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The Adventurezator is an emergent adventure game about creating emergent adventure games!
The Adventurezator is an emergent adventure game about creating emergent adventure games!
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Adventurezator Monthly Update - October

Our plan was to post an update at the first Monday of each month, but since yesterday was Monday, and I was supposed to release the Alpha in September, I felt compelled to write this update sooner and let you guys in on what's going on. Our next update will be with the Alpha release, and it's definitely happening this month.

Alpha Status

We had planned to release the Alpha in September, but we are a few weeks behind (the Kickstarter page says August, but that was the schedule before kickstarter and didn't take the kickstarter freeze into account, but I can't change it after it's live)

Here are the reasons it didn't happen in September:

  • Kickstarter fallout - in additional to the complete freeze during the kickstarter month, I spend a good deal of extra time to deal with accounting, the Humble Widgets stuff, a new website, interviews and email, and all that extra good stuff that came from the Kickstarter. I'm wearing too many hats, and it's hard to predict how much of my time I'll be able to dedicate to actual programming (the answer is less, always...)
  • Help notes - We were planning on adding these only for the Beta, but since some people will probably check out the Alpha for a bit and then probably only come back to it once the Beta or the release kicks in due to lack of time, and we don't have all that many testers, I thought it would be best to put out something that would be really easy and fast to learn, so we could squeeze the most useful feedback out of few testers, instead of spending time with usability questions and the like.
  • Feedback system - We were going to use the forums for testing feedback as almost everyone does, but I decided to implement something in-game that would allow players to just click a button, write something, hit send, and off it goes. As someone that is really pressed for time, I'm often put off by having to create yet another account for yet another forum to send feedback on something that I'm testing, so I end up not sending the feedback at all and moving on. I really didn't want that to happen - if you got any feedback, we want to hear it; and we made sure it will probably be easiest and fastest way to send feedback that you've probably used.

With all that good stuff in place, we are hammering on some additional issues, and will have the Alpha release pretty soon.

Super BR Jam

Sometime in the near future - probably early November - the fine folks at Critical Studio (the fellas responsible for the great Dungeonland, which will very unfortunately be closing up shop) will be hosting the Super BR Jam, a three-day game-making quick-a-ton, with all proceedings going to charity. Unfortunately we won't be able to participate in-loco, but we'll be participating online, and we'll be giving away our entry to all our backers and early buyers. Speaking of early buyers...

Early Buyers

We've setup a couple of Humble Widgets (most gamers are now familiar with those) on the homepage to pre-order the Adventurezator. Some potential backers were asking for a PayPal option during the Kickstarter campaign, and you can now pay with your choice of PayPal, Amazon, or Google.

If you know someone that missed the kickstarter window, direct them to the site. All pre-orders done via the site will also help us with funding for polishing, and maybe even us going to PAX, just like the Kickstarter.

We don't expect much traffic there until we send out Beta previews to the press, but it's nice to have it ready for those that ask for it.


Another Kickstarter campaign that is fighting tooth-and-nail with it's kicktraq trends just like we did is The Ballads of Reemus 2. It's a point-and-click adventure game, and you can play the Several Journeys of Reemus for free to check out what this crazy Zeebarf fella is all about. I really enjoy the flashy art and the light humor, tho I don't really like to play web games, so I'll eagerly await Reemus 2, which will be a proper standalone game, just as the flying spaghetti monster intended.

Check them out here: and show them some adventure fan love. Tell them the Pigs sent you :)

And Zeebarf, if you are reading this (and I know you are) - do something about the pixel hunting. I got annoyed with it when playing the Journeys. I'm definitely not a huge fan of pixel hunts, as you can see in my KS video...

That's it for now, I'll see you all soon with that Alpha announcement!


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    1. Pigasus Games Creator on

      @matthias sweertvaegher: Not planning on CastAR support, seems to need applications that are built for it from the get-go. Oculus probably would be an easier port, but given the ammount of UI that we have, and our camera distance and movement, I don't think it makes sense. But I'm a huge fan of Oculus, I may change my mind later. But certainly not before release. Actually tested the Oculus for the first time today.

    2. matthias sweertvaegher on

      feedback system looks nice.
      what about castAR support? ;)

    3. Jeremie Lariviere

      Great update, thanks!

    4. Pogopuschel on

      Thanks for the update!