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The Adventurezator is an emergent adventure game about creating emergent adventure games!
The Adventurezator is an emergent adventure game about creating emergent adventure games!
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Crafting & Merchants

In this update we'll take a look at two more features we haven't yet gone into detail before. Together with the NPC mechanics we detailed in Update #2, these will allow the players to design fairly complex puzzles in the Adventurezator. In a future update, we'll see how everything ties together in a big chain of point-and-click adventure gaming madness.


Our simple crafting system will still allow the players to specify some crazy combination between objects to create some other object, that classic adventure game trope we have grown a love-hate relationship with.

But instead of having the players madly trying to combine every object in their inventory with every other object (who haven't done that way too many times?), a special 'Recipe' object will be used for that.

When designing levels, the players will put a Recipe object in the world, and it's customization UI will have the following options:

- Recipe type, one of:
  - cooking - will need a cooking pan and a nearby fire to activate
  - alchemy - will need an alchemy table to activate
  - normal - will need a working bench and hammer to activate
- Output - any 'Pickupable' object
- Inputs - a list with one or more Pickupable objects

So as an example, the following Recipe could be created:

- type: alchemy
- outputPotion of Gigantism (a stock object available in Adventurezator - doubles drinker's height, quadruples strength, hit-points, and weight; prevents passing under doors)
- inputs:
  - water (100 ml)
  - monster leg
  - dead rat

The monster leg is:
- wieldable +5 dam (can be used as a very crude weapon - hilarity ensues)
- smelly (attracts 'smellers', such as dogs and zombies)
The dead rat is:
- critter (scares female characters)
- smelly

These could either be put into the level directly or, more interestingly, be acquired by killing a non-human-non-dwarf character, and a rat. The designer must make sure there's also an alchemy table accessible in the level.

When playing the level, the player would put all the objects in the input list in the alchemy table (which is also a container, and thus holds objects just like a chest would), and then 'Use' the Recipe on the alchemy table, resulting in the Potion of Gigantism.


When adding NPCs to a level, the players can set them to be Merchants. To customize the list of things he either buys or sells, we'll define:
- Starting cash
- Buy/Sell list:
  [buying / selling / both] + [object / category] + base price + starting inventory

[object / category] - Players can either setup specific objects, like apples and oranges (btw, there won't be oranges at release), or categories, like 'Eatable', 'Wieldable', etc.

Base price - base selling price. Purchasing prices are half of the selling prices, rounded down.

Starting inventory: only enabled for non-category objects.

So we could customize a grocer that deals in any type of food, but sells Apples at a higher price:

 Bob the non-traveling salesman:
- Has 100 bucks.
- Buys and Sells - 'Eatable' Stuff - for 5 bucks.
- Buys and Sells - Apples - for 10 bucks - Has 5.
(The way these sentences are put together will be similar to how the objectives were defined, shown in the main description video)


As always, I'm gonna leave you with a bit of concept art of what we're working on, to break the wall of text:

This is how the architecture of the village level center square will look.

And the next one is the very begginings of the mine level. Stay tuned for more pretty concepts of this one in the next updates:


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    1. Pigasus Games Creator on July 23, 2013

      Thanks, Shabbir Siraj!

    2. Pigasus Games Creator on July 23, 2013

      @Svend Andersen: Yes it could, I was looking for a better category to that - thanks.

    3. Shabbir Siraj on July 23, 2013

      Beautiful stuff. It makes me damned happy to be backing such an intuitive and fun project. Keep at it Team Pigasus!

    4. Missing avatar

      Svend Andersen
      on July 23, 2013

      Could the "critter" attribute scare *timid* characters, rather than female ones, please? :)