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An exciting co-op board game in which post-apocalypse heroes confront the hordes of Hell.
An exciting co-op board game in which post-apocalypse heroes confront the hordes of Hell.
2,498 backers pledged $514,427 to help bring this project to life.

ProTips for Winning + Final Playthrough (Vatican) + NEW layout design coming!

Posted by Arthur Petersen (Collaborator)

Final Sandy/Link video 

This is the Final Video in our short Insiders Look video series. In case you missed any, here's the full list:

The Making of a Demon

Secrets of Designing PA

Hero Backstories + Miniature Sizes

Secrets of Playtest and Balance

Our last one:

ProTips on Winning:


Final Full Game Playthrough

In case you missed our previous full games, here's the list:

Invasion Map (Map 1: core game)

Moon Base (Map 4: Void Pack)

Dragon Back (Map 5: Dragon Pack)

Livestream (Invasion Map again)

Our last one is from the 3rd and final expansion pack. I had actually requested that Sandy and Link also film a playthrough from the Power Pack (Stretch Goals box), but they didn't get around to it. They would've lost anyway, haha.

Vatican (Map 8: Pack of the Pit)



It is no secret that many of the graphic design choices for this game have been controversial. Troopers, as well as hero sheets, and more. Our grand vision of two distinct styles failed, and whether it was a failure of execution or conceptualization matters not!

If you are new to Petersen Games, I'd like you to know just how responsive we feel we are to our fans. Hopefully this will be just such a moment. 

We've now hired Universal Head to revise all the game components (except the maps, basically). Next week we'll be able to reveal more, but below is the new Lord Sheet look, which we feel is superior to the "x-ray" look, which doesn't quite show off the concepts as much as this style will:


Stay tuned for more!

 - Arthur

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    1. Philip Alexander Dale on

      Are the two Dr. Howards related or married? Seems really creepy to have them fused then. O_o

      @Steve Billups
      Glad to hear it!~ ^_^

    2. Steve Billups on

      Just made a preliminary pledge based solely on the graphic redesign, which is what was holding me back. This is a big improvement.

    3. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the game tips, and for the graphic improvement.

    4. Ale on

      Great job! Can't wait to see the new hero sheets

    5. Foxwhisperer on

      So, Skylla is 1-crown beast and Kharybd... I mean Stroma is 3-crown beastie... The choise for Odyssey just became much easier?

    6. Yig, The Frogdog Whisperer on

      I liked the X-Ray I think they fitted within the style but didn't like the trooper cards.This new design for the Lords is still fine.

    7. Philip Alexander Dale on

      I agree that the new style is an improvement! :D The sketches for this game are beautiful.

      That being said, I'm going to miss the X-rays. They did look pretty scary. Maybe the x-ray images can be reused for promotional material. ;)

    8. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Wow, this is a huge improvement. Its made me a lock for this project. I cant wait to see wait they do with the cards and player boards!

    9. Missing avatar

      Alex Anderson on

      Wow!! Loving this design!! I can't wait to see the rest of the new designs! Thank you so much for making this move. :)

    10. Ben Turner

      You had me at... well, you already had me. But yeah - Universal Head is getting involved? - I'm super stoked to hear that!

    11. Eric Mulvihill on

      That's really, really good. Big improvement.

    12. Danny Shafer

      I love the new direction in the redesign. Looks incredible! Great decision going with Universal Head. Carry on you wicked wicked men.

    13. Garrett Ross on

      Thanks for this update! I was crowing about this earlier and suspected this very outcome: collectively lean back in our chairs, with closed eyes and crossed arms, and make agreeing nods knowing that you've got everything well in hand. If anyone is left unhappy with the direction this is headed, then, well...I just don't know what to say.

    14. Arthur Petersen Collaborator

      You know they will.
      By end of next week everything will look way better!

    15. Missing avatar

      Sam Zeitlin

      Looks great. Excited to see the other components.

    16. Arthur Petersen Collaborator

      This game is deviously hard. Sorry:
      2 with 1 crown
      7 with 2 crowns
      5 with 3 crowns


    17. Ruinaes on

      That really looks fantastic! Here's hoping that heroes and troopers get the same amount of love!!!!!

    18. Arthur Petersen Collaborator

      Yes, and the final versions will have them. Here's the list of difficulty levels for the curious:

      Baphomet 1

      Jabootu 2
      Tarasque 2
      Scylla 1
      Stheno 2
      Chthon 2
      Asmod 2
      Stroma 3
      Procrustes 3
      Orobas 3
      Humbaba 2
      Geryon 2
      Argus 3
      Pulgasaur 3

    19. OuterCr0w

      What a coup to get Universal Head! GREAT decision.

    20. Missing avatar

      Maxwell Frattolin on

      I don't really comment too much, but I just wanted to join the chorus and tell you that the new design looks beautiful. I love it.

    21. Foxwhisperer on

      I like it!
      Was there supposed to be some kind of crown (ranking) system to show how dangerous the Lord is?

    22. Invictus - Gardener of Valoria

      New design looks great. Can't wait to see how the hero side turns out.

    23. Missing avatar

      Connor Sheehan on

      I'm assuming Thrice-damned applies to the attack, right? It looked to me at first like it was just restating the condition from the Menace. (Love the new design though! I was a fan of the X-Ray but this just looks so much cleaner!)

    24. Missing avatar

      Ash Neblett

      Chiming in as another "awesome job on the redesign!"

    25. Guillaume Bernard on

      Always like Universal Head works. Good job on this first simple. Now it look as good as it play.
      No more arguments from me if the rest look as good. Thanks.

    26. Eric

      This new design looks amazing. I think it showcases the cool monster design much better.

    27. Missing avatar

      illpalazo on

      Sandy, Arthur and collaborators - I just wanted to say thank you! This new design direction looks amazing. Super smart move working with Universal Head!!! Really appreciate the responsiveness to feedback like this.

    28. Missing avatar


      @Sandy. Awesome, that is such a great idea having that artwork always present in the game. I do love the figure designs in the campaign layout and it is (better than) great to see them as a constant presence! Thank you!

    29. Missing avatar

      Ninith on

      Awesome Lord sheet desgin, just make hero board , troopers and (but not necessary) legion card just like that, and this game will be gold!!

    30. Lilin

      Looking good, excited to see the rest!

    31. Sean on

      Oh I see their names now. Hah I missed that. Makes sense now, albeit confusing to myself lol

    32. Sean on

      His Howard 1 Howard 2 and Fine their official names for the board game? Might get a tad confusing.... lolol I assume its a placeholder

    33. Sean on

      Oh I really like that. That design looks PERFECT. It also is really complementary to the box art and color scheme!

    34. Eric

      I love these design videos. Awesome stuff.