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Trace what you see with the larger, easier-to-use next generation camera lucida. From the team that brought you the NeoLucida.
Trace what you see with the larger, easier-to-use next generation camera lucida. From the team that brought you the NeoLucida.
Trace what you see with the larger, easier-to-use next generation camera lucida. From the team that brought you the NeoLucida.
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    1. Michael R. Bartley
      about 4 hours ago Report spam

      Address change

      Michael Bartley
      I/O Janice Bartley
      5418 SW 11th St
      Topeka KS 66604

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul G. Hensler 5 days ago Report spam

      I just wish every Kiskcstarter project I have invested in was completed with this kind of professionalism. Perhaps I would be flying my mini-drone today.

      Thank you,

      Paul Hensler

    3. Missing avatar

      Alan Hook 6 days ago Report spam

      Pablo, thank you! Thank you for all your hard work, for caring so much about the quality, and not least for not easing up on the updates (even when it must have been on a long list of things to do).
      So looking forward to receiving my NeoLucida XL. I hope you get a well deserved Christmas rest.

      Kind regards, Alan.

    4. Rick on November 14 Report spam

      Pablo... Pablo... Pablo... Pablo... That is a bunch of backers calling out your name while 2 of us carry you around the art studio. Well done... excellent picture and update.

    5. Rick on November 8 Report spam

      Rob/Forian, Give this a try. Click the blue 'View pledge' above and to the right of Comments. Click 'Survey' tab. If needed, Click 'Edit address' , Change address. Not sure if the rest of the survey is there to be filled out but it does show survey information. Submit.

    6. Missing avatar

      Florian Baumeister on November 8 Report spam

      Didnt receive a mail, too. Filled out everything

    7. Missing avatar

      Rob Pennington
      on November 7 Report spam

      I did not receive email with the survey link, only the message before saying it was coming and the one after saying we should complete. I do not have the yellow banner at the top of my Kickstarter as you mentioned. I have looked all through comments and Updates to find a link to the survey but found nothing. I know it exists though people seem to have problems with it. Can you just list the link here in comments so I can complete it? Thanks.

    8. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on October 28

      @Mai Sh: It's a little complicated, as we use a global shipping agent to deliver our Kickstarter rewards. However, they have told us that they do use "gift" if in their estimation it means more successful delivery. But, they are not clear as to which countries of local delivery services they use trigger using "gift" for customs.

      We have worked with this company since 2011, and have found very very few instances where the packages were held for additional duties or additional paperwork. It has happened, but rarely and randomly.

    9. Mai Sh on October 27 Report spam

      Hi Pablo - any chance you can designate these as gift when shipping to Switzerland. Anything valued over 60chf (including shipping) will get charged an import fee of 8% plus around half the cost of the item as administration. Gifts have a 100chf limit. Would be a HUGE help if you could do that.

    10. Rick on October 26 Report spam

      Yea... The mandatory phone number field was red after enter. Added phone number. Survey done. It worked just fine. Can't wait to see it get unwrapped as a gift and watch it in action.
      I might even draw a stick man, prop it up and draw a realistic real life stick man. Baby steps for me. :) Thanks

    11. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on October 26

      @Rolts: Thank you for stepping in to help.

      Yes, it is a little confusing. Our shipping company needs phone numbers for delivery but Kickstarter defaults to making phone numbers optional with no way for me to switch it to required. The only way to make sure I get everyone's phone number is to add another field with a required phone number. Sorry it's a little confusing but I don't want to have any undelivered packages!

    12. Rolts on October 26 Report spam

      @ Gina Ahn: Check that you have entered the phone number in the box 'Phone Number (required for delivery purposes) just above the question/response section about your drawing background. I almost missed this as my phone number was already in the KS auto-filled section of the survey. Hope this helps

    13. Gina Ahn on October 26 Report spam

      Something's wrong with your backer survey. It says all questions must be answered, then it won't let me submit the survey.

    14. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on October 26

      @Hoan Lam:
      To be clear, we are starting to collect shipping information from all backers in anticipation of shipping within the next 3 weeks. We are getting very close! You will each receive notice when NeoLucida XLs actually ship.

    15. Hoan Lam
      on October 26 Report spam

      Congratz! So finally it's being shipped?

    16. Larry Dudzik on October 26 Report spam

      Nevermind I got it to work I went back a few different time and the last time it worked

    17. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on October 26

      @Larry Dudzik:
      Message me with specifics of your issue and I can try to help. Note that I personally do NOT have control over the Kickstarter platform where the survey is generated, so I may not have answers to fix your specific issue. Also remember that the comment section is public so please do not post personal info here; message me directly and and we can check on your issue.

    18. Larry Dudzik on October 26 Report spam

      The survey is broken. It won’t let me complete survey . I answered all question but won’t let me submit it . Please fix I am sure I’m not the only one having the issue

    19. Jon Sibley
      on October 26 Report spam

      I can't wait to get this. So excited.

    20. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on October 24

      @Giuliana Pica:
      See Update #11 for details about the upcoming Backer Survey, which will be the way to submit your shipping information.

    21. Missing avatar

      Giuliana Pica on October 24 Report spam

      Where I Can Send my address for shipping?

    22. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on October 23

      @Alan Hook: Our shipping company has given me a lot of details about delivery logistics. It may be a good idea to post all the info as an update, but here's the takeaway:

      No, we don't cover customs costs, but the shipping company has assured us that 99% of US and 95% of everywhere else pay no additional customs fees. It's not shipped via bulk crate, so it just looks like an air freight individual package arriving at your house. This seems to reduce the number of packages that get stopped by customs.

    23. Missing avatar

      Alan Hook on October 23 Report spam

      Hi Pablo, great update, getting excited about receiving and using the XL. One query on shipping - some creators include all customs and taxes and some don't /can't. Will your shipping cost cover all costs? Thanks, Alan.

    24. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on October 5

      Stay tuned for the newest images of the production versions straight from the factory. In case you missed it, check the most recent update (21 September) for some info on where we are.
      So far, still on schedule!

    25. Rick on September 11 Report spam

      Excellent update. Keep up the good work. Can't wait... this is going to be so much fun for a 'Stick man is a challenge' type artist.

    26. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on September 11

      @WmRichard Colvin: The NeoLucida XL is not currently available in any store. There is a pre-order available through our manufacturing partners at Big Idea Design, but those will ship after the Kickstarter rewards. You may see other designs by other companies, but they are not cheaper and we (humbly) think the NeoLucida XL is just better!

      Or perhaps you are seeing the original prism-based NeoLucida on various sites. It is a different model using different optics, originally made in 2013-2014. It's like saying "I'm waiting for the new iPad but there's an iPhone available?" Same family, very different products. The XL was designed in response to feedback from prism NeoLucida users.

      If this isn't the case, and you HAVE found the NeoLucida XL available online for cheaper, please let us know. It could be an imposter offering an inferior copy and it would be important for us to look into it.

    27. Missing avatar

      WmRichard Colvin on September 11 Report spam

      Why has the product been available at various web sites for months now? It is a little more expensive, but at least one would have it by now. I am looking forward to your response.

      Thank you

    28. Dennis Brinkhuis on September 1 Report spam

      Thank you, very pleased after the update, keep up the good work..

    29. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on August 30

      Update coming shortly. Spoiler: Things moving ahead quickly!

    30. Dennis Brinkhuis on August 28 Report spam

      Indeed, update would be apreciated..

    31. Rob Giles
      on August 25 Report spam

      @Pablo Garcia. How are things going? Has been a month. Any update?

    32. Missing avatar

      Conor Nolan on July 22 Report spam

      Very excited about this product. Cheers.

    33. GijsBraakhuis on July 20 Report spam

      @Pablo Garcia...

      Its been "a few" weeks now. Could you spare some time and send us an update!?

    34. Dennis Brinkhuis on July 19 Report spam

      It is only 4 moths to the EDD. Do you have some backer related update?

    35. Missing avatar

      Tracey Waldron on July 13 Report spam

      Thank you Pablo! I am not expecting this device will magically make me a talented artist :). I just wanted to be able to see an image so I can play with it :)

    36. Pablo Garcia 3-time creator on June 3

      Thank you all! The campaign is over and I'm already back at work getting ready for production! If you are a backer, you will see an update with some "What happens now?" information. I will also post periodic Backer-Only Updates throughout the process to share inside looks into the design and manufacturing process.

      Before messaging me or commenting here, remember:
      1. Check and carefully read emails via Kickstarter about the project. Some will come from me with project-specific information. Some will be from Kickstarter about your account information.
      2. Kickstarter collects payment over the next 14 days. If you have trouble with your card, Kickstarter will contact you with links to correct the problem.
      3. I do NOT need shipping information now. I will send a Backer Survey later this Fall to collect your shipping and contact info.

      Thanks for the support!

    37. Eddie Lau
      on June 3 Report spam

      Congrats, hope next time you're coming out with a portable one, NeoLucida mobile. ;D

    38. Missing avatar

      Pete Hellicar on June 3 Report spam

      Yes!! WIDE SCREEN.

    39. Missing avatar

      Miguel Marcos on June 3 Report spam

      Hi, Pablo. Congratulations once more.

      I wanted to confirm: Will I be able to change my shipping address, if necessary?

    40. jetsonjoe on June 3 Report spam

      Fantastic...Exciting and cannot wait to have and use. Hope production goes smoothly.

    41. Ray Hobby on June 3 Report spam

      Well Done Pablo. It was a brilliant achievement the first time round. Now it's even better.
      My interest in you and the Neo Lucida XL has grown from the many ideas that came from the first version used in England. Now let's see what comes from the new version ...all because you made it happen in the first place - THANK YOU.

    42. Steven Landau
      on June 3 Report spam

      YAY!!! WUUUU-WHOOOO!!!!
      Another Successful Kickstarter!!!!

    43. Rick on June 2 Report spam

      I have been waiting in the tall grass, like a lion, just watching the NeoLucida(s) walking by for the past few weeks... jump.. got one... 2 hours before the heard walks past the backers who are waiting and watching.

      Thank you for bringing your inner 'Art History Nerd' vision to the Kickstarter masses. Looking forward to drawing like the masters from the past. :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Kerry on June 2 Report spam

      These last few hours are always so exciting, watching the changes to campaigns!

      I am SO looking forward to this product! A few weeks ago, I changed my pledge from the legacy pack to just the XL (because I was impatient ... I went ahead & ordered the prism NeoLucida directly.)

      I was thrilled at how quickly it arrived, beautifully packaged and protected. There is definitely a learning curve requiring experimentation and patience, (lol, a good deal of squinting too!). Nope, it's not easy, (for me, at least), but it has totally whetted my appetite for this new model.

      I love the historical aspect of the NeoLucida and appreciate that Pablo is continuing to offer both models. Not having seen the XL yet, I can already visualize how they are two very different tools. (I'll probably use the XL more, but do not regret splurging on the prism.)

      For anyone on the fence, I had never heard of either of these devices before this project. I am very impressed with how quickly my order (of the existing prism device) was processed -- that simply erased any concerns about fulfillment of this new XL device. Now, I'm just plain excited! The XL can't come soon enough!

      Pablo, thank you for making these tools available to us. Wishing you all the best for a smooth fulfillment process! :-)

    45. Missing avatar

      Lois on May 28 Report spam

      The problem about "Sample" is... "Gift" and "Sample" has been so much abused that the custom officers no longer give a damn about it, in my experience. If they do, they will ask you to produce statement letter from the party sending the package, or any other proof (might be different depending on country you're living in).
      The more common complain I've seen in KS about custom tax are the "EU Friendly" (or, please pay the bulk import tax to EU for us).

      Also no matter how beautifully it's framed, Kickstarter or Indiegogo is still, in a way, a pre-order shopping site. It's not just a donation site asking nothing in return, and backers don't really get any legal right in the business as investors would.

      About the compatibility between the Neo Lucida and XL:…

    46. Missing avatar

      Bartlomiej Oszczak
      on May 27 Report spam

      I need 3 Neolucida XL how to pledge?

    47. Lorenzo on May 27, 2017 Report spam

      Is it possibile to replace NeoLucida "head" with the NeoLucidaXL's one?
      If yes, is possible to pledge for an extra NeoLucidaXL "head"?

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