Planet Apocalypse

by Sandy Petersen

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    1. PotanCZ on

      Tbh hoping that final version will have sharper details.

    2. Biggus Pledgus on

      I also had a much higher expectation for detail than what we're seeing on Professor Maxwell.

    3. Danilo Bernocchi

      I hope in a problem with the photos, otherwise the miniatures are of very low quality. Look at the same characters in the campaign page and note the abyssal difference (even considering the fact that in the main page we have computer rendering of the miniatures, the difference with the cast ones is too much)

    4. Shaitaan on

      I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for this update.
      Not because the content was particularly informative, but rather because it wasn't.
      Too many Kickstarters I have been involved with have a severe lack of updates, so it's refreshing to see an update posted 'just to keep in touch' with the backers.
      It let's us know the project is still very much alive and kicking!

    5. Todd Ferrullo on

      Wow, looks like most of the detail was lost on these figures. Hopefully what we are going to get is allot better than these otherwise this may be my last PG game.

    6. Barry Duran

      Yeah, sorry to pile on, I'm really excited to get this game - but please tell me, lie to me if you have to, that you're going with this soft plastic shiny stuff, that's crap. CMON's Green Horde was out before this Kickstarter and that's the new gold standard for miniatures - hard plastic with great detail. From what I understand, the cost difference in the material is negligible and is more of an advancement in materials molding and not expensive. All big box miniature games should now be leveraging this and no more soft plastic, shiny, no detail mini's any more.

    7. Barry Duran

      I don't want to penalize you for sharing updates with content and pictures - so much appreciate your communication and connection - but if it's not too late, please resolve this miniature quality we're seeing in these pictures. The miniature designs for this game are some of the best I've seen in any game ... it would be a worse horror than Cthulhu himself to allow them to degrade into cheap miniatures. I sold my Sword & Sorcery game the day I received it and saw the "army man" quality of miniatures they made. Give the amazing art you created for this game justice and use hard plastic, you'll love it along with us.

    8. Artem Holubiev on

      Hoping to hear some comments from PG regarding miniatures' details...

    9. Julio Luna

      Yeah, these are pretty bad for Petersen Games. I might give it a pass for a first time company but you've cranked out so many other miniatures and these aren't even as good as the quality in Cthulhu Wars' first couple printings. If this is seriously the type of quality to expect for the rest of the miniatures than I would ask for a refund.

    10. Arthur Petersen Collaborator

      The production manager (me) is on this, please don't worry.

      You are correct this is not up to our normal level of quality - and these should also be obviously different quality even then the OTHER samples in previous updates for THIS project.

      I'll make sure these heroes are refined more.

    11. Artem Holubiev on

      @Arthur Thank you very much for personally addressing the quality!