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$29,471 pledged of $700,000 goal

Feature Spotlight: Companies


In this update, we wanted to describe how the companies work in Victory. Let's take a look at the (work in progress) Depot screen where you manage your companies.

What are Companies?

In Victory, a Company is the squad that you bring with you into battle. Companies are defined by core units that each fulfill a specific tactical role in the game - offense, defense, or mobility. Your Company is rounded out with support units and Special Orders that you select from your collection of reserves. As you play, your Company gains experience and levels up, unlocking support slots and advanced unit types. 

There are three types of Companies in Victory:

Infantry: With troopers at its core, this Company fulfills a defensive role on the battlefield, digging in at controlled locations and holding the line.

Armor: Outfitted with powerful tank units, the Armor Company plays an offensive role. This Company's primary purpose is to attack enemy positions and return heavy fire from enemy vehicles.

Scout: Led by light vehicles armed with machine guns and anti-tank weaponry, the Scout's role is to flank enemy positions, scout enemy locations, and secure map control.

Core Units

Core units define the Company's basic game play role and are fixed units in the lineup. These units automatically earn Veterancy as the Company levels up, increasing overall survivability and effectiveness. Although core units become more powerful as they advance, they will never change in type, game play role, or number.

Company Customization

Each Company has multiple auxiliary slots for additional units and Special Orders such as artillery barrages and air strikes, allowing you to customize the Company configuration to suit your preferred tactical play style. Additional slots are unlocked as the Company advances in level.

Unlike core units, these supporting units do not gain Veterancy. As your Company advances, you can add higher value units to your reserves and deploy them to maximize the strength of your Company as it levels up.

Players will have access to all 3 Companies for each faction, allowing you to create multiple configurations and play varying roles from game-to-game.

How do Companies level up?

Each Company plays differently and is awarded experience by performing actions that play into its role on the battlefield. Infantry, for example, is best at taking and holding ground and gains additional XP from capturing and holding objectives. Armor is best at mobile destruction and gains more rewards from destroying enemy vehicles. Scouts are best at detecting and harassing enemy forces, running and gunning their way to victory, and get additional rewards from spotting rivals.


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    1. Petroglyph Creator
      on March 11, 2013

      Great idea Brandon! We can't wait to get the community in the game to give you a better look at exactly how it's designed for this :).

    2. Brandon on March 7, 2013

      I think it'd be interesting if slots could be used for anything. That way, if you wanted like, just your core 5-10 units and a bunch of support powers, you could, or if you wanted no support powers but 20 units, you could do that as well. Still, I think this looks a lot more structured than End of Nations. It looks a lot easier to tell a player's combat role in Victory.