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Become a mad scientist, digging through graveyards to stitch together wacky hybrid monsters and send them to battle!
Become a mad scientist, digging through graveyards to stitch together wacky hybrid monsters and send them to battle!
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Dicenstein is a great new dice game in which you are a mad doctor, collecting and stitching together body parts to build monsters. But the body parts aren't just condemned criminals or disease victims - you are after the best! You are digging up the world's most infamous monsters, and piecing them together for your Ultimate Creation!!  

You'll send your monster forth to battle your rival's monsters and fight for the best body parts, meanwhile building your Monster Army to terrorize the countryside. May the best (or worst) monster win!

Dicenstein's rules are simple and straightforward, letting you get right to the monster-making and battling (which is why you're here, no?) It usually takes less than an hour to play. The game is being produced by Petersen Games, publishers of Cthulhu Wars, Theomachy, and Orcs Must Die! - the board game.

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Seeding the Graveyard (Game Set Up)


Dicenstein is designed for 2-4 players.

First, put all the monster tokens (one per monster type) into the dice bag, pull out the first 12 you find, and lay them one-by-one on the Burial Key. If you have more than 12 monsters (as will everyone who backs this campaign), just pull out the first 12. Thus, every game will have a different assortment of monsters, and they'll be laid out differently on the Burial Key!

Then the players work together, putting 3 dice from each monster type on their assigned tombstones. You'll end up with 108 monster part dice scattered across the graveyard.

Digging Up Parts  

Each player starts by sending his hunchback into the monster graveyard to dig up monster parts dice. These dice are kept by the player, right next to your secret Lab. When you have enough parts, it's Making Monster time!

Making Your Monster  

Roll ALL your dice together. Your monster needs four parts - a head, body, hand, and foot. You can pick out a head from one monster, a body from another, and so forth. Of course, due to the vagaries of dice-rolling, every monster is a new challenge.

Each die features stats which add to your monster's abilities. Use your Lab to keep track of the five stats every monster needs - Body (hit points), Rerolls (brains), Dig (your ability to scavenge body parts), Movement, and Attack. Certain body parts emphasize particular stats, but any body part might give a bonus. For example, a werewolf foot not only gives you a Dig 1 and Move 3, but also Attack 1.On the other hand, a Robot head only has Reroll 2, with no other bonuses.

Send Your Monster Into Action  

Once you've built your monster, you won't need your hunchback's services anymore (no wonder he's so disloyal). Send forth your creation, dig up new monster parts to use for another, even more powerful creature, fight with your enemy's monsters over body parts, and send forth your monster army. You can even harvest body parts from enemy monsters you kill, giving you an ever-growing collection!

Monsters are Mighty  

Each monster has its own unique ability. For example, Mummies are Relentless, Gargoyles are Winged, and Clowns are Terrifying. The monster you build gets the special abilities of each different monster that went into its creation! Thus, you are rewarded for making a hybrid monster - a vampire-werewolf-unicorn-gillman is more dangerous than a pure vampire.


You win by defeating enemy monsters in battle and building your monster army throughout the game. The monster army comes in two parts - first you get to turn in monster parts throughout the game for points. Your enemies will see you doing this, and no doubt try to thwart you. But you also have a plan for an additional secret monster army which you don't reveal till the very end of the game. Every player is not only harvesting monster parts for points, but also collecting for his Secret Monster Army.

Components:   Dicenstein contains huge colorful etched 18mm dice with high-quality engraving so you can easily read the symbols. The mapboard is sturdy cardboard, and folds up nicely. Each monster consists of exactly 9 dice, a monster token, a Secret Army monster card, and an oversize Monster card featuring its characteristics so you can easily thumb through them and see what each monster is like. Dicenstein also comes with 9 custom battle dice.

Exclusive Mr. Shiny Monster; includes 9 dice, monster token, & 2 monster cards. FREE with every Mad Doctor pledge! 

$30,000 Fully Funded! 

$35,000 Bonus Saucer Man Monster; includes 9 dice, a monster token, & 2 monster cards. (MSRP $8) FREE with every Mad Doctor pledge!

$40,000 new art for every lab! FREE with every Mad Doctor pledge!

$45,000 Bonus Bride of Dicenstein monster; includes 9 dice, monster token, & 2 monster cards. (MSRP $8) FREE with every Mad Doctor pledge!  

$50,000 Bonus extra Battle dice –now includes 9 extra battle dice FREE with every Mad Doctor pledge!

To get the game earlier: while we do plan to make Dicenstein commercially available, we ship to our backers weeks or sometimes months before the game makes it onto store shelves.

To get Mr. Shiny and other cool free Monsters: Dicenstein by its nature is monstrously expandable. We have lots of stretch goals lined up, and many are additional free monsters!

To participate in the final shaping of the game: Petersen Games has a history of holding conversations with our backers. This game is no exception. While Dicenstein's core design is finished, the stretch goals and upcoming monsters are matters for discussion, and YOU can participate with the designers. 

To Support Petersen Games: we do fast-moving original games that are steeped in their themes, and we communicate with you, our backers. Our company is tiny, with little overhead, and, frankly, a tight money flow. By backing our crowdfunding efforts, you allow us to go on creating these games. We can't do it without your help!

How about languages besides English?

Because of Dicenstein's nature, localizing the game is extremely simple. Really, all we need is to know if there are enough backers from a particular country! Periodically we plan to hold polls and track our totals, so we know when we have sufficient speakers of a given language to unlock it for the final version!

We will charge shipping costs after the Kickstarter concludes, based on the actual prices we incur. We collect this through our pledge manager post-campaign. Shipping prices vary hugely around the world, and this way we can customize costs per customer, which lets us offer more stretch goals. The final price is based on how many backers we get from each part of the world (the more per country, the cheaper it gets for us to ship there). We realize uncertainty is often unpleasant, and we vow to update and clarify the shipping prices as often as humanly possible.

The core game will likely cost in the neighborhood of $10 to $15 to ship for US, Canada and EU. In other places it could rise to $20 or more. The game box will be about 10"x10", meaning the box it ships in will actually be larger. Our estimated game weight is about 3 lbs., also meaning the box it ships in will be slightly heavier (of course the more stretch goals we reach, the heavier it gets, too). These factors, and the number of backers from your country or region, dictate the shipping prices. Actual costs are assessed after the campaign ends, and charged through our CrowdOx pledge management system.

Also note that while we have tried to get the firmest answer possible for the game's release, unexpected delays are, by definition, unexpected.

About the Team

Dicenstein's designers are Tom McGinty and Chris Fernandez, experienced gamers with a knack for the unusual. Their game concept, rules, and prototype were so powerful they convinced Sandy Petersen to develop it into a project worthy of Petersen Games.

Behind every great project, there is a talented team driven by a shared dream. Our dream began over 30 years ago, when Sandy got his start in the game industry in the early 1980s, where he first designed paper role-playing games. Now Petersen Games has an experienced group of long-time developers. Games from our team have sold tens of millions of copies worldwide, and have received dozens of awards.

Risks and challenges

The game has been in playtest for months, and the testers are raving about how much they like it. All we need is the money to start publishing it.

A lot of work lies ahead. Game components need to be finalized and printed, dice created, games collated, etc.

However, this is not our first rodeo. We survived successfully shipping one of the largest, most complex Kickstarter offerings ever (Cthulhu Wars), and Dicenstein! is straightforward by comparison.

We are a small but experienced team, and we seek to be smart in our planning and expectations. We are working with a first-rate manufacturer which has shipped many other successful projects and we have confidence that we can deliver the game to you in a timely manner. In any case, we will be happy to refund pledges if for some totally unforeseen reason the game can't be delivered (such as a huge invasion of extra-dimensional orcs.)

Our estimated delivery date is August 2016, but the factory assures us they can finish and ship more quickly. Despite this assurance, we want to be as conservative as possible in our estimates. (And remember, this is only an estimate.) Also, due to the logistics of international shipping, backers in different regions of the world receive their rewards at different times.

If uncertainty is not acceptable to you, please do not back our project and wait for the games to hit retail shelves. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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