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The Adventurezator is an emergent adventure game about creating emergent adventure games!
The Adventurezator is an emergent adventure game about creating emergent adventure games!
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The Big Chain of Adventuring

Took me forever to get to it, but I've promised you a deeper look into what an actual chain of adventure gameplay would look like. Less than 20 hours left on our kickstarter, but it's here now - promise kept!

I'll describe the gameplay that the player would go through in one of the standalone levels of the Adventurezator, in a similar way that one would find in a walkthrough online.  

Warning: Major spoilers for the standalone level Prison Break beyond this point!

Prison Break

Intro Cutscene:

Bob wakes up in his cell. Again. But today there's a skeleton is outside his window, wearing a red bandana - exactly like Bob's. The cell East of Bob holds his old friend the Gremlin - Bob has been calling him Wilson now. The other cell has a crepier resident - a zombie! A corridor links the cells to the main hall - a small Kitchen, a room with two beds and a small restroom are on the other side. Two Orcs guard the place, and go about the day doing different things.


Note: There's still a lot of stuff to be added here, but that's the gist of the layout .



  • Bob must reach market tent
  • Dead Bob must survive


  • Bob must reach market tent


Select Bob, and talk to the skeleton. You can now control either one of them.

Known solutions:

  • Giant fight
  • Geared fight
  • Gremlin mayhem
  • Wall bombing
  • ??

Walktrough for path BRAAAAAINS:

Select Dead Bob and Check Out the Zombie. You can see these special effects on the zombie:


  • 1/2 of normal HP
  • 1/2 of normal damage
  • Auto-attack any living creature on sight
  • Target is zombified if receives more than 20% of max HP
  • Curious (chases loud sounds)

Our goal here is to try to get the zombie to fight the Orcs, weakening them. Here's how:

Move Dead Bob into the main hall - go via the west side to avoid the dog or he'll attack him. The Orcs will leave him alove, as long as he doesn't mess with anything that belongs to them while they can see it.

The lock on the zombie cell is red. There's a red key atop the counter at the main hall. Check it out: "Owned by: Grolag (Orc)"

Check Out the paiting at the end of the room. "The Orc pinup. Surprisingly sexy for an Orc! Now that I'm all bones, I can no longer get a boner - Oh, the Irony..."

Grolag can't help but admire the pinup from time to time. Stay near the red key, and wait until he stops to admire the paiting, then Pick Up the key while he has his back to it. You could also wait for him to go take a leak instead - it's safer, but it can take much longer. You can use the grandfather clock to speed up time.

The key to Bob's green cell door is inside the kitchen. Get inside, close the door behind you so the Orc guarding the cell doors can't see you, and grab it. Return outside Bob's window, and give both keys to him. Now select Bob, and use the key to unlock the zombie's door, then open it.

Now we need to attract the zombie out. Go back into the prison, and make some noise. One way to do this is to go outside and stand where the dog can see you, then run back inside the kitchen when he starts to chase you. Close the door behind you (fast, or he'll get in), and the dog will bark at the door for a while.

The zombie will be attracted by the noise, and proceed to attack the Orc standing at the cell doors. The Orc will kill it, but will get infected with the zombie virus. Use the grandfather clock to speed up time, and after about eight hours, the Orc will turn into a zombie, and proceed to attack it's former partner. That Orc will kill the first one, but will also turn into a zombie later. Now you only have one weakened Orc to kill.

Now you can attack him with Dead Bob, and weaken him enough to get Bob to kill him without getting infected. If you want to ensure Dead Bob survives the fight to get the alternate ending, combine this solution with some parts of the other solutions to buff him up before the fight.

After the Orcs are dead, just open Bob's cell door with the green key, and walk out. FREEDOOOOOMM!


End notes: This will actually be one of the simplest ways to clear this level. It was the only path short enough that I'd have the time to write (and you the patience to read), and that could be more easily understood just with text.

The Giant fight for example requires you to make a potion of gigantism. For that, you'll purchase ingredients from a merchant outside, and use an alchemy table, a recipe, and fire to craft the potion.

Note that all of the gameplay detailed above emerges from the interactions between the objects in the world - all the level creator did was setup a simple objective, and spread objects in the world.

There will be several different ways to reach the objectives, but I won't spoil this level entirelly with all the details for every one of them. And maybe (probably) there are more ways to solve it that we haven't even thought about yet!


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    1. Jimmy Utterström on August 8, 2013

      Just wanted to add that I actually didn't really think it would be possible to make this complex systems with the level editor. You have really done a great job so far.

    2. S.Ć. - Crostha on August 8, 2013

      This is so Good !!!!! Great !!!!!

    3. Jimmy Utterström on August 8, 2013

      Looking really great! Can't wait for the alpha! :)

    4. Missing avatar

      jws_tex on August 8, 2013

      Pretty damn nifty. Can't wait to kick the tires on this thing.