 .


    42. Missing avatar

      on December 19, 2017

      Great product! Happy pictures! Thank you for the hard work to make this happen.

    43. Changseok, Lee on December 19, 2017

      The product is so good. I like the overall finish, packaging, and even shipping. If anyone talks about this product, I would definitely recommend it. Good job.

    44. Jasper Overgaard Waale on December 18, 2017

      arrived in Vietnam, Thanks guys kids will have fun with this

    45. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on December 18, 2017

      @Jeff Kastner: I sent you a message with your tracking information.

    46. Jonas Anderson on December 18, 2017

      Mine arrived today (to Sweden). Looks great. This will be an x-mas project.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kastner on December 18, 2017

      (Oops.. I had spelled NeoLucida wrong in my email search, so have found many mentions in my email... but no tracking number email)

    48. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kastner on December 18, 2017

      I don't see a tracking email to even check. I'm assuming that a NeoLucida search (in my email) should produce this? I get 0 results.. which I find kind of odd. Like others.. just kind of hoping for Christmas, so trying to check where it's at.

    49. Missing avatar

      Anuj Bahl on December 17, 2017

      Received mine, yet open it and use it, as it is a Christmas gift for my kids. Thanks for sending it before Christmas.

    50. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Sanford on December 17, 2017

      @Pablo Garcia
      Thanks so much for the prompt reply. Just gotta be patient then, fingers crossed!

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