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The Adventurezator is an emergent adventure game about creating emergent adventure games!
The Adventurezator is an emergent adventure game about creating emergent adventure games!
600 backers pledged $24,192 to help bring this project to life.

Quickie, Quickie, Quickie

Almost there! A lot of backers today, enough to get us into the 'Popular This Week' section for the first time, and hopefully keep us there until the end!

Now, I've promised you some stuff amongst some of the previous updates, and keep my promises I shall:

  • The Birth of Pignus
  • Village Square basics timelapse
  • Office Change
  • The Big Chain of Adventure

It's been crazy, and I didn't have time to write the 'The Big Chain of Adventure' yet, but I promise you that I'll keep my promise (recursive promise?). Eventually.

The Bith of Pignus

In Update #6, I've shown you the progress of The Birth of Pignus, the painting we are using for the Castle level of the main campaign, and promised to show you the finished version, and here it is:

And I'll copy the progress image here for reference so you don't have to go back there:

There are several more of those to come in the next weeks! Here's the dirty concept for the next one:

Village Square timelapse

In Update #4 - The big bucket of artsy stuff, I promised you a video of me creating the center square of our Village level, and here it is. First, the concept images again for reference:

And here's the video - you don't get to hear Grampa Mike on this one, sorry about that. It's not as bad as the video on Update #7 (oh dear! :D ), but it's not as good as our main videos. But it gets the job done:

Office Change

Also in Update #4 I mentioned something about our office change, so here it is - this is now where our sausage gets made:

The place is so small I had to take those using panorama, that why this one looks a little strange:

Rent / Energy / Water / Phone / Broadband, all for less than $300 / month, a pretty good deal. And now we have a cozier place just for us without interruptions. I love our new office :)


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    1. Pigasus Games Creator on

      @Al Romaithi: On the main page. But the only one we could have a shot at would be Pax East at 30k. Which I really want to go!

    2. Adrien Louis Pirmez Combecau on

      yay! Gol! Goal! Now, take some coffee and cookies and go back to work ;P

    3. Al Romaithi

      Where's the stretch goals :)