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The Adventurezator is an emergent adventure game about creating emergent adventure games!
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December Update - SuperBRJam, Alpha 2, and other stuff

Posted by Pigasus Games (Creator)
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Before we get into the development of the Adventurezator, let's talk about SuperBRJam, since time is running out!


Last month we have joined the Super BR Jam - a gamedev jam involving more than 20 brazilian indie studios that is raising money to charity.

In 4 days, we've created a quirky little tower defense game with a twist - your towers fire at the baddies at night, but during the day, you have to use your precious hours of peace to gather resources, sleep to regain health, or repair your house:


We plan on spending a few more days to fix some issues and balance it a bit more, then you'll all be able to play it.

You can get all the games participating in the Jam, as well as Dungeonland, Knights of Pen & Paper, Magicka, the Showdown Effect, and other great games, by paying what you want at (only a little more than 48 hours left as of this writing)

Alpha 2

We fixed a lot of issues with the feedback we've got from Alpha 1, and are adding a lot of good stuff to the NPCs to allow them to give life and complexity to the levels.

We are finishing up the NPC Schedule System (the one detailed in Update #2). You can already setup their list of Owned Stuff, as well as friends & enemies, so Alpha 2 will be a huge leap in gameplay from Alpha 1.

Mecanim - We are migrating our actor animations to the new Mecanim system in Unity. Macanim is great - it makes it very easy for us to have one animation controlling the hands of the actor (for instance, holding a lamp, or drinking), while the rest of the body is busy doing whatever it wants to do, like walking or running. It also enables us to use the same animations on different models. This is taking up a bit of extra time now, but will save us a ton of time in the comming months. For those interested in the development process, here a view of part of the current Mecanim state machine controlling our actor animations:

This is just the base graph, we have other graphs controlling just the right arm, left arm, and upper body, used for opening doors, eat, drink, chop wood, wield weapons, etc.

And for those that don't follow us outside the Kickstarter updates, here's a screenshot from a #screenshotsaturday we did a couple weeks ago:

Shoutout - Jason the Greek

Today's quick shoutout goes to Jason the Greek, another old-school point-and-click adventure. The art-style reminded me of Middle Manager of Justice, a game that is intriguing but ultimately too flawed due to it's Free to Play limitations. But I digress - Jason the Greek looks pretty fun and I hope it makes it - go check it out for yourself.

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