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An exciting co-op board game in which post-apocalypse heroes confront the hordes of Hell.
An exciting co-op board game in which post-apocalypse heroes confront the hordes of Hell.
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PM Will Lock Friday, Dec. 7th + Revisions for Minis Surface Detail

Posted by Arthur Petersen (Collaborator)

The Pledge Manager will LOCK on Friday, December 7th 

We are getting very close to tooling completion, and we need to set our final print run size and begin both the plastics and printed materials soon. 

Next Friday we'll lock down the shopping cart and product selection (not the addresses) for this project. 

If there is any pledge level or add-on you want at the insanely low Kickstarter prices (remember, you can get Planet Apocalypse stuff for about 50% off from what the retail prices will be!), then please add them to your pledge before next Friday!

As usual, login to to see your pledge. If you have ANY issues, please email  (George may take a few days to get back to you, as he'll be at Pax Unplugged this weekend, but he will be sure to get to everyone before next Friday). 

You'll be able to update your addresses after next Friday, don't worry. We won't lock down addresses until we're closer to shipping. But after next Friday, your pledge level and all add-on selections will be frozen, and you won't be able to change them. 

We'll Refine the Surface Details of Dorothy Hall, Prof. Maxwell, and the Larvae

I apologize for showing you the not yet final minis in last week's update; they did NOT show the quality Petersen Games is known for. 

The tooling for these minis is not complete, so they will be revised, and I will show you their revisions at a later time (they're not done yet). 

Don't Worry! They'll end up just as good as the other ones I've shown so far, as seen here and here

 - Arthur

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    1. Krzysztof Domański on

      Funny thing, at December 7th I should learn whether I get a bonus that would allow me to increase my pledge. With my luck it will be delayed until monday.
      Well, maybe I'll be able to join CW Onslaught 4 if that happens.

      It was a pleasure to follow this campaign.

    2. Missing avatar


      Cant see the addons in the PM too

    3. Ravendark on

      Can't see add-ons either. Would have added some dice.

    4. William Tran on

      Hello, I understand carts/product selection are being locked. Can we defer payment until after Dec 7th? Would be good to know for budget reasons.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ville Mankinen on

      I can't see the addons either. I only would have changed the color of the extra dice pack from blue to red - I originally wanted to have them all in the same color, but changed my mind. However, it's such a minor issue that I don't want to bother George with it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Anders on

      Hey, I can´t see the addons in the pledgemanager. I just can add the pledge levels. Anyone else has this problem?

    7. Barry Duran

      +1 @Brent ... yes, great update, Arthur - thank you so much!

    8. Byron Leavitt

      Sweet! Thanks for leaving it open until the 7th!

    9. Brent Hillier on

      Excellent, one step closer!

      I think you scared a few people with those images. I fully trust that all of them will end up turning out great. *fingers crossed*